Simple Lace Votives

Not every project has to be (or can be) monumental. Sure, we all love big room makeovers and furniture before & afters, but we also have lives! Lives that only allow for a few extra hours to spend on projects (if we’re lucky). Today’s post is a simple and sweet project that you can do in those precious minutes between life’s responsibilities and collapsing in to bed each night.


I was so smitten with the black lace votives from our Halloween Mantel, that I made a lighter version for Valentine’s Day. All you need is a scrap of lace trim, glass votive and ribbon.


I attached the lace to the glass with a small piece of double-stick tape (I don’t want these permanent), then tied it with some bakers twine.


Sweet, fast, cheap and easy! That seems to be a recurring theme around here lately!

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