Ciao, bella!

Happy, happy, happy Friday!! Why are there extra ‘happys’ in my Friday, you ask?! (Oh, you didn’t ask?! Well, I’m telling you anyway.) Because Mr. Sugarplum and I are flying this coop tomorrow for our kid-free, hey-I-remember-you, hey-I-still-like-you, take-a-break-from-life trip! In other words, the reason for all the frugal DIYs and Dollar Store shopping…saving up for what matters most to us.

Today I’m scurrying around prepping the house for grandparents (cleaning for in-laws to stay at your house is a whole other level of cleaning!), arranging kid schedules, and closing all the loose ends at work. Hopefully, I’ll follow my own travel advice when I actually get around to packing. Here’s a peek at where we’re headed…

Cinque Terre



Yes, we’re going to Northern Italy!! Can you hear me squealing, and my waistband expanding?! Have you visited any of these cities? I’d love to hear your favorite places, restaurants and tips. Since we’re on mileage seats, the flight over isn’t exactly ideal…so I’ll have plenty of time to read and prepare! I’ve already got quite the list from Lauren’s huge collection of travel posts.

But don’t worry, I am hooking you guys up while I’m gone!! I dreamed up another little guest series, and invited a few of my favorites to play along, whom I’m sure you’ll recognize….

20 questions bloggers

Trust me, you won’t want to miss a single one! Ciao, lovebugs!

PS — You know I’ll have full Trip Reports when we return, but thanks to the wonder of free wifi, I’ll have a hard time staying off InstaGram. Follow along (@cassiesugarplum) if you want to see how much food I inhale!

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