Summer Lake Days

Happy Wednesday, friends! Well, the grad is officially enrolled in his college classes! New student orientation day was fun, and a little overwhelming, but I was so happy to be part of it with him.

I’m headed home today, while he stays behind for a few days of Camp Crimson. Things are getting real! That August 15th move-in date is just around the corner, and putting a vice on my heart. Which makes me extra grateful for every moment we’re able to spend together as a family of four until then!

A few weekends ago we escaped to the lake for the Fourth of July, and I’ve never wanted to freeze time so badly! Games, paddle boarding, late-night movie marathons, belly laughs…it was perfect. And even though I know we’ll have more of those times, there’s no denying our family dynamic is changing soon.

Swim Trunks

The lake house has been part of our family for almost 30-years, and even though it’s only about 90-minutes outside of the city, it feels like a world away. It belongs to my step-mom, but she’s so gracious to let us use it anytime.

A lot of memories have been made here over the years, and I love adding to them with my own family now.

Days are spent lounging on the dock and playing in the water, and nights are usually a big dinner on the porch, followed by a movie marathon. The only thing that changes is the food…it gets exponentially better when my step-mom is in town, she’s a phenomenal cook!

Striped Two-Piece | Swim Trunk

Stand-Up Paddle Boards & Gear

Lake style is the epitome of laidback and casual, and rarely do we change out of swimsuits. I found this one-piece at Backcountry, and not only is it perfect for active days on the water, but it’s incredibly flattering!

I love the deep v-neck, but the tie-back keeps it firmly in place…and the bottoms stay put, too. It even has some ruching through the middle to disguise all the chips and queso.

Fit Tip: I’m wearing a small, which is true to size for swimwear.

Ruched One-Piece Swimsuit | Wide Brimmed Hat

Backcountry actually has a great selection of swimwear for the whole family…sturdy pieces that are perfect for active lifestyles. Mr. SP loves these lightweight board shorts for the drawstring waist and quick-dry material.

Backcountry Tee | Striped Board Shorts | Flip Flops

How cute are these Toms sandals?! I love the graphic print and the footbed is super-comfy thanks to extra padding.

Fit Tip: Sandals true to size 

Sandals | Striped Beach Towel | Tote


When we do get dressed, it’s all comfy basics and soft cottons. This faux-wrap cotton romper doubled as my travel outfit and loungewear.

Fit Tip: I’m wearing an XS, but would prefer a size up.

Faux Wrap Romper | Jute Tote

Jute Tote with Leather Handle

Backcountry Tee | Striped Board Shorts | Flip Flops


I love this easy cotton swing dress with high neck for casual days, and it doubled as a swim cover, too.

Fit Tip:  I’m wearing an XS

Jersey Knit Swing Dress | Wide Brimmed Hat | Sandals | Tote

Board Shorts | Stand Up Paddle Boards

Striped Two-Piece | Ruched One-Piece

We’ve spent more weekends at our beloved lake house than I can count, and the family memories are some of my favorites. Fingers crossed we can make it for one more visit before the craziness of school returns! Do you have a special spot that evokes family memories? What are some of your favorite lake day activities?

P.S. Don’t miss tomorrow’s post…I’ve got some exciting news many of you have been waiting on all Summer!

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*This post is created in collaboration with Backcountry and ShopStyle, but all product selections, styling and lake hair are my own. Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors.*

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  1. Caroline wrote:

    Summer at the lake is also very common for families in Canada. My aunt and uncle have always had a spot in an RV campground near lake Maskinongé in the province of Québec. I grew up on that lake swimming, fishing, water skiing, etc. I remember opening my forehead on a concrete slab because I was being a silly 12 year old and my aunt panicking at how much blood there was saying my mom was going to kill her 😀 I needed 10 stitches but I still remember it as a fond memory. A couple years ago a cottage went up for sale on the other side of the lake and they jumped on it. We’re leaving for our annual family trip there this weekend (my younger brother and his girlfriend, my dad, my cousins, everyone will be there). So yeah, I know the feeling of those great nights at the campfire at the lake sipping on wine and the belly laughs 😉

    Posted 7.24.19 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Sound perfect (minus the head stitches!) 🙂 I bet Canadian lakes are stunning!!! Have a great weekend!

      Posted 7.24.19 Reply
  2. Shannon wrote:

    Aww, Cassie. You and I are living parallel lives with our sons these days. Our son’s move in date is Aug 18, right after yours. Vice on your heart…yes, ditto. SO excited for him, but dreading it all the same. He’ll be 5.5-6 hr drive, but a quick and easy 1-ish hour flight. But the family dynamic will change for sure…it won’t be the same and will be interesting to see how 14 yr old brother adjusts. It’s going to be ROUGH! But also trying to look at the bright side of him spreading his independence (and marking the calendar until he returns!). We too are lucky enough to have a lake house in the family less than 2 hrs away. We try to go as much as possible during the summer, as it’s our happy place. Wake boarding, paddle boarding, cards, endless games of Rummikub, good food and family time. SO many good memories over the years. Wishing you and your mama heart love and strength getting through the move in! xo

    Posted 7.24.19 Reply
  3. Christi wrote:

    Your instastories had me in tears today – I just wanted to send you a hug.

    Posted 7.24.19 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thanks so much!! That emotion comes out of no where these days! So grateful for this community to share with and feel so supported! xo

      Posted 7.24.19 Reply
  4. Allison Ferry wrote:

    Ohhhhh Cassie, we know EXACTLY what you are going through!!!! I lived with a permanent lump in my throat my son’s entire senior year!!!! He was our first child and now my youngest is going to be a senior in hs. Both our sons attend/attended Mizzou and our daughter will attend next year as well. Move in day might be the most excruciating thing you will go through! The deaths of both my parents didn’t even feel quite like this. We and I say we, because the four of us cried almost the 3 hour drive home. Very quiet ride. It felt like I had cut off my right arm ~ so prepare 🙁 It is definitely a new normal! But the good news is, everybody recovers and when you get your son back the next summer (and holidays) a fabulous, mature adult person returns to you. I never imagined how much fun our ~ almost full ~ adults were until after they’d been to college. While my oldest is now in med school, our middle at MU (internship there this summer), and sweet girl, we treasure all being back together off and on during the summer!!! And they still WANT to come home!! So, I don’t envy you next month ~ you’ll live to tell the tale, I have tears as I type this for crying out loud, you’ll be fine and so will he! Best of luck to all of you ~ you’ll almost be glad to get that day over with ~ and you’ll forever carry your phone everywhere so you don’t dare miss a call! Book hotel rooms now for Parents weekend if you haven’t already and game weekends!!! And on a side note, I am not sorry we are no longer in the same conference as OU 🙂

    Posted 7.25.19 Reply
  5. Tiffany wrote:

    Your son is going to love OU! My (firstborn) son is heading back on the 12th for his sophomore year and I hate to admit it, but it really is his new home. Camp Crimson is such a great way to start and will give your son some friendly faces for those crazy first weeks. Just tell him to dive in and push through some of the awkwardness of the early days! He will make friends and get settled quickly, and it’s an easy drive (or flight, trainride, etc) home to Dallas – with a Bucees stop on the way in Denton. I’m sure you have people, but if you need to reach out and ask questions, feel free. And, there’s facebook groups for parents if you ha ven’t already joined. I’m now gearing up for round two with my second son starting senior year of high school. It feels like a revolving door over here!

    Posted 7.26.19 Reply
  6. Leigh wrote:

    If your son decides to rush, make sure to put the word out! My son just finished his freshman year 5 hours away from us and I am not going to lie, it was SO hard! You’re happy that they love it, but it’s just such a life change. He has been back home for the summer and this mama’s heart is so happy to have our house full again. The truth is, the day comes when they call and they just really need mama’s advice and you realize they still love you – but your role has definitely changed. Thank goodness we both have girls still at home!!! Thinking about you!

    Posted 7.26.19 Reply