My 10 Travel VIPs

Hello from the land of jet lag and bronchitis! I picked up a little chest cold on the trip, and unfortunately it turned into the world’s most annoying persistent cough. Fortunately, I made it through the flight home without Mr. SP smothering me…but I know he thought about it!

We spent the weekend napping and hugging on our babes…and eating tacos. Because two weeks is a long time to go without tacos. #victim I hope your Mother’s Day was grand, and you’re feeling extra loved and adored.

It’s going to take a little time to sort through all the photos and memories from our Scandinavian trip, but as we were packing up to come home, I realized there were 10 essentials that were key to our smooth and successful travel. Some are random and unexpected, some are obvious…but all were our travel VIPs.

Packing Cubes // If you follow my InstaStories, then you saw how I packed using these bags…they truly have revolutionized the way I pack and travel. One of the coolest parts of cruising is you only have to unpack once, but I still relied on these eBags to keep my clothes sorted and unwrinkled, and fully utilize my suitcase space. I believe in the power of these so much I might just do an entire post around them!

Umbrella // Nothing groundbreaking about an umbrella, but this one is compact, fit easily in our day pack, came in handy on multiple occasions, and looked cute in photos! #priorities

Jean Jacket // Obviously I’m a fan, after all, I dedicated all of last week to it…but it was perfect for the airplane, chilly evenings on the ship (even paired with my cocktail dresses!), and slim enough to layer under my bigger coat when I needed an extra layer.

Fuzzy Socks // I packed these in my carry-on and wore them for the long flight, and every evening in the cabin. They are unbelievably soft and cushy, and it was nice to have that extra comfort feeling from home.

Shower Cap // I’m fully aware this is a random choice…I mean, a shower cap is a shower cap, right?! Wrong! This one is lined with terrycloth, so it actually absorbs the moisture from the shower, leaving your hair exactly like it was! Which was so time-saving on days we had really early starts, or when I wanted a quick shower before dinner. It folds down small and fits in a toiletry bag, too.

Crossbody Bag // I travel with a larger carry-on bag for long flights (for laptop, books, headphones, etc), but always pack a smaller cross body bag for day use. This one fit all my daily essentials, while leaving my hands free to eat, take pictures, eat, and eat.

Portable Charger // It was impossible not to overshare each glorious city on my social media, but that’s a sure battery-sucker. This portable charger gave me the extra boost I needed to keep posting while out and about.

Slip-On Sneakers // Traveling to European cities means lots of walking. And walking. In fact, we logged 146,967 steps over our two weeks, so while I can appreciate the need to look cute, comfort definitely comes first. In addition to my go-to sneakers, I brought these new-to-me slip-ons, and paired with these socks, they were the dream combination. Not a single blister or sore spot!

Undies // Perhaps this is another random essential, but if you’ve ever worn uncomfortable undies, then you know how quickly they can derail your day! Factor in all those steps, and I’d have been a cranky traveler without these stay-put, super-soft undies. I even stocked up before our trip so I wouldn’t be forced to do laundry.

Beauty Kit // Traveling and dietary changes are hard enough on my skin, so it’s certainly not the time I want to disrupt my skincare routine. This awesome travel kit contains all my beauty favorites, and packs easily.

I’m sure I’ll think of a few more things once I finally start unpacking, but I’m avoiding that as long as possible! What Travel VIPs get you through trips, long and short?! See you back here tomorrow for the full Powder Bath Reveal!



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