Tied Up With String

Happy Christmas Week…I can’t believe the final countdown has begun! This is my favorite time of year, not only because of the holiday, but because I take the full Winter Break off from work to be with our kids. We’ve been busy little elves getting all the shopping and decorating done, and now we get to relax and enjoy time together. We even have every last present wrapped! (This is definitely a first for me!)


I love creating a pretty package almost as much as I love giving what’s inside. Pinterest was full of inspiring ideas, like monogramming the gift wrap with scrapbook paper.


You could print large letters on the computer to use as templates, or wing it like me.


Keeping with our pink theme this year, I used only pink, red, white and silver for the packages. The selection of pink isn’t huge this time of year, so I raided my ribbon and party supplies for more decorative accents. The pink and white polka dot crepe paper is so fun, and yet still Christmasy when paired with the silver snowflakes.


And by keeping my palette limited, everything mixed and matched perfectly. The pink chevron tags are from an Etsy favorite, pixelimpress. White packing paper is great for showing off pretty ribbon, and I tucked in leftover Christmas decor for extra oomph.


I jumped at the chance to print out Brooklyn Limestone’s free gift tags…the Naughty or Nice is perfect for the kid’s gifts.


Take-out boxes stuffed with paper confetti is my favorite way to package gift cards. Target has these cute glittery ones for $1 this year. Much more fun to give and receive than just an envelope! (You could even take it a step further like Courtney does.)


Picking a color theme makes wrapping so much easier and faster, and looks great when all the gifts are clustered together under the tree.


 Now it looks like a Pink Christmas!


How’s your wrapping going? Do you stick with a color palette, or use fun decorative accents? Share your favorite packaging ideas in the comments!

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  1. I haven't even started yet! Hubs and I made the decision to wait until Christmas Eve to put the presents out, partly because E is big into Santa this year and partly because Baby L likes to eat paper. But I think we're going with brown paper and white accents. I love your trim – might have to check back here for inspiration!

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  2. I'm so behind this year….and not really for any good reason! I've wrapped a FEW gifts, but not many! Ah well, it'll all get done in time! Love all your pink and white! Makes me want to do those colors again!

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  3. Congrats on having everything wrapped!! That's my goal for today. A pink chevron tag? Amazing. And such a great idea for gift cards. I may be stealing that idea 🙂 Have a wonderful week off!



    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  4. AGohl wrote:

    I usually have all my shopping done and presents wrapped and goodies baked by now… This year I am soo far behind. Haven't even completed Christmas shopping! Which is causing some hyperventilating as my OCDness starts kicking in! (I did get all of my Christmas cards made this year though…. which was a first for me)

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  5. I love your wrapping job. I went simple this year and tied everything up with red and white bakers twine. The present openers might hate it though because I have a feeling it's going to be hard to get off!

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  6. Lili wrote:

    OK, im doing a pink tree next yr! LOVE IT~!

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  7. Leslie wrote:

    Most of my gifts are wrapped under our tree. Since we celebrated with my family a week early (we'll be with the in-laws for Christmas day), some of the gifts have even been taken from the tree and unwrapped! I like to stick with a theme, but sometimes run out of paper at the end, etc. Your tree and presents look so great!

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  8. Just did it all yesterday!!! Now I can move on to baking! But my gifts aren't wrapped as cute as yours!! They're lucky if they've got a ribbon or bow on them, at least they're all in Christmas plaid, though!

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  9. Your gifts and tree look great! I love the pink and how everything goes together! I've done a litttle bit of wrapping but I really have to get on it tonight!

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  10. Laurie wrote:

    A little too close to perfect. Love the pink and the letters you used on the packages. Festive!

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  11. The presents all look SOO pretty!! Love that you matched the theme too! You're all ready for Christmas! 🙂

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  12. Oh, they look so great my dear. That is what I am doing today and tomorrow! Beautiful job. I love the monograms and those sparkly take out containers. I hadn't seen those. Thanks for the sweet shout out.

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  13. I agree! Packaging is almost more fun than giving the gift. To me its very therapeutic! =)

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  14. I love the pink! The gifts look great my real question is when do you find the time to do all these fabulous projects? It's noon I'm still in workout clothes although I never even made it to the gym and my hair is so dirty it's gross. Maybe I should get off the computer and be productive…… Gorgeous tree and gifts girl!

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  15. beautiful job! i'm so impressed that you're all done! We still have a couple to wrap, but not too many so I'm feeling good!

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  16. Love all the wrapping! Now the pink is really showing off! Looks great! I haven't wrapped one thing!! I'm so last minute. Also, my kids peek so it doesn't goes out til Christmas eve. Once I wrapped empty boxes because I like how they look under the tree…a tiny bit of crazy.

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  17. ooh good idea with the crepe paper! I LOVE seeing wrapped presents under the tree! I get so sad the day after Christmas when it's all gone. I definitely need to plan ahead this time so my gifts coordinate, so pretty!

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  18. I can't believe that I've never thought of coordinating my wrapping with my decor…it's genius! Then it's a perfect and *fabulous* part of the decorations! They turned out adorable!

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  19. So darn cute!! So darn envious you're done! Congats on the feature, too! 🙂

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  20. Cassie- You never cease to blow me away. I always try to match my paper to my scheme, or at least to my room. But your tree is sooooo inspiring.

    I'm asking this with all sincerity; how do you find time to do all you do? I feel like I'll never get anything done until my youngest starts school. Have you ever written a "day in the life" post?

    always amazed,

    Posted 12.20.11 Reply
  21. I'm totally pinning this!

    Posted 12.20.11 Reply
  22. ug- I'm getting an error trying to pin! I'm gonna look and see if it's already pinned and repin:)

    Posted 12.20.11 Reply
  23. emily wrote:

    I am super jealous that you're done! And my initial is E and I like pink, so feel free to send a little something down this way! 🙂 Everything looks gorgeous per usual!

    Posted 12.20.11 Reply
  24. Suzie wrote:

    Love your presents! I am in the midst of wrapping all our gifts, I decided to go with hand stamped gift wrapping made from kraft paper. Love seeing all the gifts wrapped under the tree.

    Posted 12.20.11 Reply
  25. Ceu wrote:

    Cassie um Natal iluminado e um Ano Novo cheio de Realizações para você
    e toda a família.

    Posted 12.20.11 Reply
  26. pam wrote:

    cassie, it's so beautiful! love your stack of coordinating presents and tree. glad you still have pixelimpress tags to use! pam

    Posted 12.20.11 Reply
  27. Since I don't have a lot of time or resources I plan on cutting up old T-shirts to make gift bags, just add ribbon! And by "make gift bags", I mean cut large pieces and tie off with ribbon, no sew baby! I might use the monogram idea though.

    Posted 12.20.11 Reply