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Happy Friday, friends, and cheers to the weekend! My dear friend, Suzie Moldavon, has been in town for her Flybrow pop-up this week, and I couldn’t believe how many of you came in! I stopped by a few times and absolutely loved meeting you!! I’m so grateful for this community that we’ve built here, and feel beyond grateful to have you all in my life.

Today I’ve got your favorite monthly series, my Amazon Fashion Finds! I always have so much fun finding fresh, affordable styles for the season… and clearly you love them too, because all these years later, they remain one of the most popular posts each month!

I did a little closet clean-out recently, and was surprised to realize over half my wardrobe now consists of Amazon finds. And since many of you ask each month, ‘So what did you keep?’, today I thought I’d show you several of my favorite Amazon Summer styles that I not only kept for myself, but wear on the regular!

And bonus, because many of them are on sale!

Sizing info: I’m 5’4″ 125-ish pounds, and usually wear an XS and 26 jeans. My fit tips and sizing recommendations are included with each description. 

Dresses //

Dresses are by far my favorite Amazon finds for Summer… I love all the soft, flowy fabrics, and the easy, one-and-done styling they create!

I have this maxi in both the yellow and pinky-red, and love how they transition for Fall, as well.

Drop Waist Maxi Dress (Small)
Strappy Sandals (TTS) | Gold Bead Bracelets| Jean Jacket | Belt | Rattan Circle Bag

This one-shoulder is surprisingly comfortable, and so versatile. It quickly became a best-seller when I discovered it a few months ago. I now own it in these two colors, plus classic black, and wear it casually with flat sandals and dressed up with heels.

Seersucker One Shoulder Dress (Small) (20% off!) | Solid One Shoulder Dress (Small)
Left withStrappy Heels (size up half) | Blue Raffia Earrings | Gold Bead Bracelets
Right withSlide Sandals (size up half) | Woven Tote Bag | Removable Tassel | Gold Bead Bracelets

I haven’t had a chance to wear this one yet, but it’s so stunning I knew it had to be mine! The colors and print are amazing in person, and it’s so flowy and soft.

Tiered Halter Dress (Color: Hot Pink; Size: Small)
Strappy Heels (size up half) | Gold Hoop Earrings | Gold Bead Bracelets

I own a couple of styles in this print, it’s just so fun! This dress is flirty and cute, and so easy to throw on for a range of occasions. I have it in an open-back romper style, too… see that on HERE.

Spotty Halter Dress (Color: 01 Black/Rayon; Size: Small)
Slide Sandals (size up half) |  Color Tile Bracelets

Hands-down one of my most-worn Summer styles, I have this dress in three prints, and love it alone and paired with a jean jacket. It has adjustable straps, pockets, and the easiest fit. Darling for vacation, too. (See it on HERE and HERE.)

Strappy Maxi Dress (Colors: Left – As Picture304 | Right – 0-as Picture162- with Pockets; Size: XS)
Left with: Strappy Sandals (TTS) | Layered Heart Necklace | Gold Hoop Earrings | Gold Bead Bracelets
Right with: Slide Sandals (size up half) | Headband | Layered Heart Necklace | Gold Hoop Earrings | Gold Bead Bracelets


Another stunning find, this dress could easily be worn for weddings and other dressy events, or pair it with your favorite flat sandals for a chic daytime look. No one will believe you found it on Amazon!

Halter Maxi Dress (Colors: Left – Tangerine | Right – Teal; Size: Small)
Strappy Heels (size up half) | Gold Bead Bracelets

Another find that totally blew my mind! Cut-out styles are very on-trend right now, and this one is a true gem. It’s a crisp material with a sassy low cut and cut-out along the sides and back… but miraculously doesn’t leave me feeling over-exposed.

Strappy Front Cross Dress (XS)
NuBra | Clear Strappy Heels (size up half) | Layered Heart Necklace | Color Tile Bracelets

I’ve had this embroidered cutie for a few years (as evidenced by my short hair, ha!), and love it for vacations and as a swim cover-up. See it on HERE.

Spotty Embroidered Dress (Small)
Miller Sandals | Gold Bead BraceletsColor Tile Bracelets

The quality of this dress is on-par with any department store, and the fit and shape so chic. It transitions well for Spring and Fall, too.

Tiered Midi Dress (XS, but size up if busty)
Strappy Sandals (TTS) | Layered Heart Necklace | Color Tile Bracelets | Gold Bead Bracelets

This striped cutie has been a top-seller for months! The material isn’t my favorite, but the colors and fit are too cute!

Tiered Color Block Dress (Colors: Left – Z1 Navy Blue | Right – Z1 Pink; Size: XS)
Left with: Slide Sandals (size up half) | Layered Heart Necklace | Color Tile Bracelets
Right with: Miller Sandals | Layered Heart Necklace | Gold Bead Bracelets

This fit and flare dress is a soft jersey knit, that fits well and is super comfy. I hate to say it, but I held on to it as a go-to little black dress for meetings, funerals, etc.

Faux Wrap Dress (Small)
Clear Strappy Heels (size up half) | Layered Heart Necklace | Gold Hoop Earrings | Gold Bead Bracelets

One of my most-worn dresses during transitional seasons, I love this one alone and with a jean jacket. I have it in the darker brown, as well. See it styled with a jean jacket HERE.

Puff Sleeve Maxi Dress (Color: Apricot; Size: Small) (15% off!)
Miller SandalsLayered Pendant Necklace | Gold Bead Bracelets | Rattan Circle Bag

I have this thing for embroidered tops and dresses, and this one is a long-time fave! Especially cute for vacations and around the pool…as seen HERE.

Striped Embroidered Dress (Color: A Blue; Size: Medium) | Miller Sandals

This one doesn’t look all that special in photos, but is incredibly chic in person! The quality is spot-on, and it fits and feels amazing on!

Fit & Flare Midi Dress (Small)
Left withStrappy Heels (size up half) | Bamboo Clutch | Gold Bead Bracelets
Right withSlide Sandals (size up half) | Color Tile Bracelets

A recent find, this cute little dress came with me to Turks & Caicos, and was perfect! (See it on HERE.)

Tie Waist Dress (Colors: Left – Pink | Right – Bright Blue, Size: XS)
Left withSlide Sandals (size up half) | Woven Tote Bag | Gold Bead Bracelets
Right withStrappy Heels (size up half) | Bamboo Clutch | Gold Bead Bracelets


Sets //

I found these two-piece sets earlier this year, and can’t get enough! This pant version is so fun, but does have a high slit along the leg, so I’d save it for vacation. I loved it in Mexico HERE.

Ruffle Two Piece Pants Set (Small) (20% off!)
Slide Sandals (size up half) | Headband | Layered Heart Necklace | Gold Hoop Earrings | Gold Bead Bracelets

I loved the pants so much, I had to try the shorts version of the set! I loved the orange set in Florida so much (see it HERE), I promptly ordered the white (see that styled HERE).

Ruffle Two-Piece Shorts Set (Small) (20% off!)
Slide Sandals (size up half) | Woven Tote Bag | Color Tile Bracelets

I haven’t decided if I’m keeping one or both of these just yet, but they sure are cute!!

Strapless Two-Piece Set (Colors: Left – A-multi | Right – Black solid; Size: Small)
Strappy Heels (size up half) | Gold Bead Bracelets | Slide Sandals (size up half)


Rompers & Jumpsuits //

Here’s that print I love so much…this time in a sassy, low-back romper. See how cute it is from the back HERE.

Halter Romper (Color: 2151 White; Size: Small)
Miller SandalsGold Bead Bracelets

I just ordered this gorgeous jumpsuit in a few other colors…I haven’t decided which color I’ll keep yet, but I know I’ll be keeping at least one!

One-Shoulder Jumpsuit (Color: Rust; Size: Small) (20% off!)
Strappy Sandals (TTS) | Color Tile Bracelets

Same goes for this one… I’m smitten with the cut-out and comfy, smocked backing.

Pocket Jumpsuit (Small) (20% off!)
Strappy Sandals (TTS) | Gold Bead Bracelets | Color Tile Bracelets


Skirts //

I’ve owned this skirt for years… I love it with tanks and tees, and especially cute with a jean jacket. I’ve worn it on the plane several times as an easy travel style. (See that HERE.)

Midi Skirt (Colors: Left – Floral Red | Right – Blue; Size: Small) (15% off!)
Ribbed Crop Tank (Small) | Pocket T-Shirt (Small) | Slide Sandals (size up half) | Gold Bead Bracelets

A recent find, this maxi skirt is lined and so silky soft… I’ve worn it with a tank and over my swimsuit.

Tiered Maxi Skirt (Color: Dustyblue; Size: Small) (15% off!)
Racerback Tank (Small) | Strappy Sandals (TTS) | Neoprene Tote | Layered Heart Necklace | Color Tile Bracelets | Gold Bead Bracelets

Another long-time fave, I have this pull-on skirt in tons of colors and patterns! It’s super cute in Spring and Fall with a jean jacket, and I love it paired with a swimsuit in Summer. (See that styled HERE.)

Ruffle Skirt (Color: C.beige; Size: XS) (15% off!)
Scoop Neck Tank | Jean Jacket | Miller Sandals | Layered Pendant Necklace | Gold Bead Bracelets

I’m crazy for the colors and pattern of this fun maxi, plus it’s so soft and flowy. See it styled HERE.

Maxi Skirt (Color: Pinkpurple; Size: Small)
Racerback Tank (Small) | Strappy Sandals (TTS) | Layered Pendant Necklace | Gold Bead Bracelets | Jean Jacket


Tops //

I love when I find boutique-style pieces for a deal!! This one-shoulder has a linen-blend feel, with a cute ruffle. It’s so cute tucked in to skirts and denim, or worn out.

Ruffle One Shoulder Blouse (Small)
White Jeans | Braided Heels (Also HERE & Look For Less HERE) | Gold Bead Bracelets

This embroidered top is one of my very first Amazon finds, and started my love for the retailer! I’ve worn it for years with jeans and shorts, and it’s come with me on most every beach trip. See it HERE.

Embroidered Top (Small)
Jean Shorts | Miller SandalsGold Bead Bracelets

I keep this chic little top for pairing with trousers, skirts and denim…it has a dressed-up feel I love. I have it in both black and this fun green.

Puff Sleeve Blouse (Small)
White Jeans | Strappy Sandals (TTS) | All-Weather Bangles

Another boutiquey style, this print looks so expensive to me!

Flutter Sleeve Top (Color: Colorful Colorblock; Size: Small)
White Jeans | Slides (size up half) | Gold Bead Bracelets

This classic embroidered top is great quality and comes in every color combo under the sun! It is an oversized fit and has a medium weight to it.

Embroidered Top (Color: 50; Size: Small)
Slim Straight Jeans (Size 4, Authentic Blue) | Slide Sandals (size up half)

Loungewear //

I’ve found several lounge sets over the years, but this is a favorite for sure. It’s super soft, ribbed, and so stretchy. I wore it HERE and didn’t want to take it off!

Striped Lounge Set (Small) | Slide Sandals (size up half)


Swimsuits & Cover-ups //

Another homerun category, I’ve found the majority of my swimsuits from the last six years at Amazon! But as far as favorites that I continue to wear (along with easy cover-ups), these are the ones I reach for most.

Pleated Cover-Up (Small) | Collared Cover-Up (Small)
Scalloped One Piece Swim Suit | Slide Sandals (size up half) | Straw Hat (A01: Beige) | Layered Heart Necklace | Gold Hoop Earrings | Woven Tote Bag | Removable Tassel

Two-Piece Jungle Swimsuit (Color: Coral) | Collared Cover-Up (Color: 01-pink) | Flounce Skirt (Color: T6) (Small in all pieces)
Slide Sandals (size up half) | Straw Hat (A01: Beige) | Gold Bead Bracelets

Ruffle One Piece Swim Suit (Small)
Straw Hat (A01: Beige) | Layered Heart Necklace | Gold Hoop Earrings

Ruffle One Piece Swim Suit (XS)
Straw Hat |  Layered Pendant Necklace | All-Weather Bangles

Tank-Style One-Piece Swimsuit (Small)
Straw Hat |  Layered Pendant Necklace | All-Weather Bangles


Shoes & Accessories //

None of these styles will come as a surprise to you…you’ve seen them all on repeat for years! And I still love them now as much as the day I ordered them!

Woven Straw Tote (15% off!) | Striped Tote Bag | Removable Tassel | Straw Hat (15% off!) | Rattan Circle Bag

Woven Tote Bag | Bangle Bracelets | Belt | Rattan Circle Bag | White Rattan Circle Bag (15% off!)

Clear Strappy Heels (size up half) | Slide Sandals (size up half) | Strappy Sandals (TTS)


This skirt is another favorite, and we can’t talk Amazon finds without singing the praises of the Warner’s bra!! It’s a top five best-seller for years… and for good reason!

What is your favorite Amazon find from my fashion posts? I love when you discover new favorites here! You can find all my Amazon Fashion Finds HERE. Happy weekend, lovebugs!

PS – Find my Sugarplum Amazon Shop HERE, with my top picks in a range of categories. I also have a ‘Sugar Shack’ list in my Amazon Store for all lake house links! And if you’re looking for some of my fave random finds, all my Monday Mail Day discoveries are HERE.



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