Best Gift of All

Wah-whoa-wee-wah!!! You guys brought your A-games to the Craft Link Party yesterday!! I’m amazed by all the creative talent, and have been pinning all the inspiring projects for next year! The party will stay open the rest of the holiday season, so keep sharing your Jollies. That sounded kind of weird. Oh well, there’s no shame in getting your jollies online!

This time of year we talk a lot about gifts….gifts we want for ourselves, and gifts we want to give others. And all those gifts get pretty expensive. But what about gifts that don’t cost us a dime, yet give so much? I’m talking about living a greener life, and the gift that holds for our environment.

We’re a fairly lazy family, and discovered if the Recycle Bin wasn’t in the Kitchen, then we were less likely to use it. So we created a cute bucket for our Recyclables, and keep it in our Pantry. Easy!


I’m not talking about anything major…but the little things we can do,
and teach our kids to do, that make such a big difference. A few we strive to practice everyday are:

1. Turn the lights out when you leave a room.
2. Turn the water off while you’re brushing your teeth.
3. Donate outgrown toys and clothes instead of throwing them away.
4. Walk to school and the park instead of driving.

Since Maggie joined our family, we spend a lot more time outside, and our goal is to pick up at least one piece of trash on every walk. So easy! Living green doesn’t have to mean you grow dread-locks and start wearing Birkenstocks. (No offense to you dread-locked, Birkenstock wearers!)

Hi Sugarplum | Meet Maggie

New Leaf Energy  is making it even easier to be green. In fact, you can make a HUGE impact without lifting a finger. They are planting one tree for every new Facebook ‘Like’ they receive until Decmeber 23rd! Hello, what?!? I guess technically you do have to lift a finger…but only to hit the ‘Like’ button! I don’t know about you, but that’s the easiest tree I ever planted! And I didn’t have to break a sweat. It feels pretty good to do something so worthwhile…especially in this time of shop, shop, shop.

new leaf

What simple things do you do to live a greener life? Would you rather literally plant a tree, or let Pablo do it for you?!

This post is sponsored by Direct Energy, but the passion for living green and protecting the environment is all mine! Thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep this blog ticking!

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  1. Well said. We donate all off the things we out grow or no longer want. We are also huge recyclers. Turn in on all those aluminum cans for $. You may only get back a few dollars, but if you always put it in a jar and save it for later you'll find you've saved up for something fun. Thanks Cassie. (I wasn't drinking my coffee this time…I learned my lesson. No coffee spitting today.)

    Posted 12.11.13 Reply
  2. liked!! we're very eco-friendly in our house (except i need to cut down on the online shopping). i am happy that we recycle and my husband composts. xo

    Posted 12.11.13 Reply