{Den Before} Orange You Glad I Showed You These?

Remember when our contractors were here last Fall fixing this bathroom? And I mentioned their rockstar painter was able to whip out two rooms for us while they were here? And then six months later I showed you the results of one of those rooms…the Kitchen Update? Well since it’s been nine months, I figured I’d show you the other room. Pretty timely around here with the posts, huh?

I know we’re in the middle of the Living Room and Breakfast Room makeovers, but some of you are reeeally observant, and have noticed in some of my posts that the Den (or Family Room, whichever you like to call it), is a different color. And since we’ve got a few unexpected changes in the mix for this room, I figured I’d better get you up-to-date. (So relieved, right? Now you can sleep easy.) Everyone knows you can’t show Afters without Befores….so here’s the Den….Before….


No, you don’t need to adjust your screen, the walls really are that orange. And no, this isn’t the previous owner’s doing. I chose it. In 2005 on crack. This is our main family hang space (i.e. the TV is in here), and I wanted it to feel cozy….hence the terracotta shade (Sherwin Williams ‘Spicy Hue.’) We loved it for awhile, then I started thinking it gave everyone the glow of jaundice (not a good look if you’re wondering). Not to mention the room was so dark we couldn’t even read with all the lamps on.


The gallery wall started as a square above the couch, but gradually grew to cover the full wall. It was fun to look at, and guests always loved checking it out, but it started to feel like a family shrine. And the black frames weren’t helping with the darkness problem.


Adding lighter furniture, white throws and slipcovers helped, but I was just over the wall color. And over that dumbass country-cute shelf above the windows. That was not my doing!


If you’ve been around here for awhile, you probably recognize some of these pieces, as they’ve since moved to other rooms.


And while I still think the gallery wall is cool, I’m over it, too. Anyone need 52 black frames?


You think I’m colorful now? Check out the palette I had going….remember when the Kitchen was muddy green?


I like how the Den is a cozy and dark juxtaposition to the light and airy adjacent Living Room, but it was time for something more neutral. The bare wall mark in the left corner is where Mr. Sugarplum got sick of the dumbass country-cute corner shelf, and tore it down. Recognize the mantle mirror and sconces? They live in the Pool Bathroom now.


And this sweet pass-thru with the oh-so-useful wet bar….


You may remember the contractors ripped it out, too. (It was a busy four days!)


I can’t leave you with a demo image…so we’ll go back to the beginning.


And there’s our Den….before it’s paint makeover last Fall. That I’ll show you this Summer Monday. You probably have a pretty good idea based on the sample swatches on every wall. Until then, happy weekend, lovebugs!

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