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Hey guys! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on Monday’s first trip report…I’m thrilled ya’ll are just as excited to read more, as I am to share it! I figure reliving it on the blog helps me extend the trip in my mind, too…and let me tell you, after a week of no school, I’m going to that happy place in my head more and more often! 😉

Mr. SP and I are fairly casual people, as is most everything in our day-to-day life. But I love an opportunity to dress up…in fact, I probably err on the side of overdressed for many occasions, just because I’m so happy for the excuse! So needless to say, formal nights on the Royal Princess are my faves. Mr. SP doesn’t mind them either, but mostly because he can still get away with the ole ‘business on top, party on the bottom’ style!

On Me: Lace Midi Dress (on sale!) | Clutch (similar) | Shoes | Bracelet | Watch

You see a little bit of everything on formal nights…from tuxedos and sequins, to sport coats and sundresses. I think as long as you put forth an effort, it’ll fly. But if dressing up isn’t your thing, just dine in one of the other restaurants that night…or better yet, order (free!) room service and snuggle up with a movie! (We totally did that on our free night. #heaven)

On Me: Lace Midi Dress (on sale!) | Clutch (similar) | Shoes | Bracelet | Watch

Remember this midi dress from this post? You were helping me to choose between maxi dresses, but I couldn’t resist this lacy number, too! It didn’t help that so many of you were encouraging me to keep it…and I’m nothing if not accommodating. 😉

I love the chic length, and the peek of skin through the lace keeps it from being dowdy, or overwhelming my frame with fabric…plus, bonus that it’s now 40% off!! And the dark pink shoes are just fun! I’d love the dress with neutral shoes, too, but I only wanted to pack one pair of dressy shoes. #pinkforthewin #duh

Fit Tip: I’m wearing my usual size XS, but being forced to take tiny, shallow breaths. Maybe it was all the carbs, or maybe it runs a tad small. #breathingisoverrated  #carbsforthewin #duh

Mr. SP wears jeans more often than not…and the baggier and more faded the better in his book. #notmine #showmethegoods But we’ve found a happy medium with these jeans…they are a comfy, relaxed fit for him, but a darker, dressier rinse for me. Nordstrom has become his go-to spot for most everything since they carry so many options and sizes online.

He could have easily swapped them for slacks, but he felt more like himself in the jeans…and you ladies know the night is waaaay more fun when your man doesn’t feel forced to wear something. (These are currently on sale!) 

Lace Midi Dress (on sale!!) | Clutch (similar) | Shoes | Bracelet | Watch

I don’t know how I’ve gotten so lucky he still looks at me like this, but I’m crossing my fingers he never stops! If you followed our trip on Snapchat (@cassiesugarplum), then you know why I’m always laughing with him now!

Is your man a ‘business on top, business on bottom’ kind of guy, or is he always working in the laid-back style, too? Do you like the chance to dress up? Are you surprised I kept the lace dress and a maxi? I can’t wait to show you which of those I packed!!

{Shop My Outfit}

{Shop Mr. SP’s Outfit}

Thanks to Jared Smith of Sugar & Cloth for snapping these pics before dinner! He and Ashley are just about the cutest, funniest blogging duo we’ve ever met!

*This post created in collaboration with Nordstrom, but all clothes, ideas, and husband-swooning are my own. Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors!*

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  1. You two are JUST THE CUTEST! And what a great deal on that dress. You looked amazing!

    Posted 6.15.16 Reply
  2. I miss Guiseppe Sugar Plum!! 🙂

    Posted 6.15.16 Reply
    • I do too!!!! I guess we'll just need to go on more vacations! 😉

      Posted 6.15.16 Reply
  3. D wrote:

    What a nice looking couple! My husband wore unflattering jeans for a long time but then he discovered slim fit selvedge and that was it! He looks great and I love the cut and cuff. I bet Mr. SP would look great too. Here's a link that explains the ins and outs of selvedge:

    Posted 6.15.16 Reply
  4. Adr wrote:

    you two always look so happy!

    Posted 6.15.16 Reply
    • Aw, thanks so much! We usually are. Usually. 😉 xo

      Posted 6.15.16 Reply
  5. Adr wrote:

    you two always look so happy!

    Posted 6.15.16 Reply
  6. jackie wrote:

    did you take along a personal photographer?

    Posted 6.15.16 Reply
    • Ha, I wish!! 😉 No….Mr. SP snapped outfit pics of me, and we each took pics of the scenery. We got lucky with this one bc our fellow blogger-friends were able to grab pics for us!! xo

      Posted 6.15.16 Reply
  7. My dh always wears jeans too, (weddings, and more). Your dress,pink shoes, his jacket and jeans.. You both look PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 6.15.16 Reply
  8. Shannon wrote:

    You guys are so cute! I can't look at pictures of him without hearing him say "poopy pulp" in my head…still dying over that one, hahaha. Love your dress! <3

    Posted 6.15.16 Reply
  9. So do you carry a photographer around with you, or is this tripod magic?

    Posted 6.15.16 Reply
    • LOL! No, I wish! that'd make things a lot easier! 😉 Mr. SP snaps all my pics when we're traveling, and I do most of the scenery. We lucked out with this one and had one of our fellow blogger friends on the trip with us snap them! xo

      Posted 6.15.16 Reply
  10. Maria wrote:

    Stylish guy with his beautiful queen . both looking gorg.

    Posted 6.16.16 Reply
  11. Brenda wrote:

    Your dress is really cute and you both look great! I think it's awesome that your husband still looks at you like that. You must be doing a lot right, as a wife. Maybe you could give me some tips so my husband will look at me like that again.

    Posted 6.16.16 Reply
    • Um, laugh at all his jokes? that's pretty much what I've got!! 😉 But honestly, he's just a good man, and I truly like and love him, so I think that comes across, and in turn, makes him reciprocate. xoxox

      Posted 6.16.16 Reply
  12. And your makeup!!! Beauty!

    Posted 6.21.16 Reply