Simple Lace Votives

Not every project has to be (or can be) monumental. Sure, we all love big room makeovers and furniture before & afters, but we also have lives! Lives that only allow for a few extra hours to spend on projects (if we’re lucky). Today’s post is a simple and sweet project that you can do in those precious minutes between life’s responsibilities and collapsing in to bed each night.


I was so smitten with the black lace votives from our Halloween Mantel, that I made a lighter version for Valentine’s Day. All you need is a scrap of lace trim, glass votive and ribbon.


I attached the lace to the glass with a small piece of double-stick tape (I don’t want these permanent), then tied it with some bakers twine.


Sweet, fast, cheap and easy! That seems to be a recurring theme around here lately!

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  1. Love these votives! Love sweet, fast, cheap and easy!

    Posted 2.8.12 Reply
  2. Tiffany wrote:

    Now you're talking my language. Sweet, fast, cheap and easy. Love it!

    Posted 2.8.12 Reply
  3. Very sweet! I love how lace is evolving into a modern accent for decor. No more fussy grandma stuff!

    Posted 2.8.12 Reply
  4. Love it and LOVED seeing you over at Little Green Notebook today, such a rockstar!

    Posted 2.8.12 Reply
  5. Don't you just love that red and white twine? I have a roll and I use it all the time! Cute idea.

    Posted 2.8.12 Reply
  6. Love how sweet and delicate these look! I can even do this…!

    Posted 2.8.12 Reply
  7. Such a sweet idea for Valentine's Day! You have really great ideas, and I love your site (and sense of style!). xoxo

    Posted 2.8.12 Reply
  8. lovely!virtual hug


    Posted 2.8.12 Reply
  9. Yahoo on Little Green Notebook! SO awesome. Those are really sweet.

    Posted 2.8.12 Reply
  10. Christina wrote:

    Loved these!!

    Posted 2.9.12 Reply
  11. These are so pretty – I like them alot!!

    Posted 2.9.12 Reply
  12. Dani wrote:

    I just discovered your blog today and have been pouring over it–it's such a breath of fresh air and full of new ideas that I haven't seen before. I must admit–I've already borrowed one of your ideas and am loving the results!
    Also, I'm extra excited because I noticed that you were featured in an article in the Dallas paper and I saw that you're from Plano. We are moving to the Plano area in the next few months. In fact, my husband is already there with a new job.
    Thanks for sharing–can't wait to read future posts!

    Posted 2.9.12 Reply
  13. So sweet! I love that Wells is getting closer to recognize holidays so we can make cute decorations like this together!

    Posted 2.9.12 Reply
  14. these are darling!

    Posted 2.9.12 Reply
  15. Your candles are beautiful and easy to make(great)Thank you for sharing.

    Posted 4.10.17 Reply