Designers say switching out throw pillows is an easy way to change a room. But I’ve been struggling to find my first set! The addition of the West Elm ikat pillows were a great start since they combined the blues and greens that are floating around the room. When I mentioned all the pale blues and pinks were getting too sweet for my taste, my clever mom suggested adding pops of red for more vibrancy. And guess who came through with the perfect red pillows?


Target, baby! And as pillow luck would have it, these even contain the same shade of citrine green as the West Elm ikats, and perfectly match the tomato red in the rug.


The red pillows (sorry, but I can’t find them online), along with the pops of red in the bookcase, give this room just the edge I was looking for! Didn’t someone say every room needs a touch of red?


The red DIY Elephant Bookends help to balance the soft pink of the bookcases, and bring out the vibrant colors in the artwork.


Ooops, I just realized I’ve yet to post the other DIY projects in the bookcases. Those are coming right up. Sometime. Eventually.


I kept the Wilmington Covington pillow because it combines all the colors of the room, and the floral is a nice contrast to the geometric. I do wish it was a different size or shape, but I’ll try not to obsess over that too much.


I also struck gold with Target’s Chevron Shade. I’m crazy about the stripey pattern paired with the sweet bird floral of the lamp, and the gold is just perfect. Duh!


The gold has a nice metallic sheen in real life, and even more so when the lamp is turned on.


So what do you think…did I hit a bullseye with my Target finds? (Get it? Target, bullseye??!) We’re getting down to the end on the Living Room To Do List….obviously I’m dragging my feet where the secretary is concerned. (Anyone want to come help me?!) Oh, and you may have noticed the lamps behind the sofa aren’t the black and gold ones. I did a little switcheroo, and stumbled upon some new ones! Lamp-a-Looza vote coming up next!!

Paint Hall Chest
Paint/Wallpaper Nook Walls
Paint Backdoor (decided against it)
Add Nailhead to Wingchair
New Covers for Barrel Chair Cushions
Sand & Stain Secretary
Gold Leaf Back of Secretary
Sofa Pillows Round 2

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  1. This really looks amazing! The colors work perfectly with your rug and book shelves. Great job! Bought that chevron shade a few weeks ago for myself. Love it!

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  2. It looks amazing! Love the combo of patterns and fresh feel of the space. Pinned it!


    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  3. Love the mix of colors and patterns on the pillows! I <3 ikat.

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  4. This has grown into such a fun cheery room. I've enjoyed seeing it progress. I, myself, am definitely struggling with the right mix of pillows for our living room. Blah!

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  5. Yes! The pillows really pull the room together and they make the bookcases pop even more. Looks good…I've been drooling over Target lampshades lately too!

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  6. I love the new pillows and they tie into the rug so well. I almost dont think you need the Wilmington Covington pillow because the other ones look so nice as a pair.

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  7. Geez… Those pillows look great! I am so in love with your living room, I know I've told you that before. Man wish this was my living room 🙂

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  8. what a bright and fun room! loving all the gold! you inspired me last week and I whipped out a can of gold spray paint to transform a little stool in our living room I have been meaning to makeover for 4 years…ha! Will share later this week! LOVE the pillows – great job!

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  9. Yby5 wrote:

    Great pops of color…the red accent pieces throughout look great. I'm totally smitten with your sofa…can you give any details?

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  10. Amanda wrote:

    if I ever come visit your house & your missing a sofa-you'll know where to look! It all looks lovely! and I scored two of those chevron shades too. I found one in the lamp shade isle and was sad b/c i needed two-then I was walking down the toilet paper isle and low and behold there was the 2nd one- I so did a happy dance in the Target isle!

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  11. Gawd I love that bookcase of yours…and you're right, the red does add just the right amount of edge…lovely my dear!

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  12. T. Cashion wrote:

    Did you paint the bottles on the top left shelf of the bookcase? If so, have you posted that project? I would like to know just how you got that look.

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  13. Love the pillow combination! Yes… I struggle sometimes to find the right pillow combination! They are changed out all of the time in my house! The room is really coming together!

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  14. Abbie wrote:

    Bulls-eye for sure! Love the mix of geometrics and florals.

    I'm so chintzy that I keep putting off new throw pillows for our living room, but when I do make the plunge or–in an ideal, albeit improbable world–sew some, there will definitely be some florally/geometric/colorful goodness going on.

    (Can I just say how refreshing it is to have a fellow blogger who's not obsessed with neutrals/whites? I like the neutral look, but every time I try to make a space calming and simple, I end up with a riot of color and patterns…and I LOVE it!).


    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  15. Mrs. H wrote:

    I love everything about this room! My husband would never let me do anything this girlie though! Maybe one day when we have our forever house and he has his own "man room"! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  16. Can you decorate my living room?! Looks fantastic!

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  17. Definitely a bullseye! Looks great as always!!!!!

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  18. Oh, Cassie! I LOVE how those new red ones really tie it all together. They look awesome. I had my eye on those as well. Super cute. Love me some Target!

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  19. We just got the Chevron lampshade as well!! Totally love it!

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  20. Tiffany wrote:

    Love the pillows, love the chevron, love the red elephant, love the bookcase and styling…love it all!

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  21. Leslie wrote:

    It's looking great! I love that sofa with all of your pillows. 🙂

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  22. Michaela wrote:

    The pillows really are perfect in the room! Great work Target and Cassie 🙂

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  23. You have the art of combining pattern and color down perfectly! Love your bold, fun vibe! 🙂

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  24. This is a gorgeous and fun room all at the same time. I love the red and pink that make is so fresh. Don't you just love when the perfect accessory is not a billion dollars?

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  25. Your mom is a smart woman. The red really pulls the room together.

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  26. Jacci wrote:

    girl… you're nailing it. NAILING it. it looks awesome 🙂

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  27. Very very VERY pretty! I adored the black lamp shades behind the couch, but I love a good ol' Lamp-a-Looza.

    Posted 2.15.12 Reply
  28. Lori wrote:

    The new pillows really enhance your living room and the pops of red pull it all together. I love the new lamp shade. It's hard to believe how stylish Target is 🙂

    Posted 2.16.12 Reply
  29. Wow! This looks great!!! Congrats! *Kudos to your mom on the suggestion!

    Posted 2.16.12 Reply
  30. It's looking amazing Cassie – I can't believe how much you've changed since I first started reading your blog. It looks fantastic now, I love the bookcases and the red pillows are perfect. 🙂

    Posted 2.16.12 Reply
  31. Love the pillow combination! The red adds a nice pop!

    Posted 2.16.12 Reply
  32. Amber wrote:

    YES YES YES! That's exactly what it needed! You're right, it gives the room the edge. I really love it! your room is really pulled together nicely!

    Posted 2.16.12 Reply
  33. You absolutely nailed it!!! It looks AMAZING! Love the red in the room. You have a fabulous eye for composition! SO well done!

    Posted 2.16.12 Reply
  34. looks great Cassie! good job! glad you got so many positive comments.

    Posted 2.17.12 Reply
  35. I heart your pillows!!!

    Posted 3.7.12 Reply
  36. Love the floral rug. Where did you get it?

    Posted 7.16.16 Reply
    • Thank you!! That rug belonged to my grandparents! xo

      Posted 7.18.16 Reply