Big News = Busy Weekend

Hi friends, and happy Monday (said no one ever). Although, my kids are on a mini Fall Break, so I’m off work today…which drastically improves the outlook of my Monday. We’re heading out for a family day, but I hope to scope the Nate Berkus for Target collection first (if there’s anything left!). I’m looking forward to a relaxing day, after our crazy weekend full of projects.

So you know when you’re having house guests and you run around like a crazy person getting things ready? I mean, it’s okay to have broken blinds, half-painted chairs, and your piano leg supported by blocks when it’s just your family in the house. But when others come over, you don’t want to be constantly explaining the unfinished projects.

Now what if those guests happen to be a certain Young couple, who blog about a House, they are DIYing, with lots of Love?!? This said couple is touring the country with their new book, and have asked to House Crash the Sugarplum casa while in town! Needless to say, we used this long weekend to get a few things done…here’s some sneak peeks.

Love affair with #rustoleum continues

Baby's got her blue shoes on



These are all projects I’ve talked about doing, so you may recognize a few. I’ll show you the results in the coming weeks. There’s no guarantee the House Crash will happen, since they don’t know their schedule yet, but we’ll be kind of ready if it does! But the weekend wasn’t all trigger blisters and wrecked manicures, we had fun family time and new milestones, too.


Babygirl ditched her training wheels…this triumphant smile melts me.


And our son became an expert rock-skipper. All very important life skills.

Skipping rocks.

And as always, copious amounts of food were involved. Can you even believe this is a veggie burger?! Or, was a veggie burger, since it took me all of two minutes to toss it down.

Heaven on a bun. #veggieburger #best #houstons #gone

So how was your weekend? Did you paint 4 chairs, a bench, and a lampshade? How manic do impending house guests make you?!

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