{2010 Project Countdown} Numbers 6-10

Magazines and newspapers like to spend this final week of the year counting down Top News Stories and Events. It’s always hard to believe so many things occurred in the span of only 12 months. Hosting the Best of the Best Series has made me think about all the projects I’ve done in my first year of blogging. So in a purely narcissistic move, I checked out Google Analytics to see which posts got the most traffic.

I was surprised by a few, since I’d assumed the posts with the most comments would be the most popular. But apparently, there are a lot of you lurkers out there!!! Reading…multiple times!….and not commenting or becoming official ‘followers’! That’s okay, I lurked before starting this blog. But I would like to encourage you to come out of the shadows, freaks, I’d love to hear what you think! I promise I won’t hit you up with a time share or anything.

How about we revisit the Top 10 Hi Sugarplum posts?! This should make catching up on my blog easier for Mr. Sugarplum anyway.

10. {Outfit Inspiration} Pink & Black
I like creating outfits from pretty rooms…didn’t know you guys enjoyed it too!

Picnik collage

9. The 80’s Called, They Want Their Brass Back
The brass chandelier in the dining room got a fresh coat of glossy black paint. And wouldn’t you know I’m kind of wishing I’d left it brass! (Dining Room is getting a small overhaul in 2011.)

8. No-Sew Table Runner
My obsession with Stitch Witchery began with this simple runner. These are also inexpensive ways to bring color and pattern to a room. I’m eyeing new drapes for the Breakfast Room, which I’m sure will result in a new runner.

7. Painting the Fancy Pants Highboy
This stand-out piece set the tone for Babygirl’s new room. Her room will be the first I finish in 2011.

Picnik collage

6. A Dresser Grows Up
Since I always try to re-purpose what I have first, I was thrilled my son’s baby dresser was able to transition to his new Big Boy Room.

Picnik collage

We’ll finish up with the Top 5 tomorrow…I know this is enough excitement for one day. Do you have a favorite? Any guesses which post was the most viewed?

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