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Hey there, friends! Mr. Sugarplum and I have decided to sell the farm and move to Italy. I’m kidding, we don’t own a farm. But I’d live on a farm if it meant I could wake-up here everyday. My pants no longer fit, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay. We’ll be back soon enough, and I can’t wait to share all the cheesy details with you. (If you’re following along in InstaGram, then you know I’ve eaten nothing but cheese. And gelato.)

But let’s get back to this fabulous series, shall we?! Today we have the Grand Poobah of home bloggers, Sarah….the Thrifty Decor Chick! Who here doesn’t already think Sarah is their BFF? No one, that’s who. She writes her blog so real and genuine, that you feel like it’s just the two of you, chatting it up on her couch. Not to mention she has the best patio, and a brand new awesome library!

20 Questions - Sarah

What is your road trip essential snack?
Well, it used to be a fountain Coke but I’ve given it up. (Sob.) Second would have been the Hostess Snoballs but those are gone now too…what the heck?? Sheesh…I don’t even know anymore.

You’ve been handed two free round-trip tickets…who are you taking and where are you going?
My hubby, and we’re off to Italy — the one place I haven’t been that I want to visit. That or Hawaii, I’m dying to get back there sometime.

What was your high school jam?
Strawberry? I kid. Oh girl…you know it was NKOTB. We were fans of anything hip hop too, that’s what we danced to at our garage parties. 😉

Would you rather have a perfect bum, or a flawless face?
I have to go with the face. Well wait…that’s a hard one. You can use makeup on the face, not much you can do to hide a wide bum. No, I like my curves so I’m going with face.

What shows are you ashamed to admit are on your DVR?
Good Luck Charlie. There, I said it. (It’s SO GOOD.)


What’s your ringtone?

How old were you when you had your first kiss? Was it meh or toe-curling?
Ugh. I was 16 (a late bloomer) and it was DISGUSTING. I don’t think I ever kissed that boyfriend again after that. 😉

Do you have any siblings, and if so, where are you in the birth order?
Yes, bunches. I am the oldest of seven — one full sis, two half sisters, one half brother, a stepbrother and stepsister. I am the oldest and was also an only child for half of my childhood — that should tell you something about me. Ahem.

What physical quirk were you born with?
My ears. They stick out horribly. I used to sleep on my side hoping they would magically attach to the side of my head. I now embrace them but it took a long time. And the ONLY physical trait my son got from me are my lovely ears. Poor child.

What was your first car, and did you name it?
My first car was a 1985 white Fiero my junior year of college. I did not name her but LOVED her. She was a blast to drive.

What would you request for your last supper?
Easy — fried chicken and mashed potatoes. And a fountain Coke. 😉


Have you ever been hospitalized, and if so, what for?
Only for the birth of my boy! Well I take that back — I was in the hospital numerous times but it was all because of him. I went into labor a LOT when I was pregnant.

How tall are you? Do you wish you were taller, shorter…or are you just right?
I am 5’9″ and I LOVE being tall (hello…the pounds stretch out!) but I never wear heels. Hate them and feel awkward in them. That’s the only part I don’t like about being so tall.

Do you prefer to DIY or hire it out?
I LOVE to DIY and will always do that if I can. But we are now able to hire out for certain things (like our basement remodel) and oh my, it is so nice to have someone else do it once and a while.

Sarah’s New Basement

What do you eat for breakfast?
Usually not much. I have to force myself to eat in the morning. I try to eat at least a banana, some toast or a couple eggs.

What would you do for a living if you didn’t need money?
This. 🙂 I have the most perfect job in the world, without a doubt.

Finish this sentence: Every room needs….
Something black. It grounds a space.

How frequently do you wash your hair? Do you have any hair secrets or tricks?
Almost every day — I can go every other but no longer than that or it’s a grease ball. Last summer I think I used a hair dryer once — can’t wait for the temps to warm up so I can do that again. I HATE doing my hair so if I can take short cuts I’m happy.

Will you leave the house without makeup?
Heck yeah! Half of my Lowe’s trips are without makeup. I do like to at least have mascara on — it’s the one thing that makes a big difference on anyone’s face, I think.

You just unloaded your Halloween haul…what candy do you go for first?
Anything gummy or peanut butter and chocolate. 😉

What totally inane talent do you possess?
Huh. That’s hard! I can’t do anything cool — no rolling of the R’s even. My sister can recite the alphabet backwards super fast — she must have gotten all the freaky genes. I can still toss a flag or rifle perfectly 20 years after high school marching band — does that count? 😉

I think tossing rifles with precision definitely counts! Good thing Sarah doesn’t live in Texas, because that rifle would be loaded. I’m kind of kidding! Loved all of Sarah’s answers…and do you know how hungry a person gets looking for pictures of fried chicken!? Go say ‘hi’ to Sarah, and blame her for your chicken craving!

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  1. So stinking fun Cassie! I loved this — and kind of hate you right now for the pics on Instagram. Safe travels!!

    Posted 4.22.13 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Had fun reading about Sarah. Scrolled backed to check those ears. Its said that people with the ears that sticks out will bcome famous. Now you are! 😉


    Posted 4.22.13 Reply
  3. Susan wrote:

    Sarah's blog was my first real blog to discover. Thanks to her I've found others that I love to read. :). So fun to read her answers.

    Posted 4.23.13 Reply
  4. HEY!! I got my first kiss at 16 too!! Late bloomers unite. I love Sarah & her blog. She's inspiration & kindness overload in the best possible way.

    P.S. We hired out our basement reno too & it was.so.worth.every.penny.

    Posted 4.23.13 Reply
  5. Amy wrote:

    aw love Sarah's blog, she seems so down to Earth! She was the FIRST blog I EVER read. I needed help decorating my mantle in a gross and terrible apartment I rented in Grad school. Im still not a home owner, but love reading her blog for tips, etc. even as a renter. She actually helped inspire me to start my own blog (even if they are diff. genres!)!

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    Enter Friday’s Five Linkup!

    Posted 4.23.13 Reply
  6. Megan wrote:

    Finally someone like me that washes her hair almost daily and wears mascara on " no makeup" days!

    Posted 7.13.13 Reply