{DIY} Upholstered Barstools

Remember last month when the kids and I road tripped to Nashville? We had the best time with our sweet friends, and even squeezed in a few projects. I was giddy to have a new house to brainstorm projects for, and even more excited to have my friend as a partner-in-crime. Unless I need an extra set of hands, I’m usually alone when working on projects. That gets kind of isolating, so it was way more fun creating with her! After giving her a new Family Drop Spot, we went after the barstools.


Before we started, they bore the results of a frustrated cat. My friend had been looking to replace them, but hadn’t found the right ones yet. So instead of apologizing for them everytime someone came over, I suggested a quick makeover.

chair before

We have five kids between the two of us, so you know the effort that takes to go shopping! Instead we rooted around her house and found the supplies we needed….a seldom-used Dwell tablecloth, an extra crib mattress protector, scissors and staple gun. (We were both shocked to find the staple gun!)


Fortunately, the seats were just screwed to the base, so removing them was easy. Instead of ripping off the old vinyl cover and padding, we just covered the entire seat with the mattress protector. It’s nice and thick so the black didn’t show through, and creates a smooth surface. We pulled it tight, stapled it to the edges, and then cut away the excess.


Let’s widen out the shot a bit….look who’s supervising our work behind-the-scenes. It takes a village, I tell ya.


Then we took a break to check out Arrington Winery with these cute faces. I wasn’t the only one excited to spend time with sorely-missed friends!


The next day we laid the tablecloth out and chose the areas we wanted to use for the stools. Those swatches were cut and stapled the same as the protector, making sure the pattern was kept straight on the other side, and the fabric smooth.


So many of you ask how I get projects done with kids at home….here’s one way…my sister-wife friend distracted the kids with piles of colors and stickers.


I also recruit them to help me with certain parts of the project. They like to feel part of things, but usually get bored with it quickly, so they don’t pester me leave me to it. But since I couldn’t figure out the highly-complicated staple gun, I really needed my son to step in.


And Babygirl’s tiny hands were perfect for the smallest screws ever.


So after about an hour (separated by long stretches of play time), our group-effort barstools were complete!


They are so cheery in her vibrant Breakfast Room, and what’s even better is, they didn’t cost a penny! You’d be surprised by the supplies you can rummage up in your house!


My friend’s not apologizing for the cat anymore! Check out this Before & After!

after collage

Have you done any makeovers with only supplies you had on-hand? Do you have a frustrated cat wreaking havoc in your house?

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  1. So quick and easy, I'm running out the door to get some fabric now!

    Paul XO

    Posted 7.12.12 Reply
  2. Cute kids! Cute stools! Great find inside the house.

    Posted 7.12.12 Reply
  3. Wow. Unbelievable what a rocking fabric can do. I'm all about reupholstering old, half-broken furniture these days. Fun post!

    Posted 7.12.12 Reply
  4. Oh, they turned out great. What a fun group effort! Her room is gorgeous.

    Posted 7.12.12 Reply
  5. I love the fabric you chose! What an amazing change! Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 7.12.12 Reply
  6. Morgan S. wrote:

    Love the Grellow!!! I just posted about that color combo the other day. Did my bathroom in it too. I have some kitchen chairs I'm dying to reupholster. Yours turned out great! xoxo

    Posted 7.12.12 Reply
  7. I love a quick re-upholstery job! Looks great! I keep a large bin full of odds and ends that I "may need" eventually. My husband thinks I'm crazy, but that bin has saved me more than a time or two! 😉

    Posted 7.12.12 Reply
  8. Mary wrote:

    Oh wow I love this! Thanks for sharing! We need bar stools and I refuse to pay over $100 each for them! The ones you made look so much better than what I've seen! I will give it a shot! 🙂

    Posted 7.12.12 Reply
  9. Hannah wrote:

    These look great! What a fun project for the whole fam 🙂

    Posted 7.12.12 Reply
  10. i love those! the style is so chic and love the fun the fabric adds!

    Posted 7.12.12 Reply
  11. Amanda wrote:

    I love it that you shopped the house for your supplies! Such a great idea and they turned out perfect.

    Posted 7.12.12 Reply
  12. Love the fabric! The stools turned out gorgeous! And I love all the tips for DIYing with the kiddos around!

    Posted 7.12.12 Reply
  13. FABULOUS!!!! They are perfect in that home! LOVE'EM I wouldn't have thought to upholster them myself because the seat curves around the front . . . but they look awesome!
    Lots of Love

    Posted 7.12.12 Reply
  14. Tiffany wrote:

    Cute stools! Frustrated cat…check.

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  15. I love this fabric!! This makeover is so so cute, and the price is my fave…FREE. 🙂 Also, ummm cutest baby and baby outfit ever! And as for the sister wives, I (sometimes) think they're on to something. That comment made me giggle. Love your posts, Cassie! Hope you're having a fun summer.

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  16. I am loving the barstools. I seems easy and doable. Thanks for the idea!

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  17. Kriss wrote:

    Did y'all scotch guard them? Love them!!! Great job!

    Posted 7.15.12 Reply
  18. Kathleen wrote:

    I love the fabric on the stools and I especially love the price tag!

    A few months back, my husband and I made birch candle holders using stuff from the house (& yard). I'd love for you to check them out:

    Posted 7.15.12 Reply
  19. Those precious kids forced you to be thrifty! 🙂

    Love that you reused a tablecloth– it's beautiful!

    Erin @ The Great Indoors

    Posted 7.16.12 Reply
  20. I just love the chrome frame!! I need something exactly like that to finish off my eating area! And I loved your idea of using an old crib mattress pad!! That's so brilliant! Thank you for the inspiration!

    Posted 7.19.12 Reply