1 Dress, 7 Ways

Hello friends! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! We had a great time celebrating our Son’s birthday (party post coming soon!), cooking out with friends and watching fireworks. I can not even believe it’s July…what is happening to time this Summer?!?

We recently attended my darling cousin’s wedding. As I got dressed for the event, I found myself with a little extra time to spare and a hair-brained idea (imagine that?)! I thought it would be fun to see how many outfits I could assemble using a single dress. The concept certainly isn’t new, but I’m thrilled to know just how often I’ll be able to wear my new dress.

I started with a JCrew peacock blue dress from this post. I have to say, most some of these pictures are ridiculous. My camera battery died, so I had to use my phone. Or rather, Mr. Sugarplum and my kids had to photograph me with my phone. And the fun wore off for them after the first shot, so in most cases what you see is the only shot taken. They were, after all, getting ready too!

I’ll build these outfits starting with the most casual.

family time

happy hour

business event

Okay, at this point, I realized I was late for the wedding. Remember, the event I was supposed to be getting ready for? So I had to dash out the door and finish the ‘Evening Looks’ the next morning hungover. With no make-up and bed head. Oh, and salad dressing stains on the front of the dress! Talk about a dedicated blogger!

traditional evening
I’d probably ditch the headband if I wore this version, a little much with the low side ponytail and necklace.
festive evening
{Orange slingbacks; F21 statement earrings; Vintage beaded clutch}
Given more time, I’d like to accessorize the outfits a bit more, and definitely add handbags. I think I’ll be getting my money’s worth out of the dress, don’t you think? Especially since I had even more combinations in mind, I just couldn’t think of additional occasions to label them.
And which did I actually wear to the wedding?
jenny wedding
Festive, of course! I can never resist pairing unexpected colors like teal and orange, and I was dying to wear those giant earrings. Do you have a favorite combination? Are you inspired to play in your closet? You’d be surprised how versatile your wardrobe is!

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  1. I like all the looks you put together, but I love those orange shoes.

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  2. I love that you did this! I have a similar j.crew brown dress that I wore in a wedding several years ago and haven't worn since. It's brown and never feels right for cocktails but would be so easy to dress down and get some air! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  3. Can I go shopping in your closet, please? ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the Happy Hour and Festive looks best!

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  4. Definitely the perfect dress! I love how versatile it is ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  5. I love that dress and it looks incredible on you. I love playing around in my closet, so fun!

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  6. a' la mode wrote:

    I'll take the dress, ALL the accessories oh and your gorgeous gams too please! xoxo shel (I've always wanted better legs, can I just have yours? mkay thx)

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  7. amber wrote:

    i love it!! these are all fabulous ways to put this gorgeous dress to good use ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  8. Kelly wrote:

    Love all of them!!!

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  9. I'm so glad that I recently found your blog…and have added it to my Google Reader Subscriptions. You're a breath of fresh air!!

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  10. Love when you post on fashion! Love all the ways you can wear this dress…you look lovely, as usual! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  11. Super cute! Love all of the looks. . and cracking up thinking of the family taking camera photos for you! So cute.

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  12. You are just gorgeous, dahling!! In all 7 ways!! : )

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  13. One simple dress styled so beautifully!! I too love the pop of color to anything I wear!

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  14. AWESOME Cassie!!! Well, to start off, that you & that dress are both beautiful. I love all the combinations you put together and I love the cobo you actually wore. So pretty!

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  15. I love posts like these! I'm totally a this goes with this and that's it kinda girl. Would love all the help I can get!

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  16. Adorable dress! JCrew Rocks! and you my dear look gorgeous!

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  17. Michaela wrote:

    I love all these looks! So creative. The orange shoe is my fave. You always look adorable (:

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  18. Awww you're so pretty and stylish. Often when Lil's napping I go in my closet and "play". So fun to come up with new ways to wear things.

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  19. I'm a shoe girl, so I was pulling for the festive combo, YEEEESSS!!! I win! (c: I love all the outfits you came up with, it's pretty hard to go wrong when you start out with such a fabulous little dress!

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  20. I just love all of the looks for the dress. I really liked the jean jacket look. Everyone looked so nice for the wedding.

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  21. Natalie wrote:

    What a perect dress. Girl you rocked every single look. I can't decide what my favorite is, loved them all. Now you have inspired me to play in my closet….

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  22. Really enjoyed this post! You have inspired me to reuse more outfits!! Love the J crew dress!! We can only get J crew online here and its super expensive ๐Ÿ™ I need to come over and stock up!
    Rachie xo

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  23. Okay so I love the dress but what I love even more is how fabulous your hair looks in all these pictures. I tried bangs once and looked like a total idiot. You totally rock it.

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  24. Simply LKJ wrote:

    What a great dress! Love pieces like that…super functional.

    Posted 7.6.11 Reply
  25. What a great post! It's all about the accessories! You're so pretty – you could wear a brown paper bag and look good ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Posted 7.6.11 Reply
  26. I love this post!! So funny when the family gets in on the blog photos too! My faves are with the jean jacket and the happy hour. Speaking of, can't wait to see you in August!!!!!

    Posted 7.6.11 Reply
  27. My main thoughts after reading this are 'I would like that dress' and also 'I would like those orange shoes'.

    I do not usually covert shoes, in fact I HATE shoe shopping. I'm currently sat here wearing pumps which practially have holes under the toes and have just been informed by my colleague that I need a new pair. Maybe I'll buy orange ones ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good blogging!!

    Posted 7.6.11 Reply
  28. Linda Z wrote:

    Wow, so versatile! Great looks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 7.6.11 Reply
  29. I saw your blog in WIWW. what a perfect dress! I need to start looking for more basic styles like that to give unique twists to.

    Posted 7.6.11 Reply
  30. Denise wrote:

    this post is TERRIFIC!

    can you come to my house and help me wear everything in my closet 7 different ways?!?

    you are inspiring, and that dress looks GREAT on you.

    Posted 7.6.11 Reply
  31. Conni wrote:

    now that is a great item, something that you can change up so many ways, well worth it

    Posted 7.6.11 Reply
  32. Haley wrote:

    I love to play with my clothes combinations and shopping in thrift stores for those special pieces. I love pairing unexpected things together like a yellow vintage bathing suit, a skirt and jacket; it's my favorite work outfit seen here: http://blog.shannonrosan.com/haley/

    Shameless plug: if anyone needs a photographer in the Northern California area Shannon Rosan is amazing! http://www.shannonrosan.com/

    Posted 7.6.11 Reply
  33. coolkids wrote:

    super idea Cassie! Love all the looks!

    Posted 7.6.11 Reply
  34. That was FUN!! I loved how you did that and would love to see more of it in the future. Now, if I could just find that same dress for myself…:)

    Posted 7.6.11 Reply
  35. Caterine wrote:

    so so worth it! so many possibilities with this great dress! Bravo!


    Posted 7.8.11 Reply
  36. Love those orange slingbacks and you are just looking great in all the versions of how to wear this dress! Janell

    Posted 7.9.11 Reply
  37. Lisa wrote:

    Okay…I so want this dress!LOL
    I love all the looks but Festive is my fav.

    Posted 7.12.11 Reply