Thanks for the love on yesterday’s style post…I loved hearing where you stand on shorts, and apparently we all have a love of good cut-offs! Here’s today’s big ole brain dump of what’s been rambling around my head lately!

ONE // I always hate sharing fun finds with you, only to have them sell out. But I’m happy to report several of my favorite pieces  are now back in stock…including several closet staples from last year. Remember this darling embroidered dress from our trip to Spain? Well, sadly it’s not back…but I found one almost identical here. There’s even a romper version here, and a similar style dress in plus size here. I can hardly wait to pull this cutie out again!

My go-to sneakers are not only super comfy (seriously, I wore them all over Europe last year), but they are stylish, as well. It’s fun to be a tourist, but no sense in looking like one! My mom has them in red, and they just released this daring chambray color. I’m sooooo tempted. (Remember to size down half for a more comfortable fit!)

Utility Jacket | Striped Tee | Jeans | Sneakers | Crossbody Bag | Sunglasses | Similar Necklace

This black shirtdress sold out in a hot-minute, but it’s back in black…and red!

Shirtdress | Necklace | Tassel-Tie Shoes

This embroidered clutch adds so much fun and personality to so many outfits, but it can’t seem to stay in stock for long. As of the moment I pressed ‘publish’ on this post though, it was restocked!! #fingerscrossed And these are the cropped pants mom now owns in 2 solids and 1 pattern!

Fit Tip: She wears a 4P in the pants, and I wear a regular 0.

Tie-Back Sweater | Gingham Pants | Embroidered Clutch | Platform Espadrilles

This color block fit-and-flare was another popular dress from a recent Dressing Room Diaries, and it’s now back in both this combo, and a cute navy and pink version. You can see how it looked on Mama Sugarplum here.

Color-Blocked Dress

And lastly, I know this is a totally random restock alert…especially considering Summer is on the way…but these amazing over-the-knee boots are back in all colors and sizes, and can’t be missed for under $100. Seriously, you’ll thank me next Fall! Read my full review of them here.

OTK Boots | Jeans | Deer Print Bag (use code SUGARPLUM10 for 10% off!) | Necklace | Moto Jacket | Favorite Cami Tank | Over the Knee Boots | Pendant Necklace | Sunglasses | Clutch | Hoop Earrings


TWO // Y’all, look at my sweet boy. Who’s really not a boy at all, but a true young man, a gentleman. He grows and changes a little bit everyday, and it’s scary, and exciting, and heart-breaking all at the same time. But I could not be more proud to be his mother!! And watching how funny and considerate he is with his darling girlfriend makes me even more proud. These pics were from their Sadie Hawkins dance a few weeks ago…aren’t they just the cutest?!


THREE // In a big #pinchme moment, I made a guest appearance on John and Sherry’s very fun, very entertaining podcast! We chatted about being bold and colorful in design, and I tried with all my might to sound like I knew what I was talking about! Well, I guess I know a thing or two about colorful design, but talking about it is a whole other thing! And why is it so hard listening to your own voice?!

In true Young House Love style, the podcast is really well done, and all the episodes are excellent listens. Check out No. 43 to hear me babbling (I start around the 15-minute mark)!


FOUR // Bauble Bar has quickly become one of my favorites for statement earrings and necklaces…they just add so much to an outfit (see what I mean here and here). Did you know they now have an affordable line at Target now, too?!?! Sugarfix by Bauble Bar has so many great, affordable pieces! (Update: Bauble Bar is having a 50% flash sale on some best sellers!)


FIVE // This picture makes me so happy…I love these people, and their sweet relationship!! We were celebrating Little Miss’s birthday…but I also caved and gave Mama SP her Mother’s Day gift early! If you follow me on Instagram, then you heard her squealing on my Story over her new palm print monogrammed bag. (And yes, I used code SUGARPLUM10 for 10% off her gift!!) #noshame


SIX // Mr. Sugarplum and I will celebrate 20-years of marriage next Summer. (Although, I was so mad at him last week, that mile marker was questionable! #kidding #kindof ) So of course that means I’m already scheming a trip…and I want it to be a reeeealllly good one. Like 20th anniversary good!

After following along with my friends Ashley and Jared’s honeymoon, I pretty much decided it needed to be French Polynesia! And thankfully, she’s not only blogging all the gorgeous pics, but sharing tips on how to go semi-affordably!!


SEVEN // Speaking of trips….we’re heading out for another amazing experience with our friends at Princess Cruises!! I can’t even believe it, and have no idea how we finagled another invitation. And this time it’s Scandinavia and Russia!!!! #saywhaaaaaat I know our past Trip Reports have been helpful to many of you (seriously, half the emails I get are about those cruises!), so I can’t wait to share these ports! We fly to Copenhagen, Denmark this Friday, and board the Regal Princess Sunday afternoon!!

This is the longest cruise we’ve taken, so I’m a little anxious about being on the ship (and away from home) so long…so I’d love any tips from you seasoned cruisers!! This trip will take us to Berlin, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo…yep, seven countries in 12 days!! I’m super excited about every single stop, but honestly don’t know much about any of them. I’d love to hear your recommendations!


EIGHT // I can’t talk about a cruise without talking about what to wear, right?! It’s actually pretty chilly in Scandinavia right now, so it’s going to be a different bag than the one I packed to the Mediterranean last year. But one thing remains the same…dinner dresses! I love to wear a gorgeous maxi for formal night, and so far I’ve tried these….do you have a favorite? I also ordered this flowy pink and white midi…I think it’s a strong contender! Especially since it’s on sale!

Blue & White Floral (size 0P)

Off-the-Shoulder Maxi (size 0P)

Watercolor Halter Maxi (size 2P)


NINE // Finally, a few items I’ve featured lately are now on super-sale, starting with this colorful pom-pom clutch and pink cold-shoulder dress.

Favorite Tee | Gingham Shirt | White Jeans | Pom Pom Clutch | Wedges | Leopard Belt | Sunglasses | Necklace | Hoop Earrings

Cold Shoulder Dress | Striped Version


TEN // My OCD won’t allow me to end the post with only nine, so I’m throwing these new arrivals in pink…because they’re just so cute!!!

What’s rambling through your head these days? I’d love to hear what’s going on in your world!



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  1. You really styled your sneakers well with your outfit. It’s such a casual, cute look.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  2. Shay Shull wrote:

    I’m so excited about your upcoming trip! I’ve done that cruise and it goes down as one of my VERY favorites!!

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  3. Sharon wrote:

    I cannot wait to hear about that cruise…. that itinerary is at the top of my list!

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  4. nichole wrote:

    I am soooo jealous of your cruise! I was a Russian Studies minor in college and St. Petersburg is on my must visit list.

    As far as dresses you need to take that blue and white maxi dress with the belt. It looks stunning on you!

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  5. Heather wrote:

    I spent a summer in St. Petersburg, you’ll love it! Here are some of the must-see’s (and one outside Petersburg that is absolutely stunning if you have the time:
    1. The Hermitage – even if you’re not that into art, the palace itself is a treasure.
    2. St. Isaac’s Cathedral – Bombed during WWII and survived, this cathedral still shows shrapnel wounds on the exterior. This cathedral has exquisite mosaics inside.
    3. Summer Garden – Not far from the Hermitage, this beautiful sculpture garden was free when I was there and is definitely worth a stroll.
    4. Marinskii Theater – World famous for its ballet, it also hosts operatic performances.
    5. Petrodvorets (Peterhof) – Peter’s Castle. This was Peter the Great’s & Catherine the Great’s home. This is about an hour outside Petersburg and there are bus and boat tours that can take you here. The garden fountains – entirely gravity fed – are an engineering wonder for their time. The gardens are beautiful and the palace is simply stunning. Well worth a visit (seriously, it’s unbelievable).

    Have fun! The cruise sounds amazing!

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
    • Marilyn wrote:

      Also near St. Petersburg, the Catherine Palace and Peterhof. They are both magnificent. Dont miss the Hermitage. Those three plus the Church on the Spilt Blood are my most memorable places. I could list many more!!!

      Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  6. kathy wrote:

    I’m excited about your trip, too! I don’t know much about that part of the world either, but I know you’ll have the best time:)

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  7. Sharon wrote:

    What an exciting trip! Can’t wait to see your report! We may be doing a mission trip to Moldova next year and plan to see Russia that way. As far as your anniversary trip, check Costco! We looked at going to Bora Bora for our 20th (but we are going to Santorini instead- eek!) through them and it was super reasonable! Like flights from LA, overwater bungalow at Intercontinental on the private island all included for much less than I thought. We’ve traveled with Costco on family trips and everything is top notch. I don’t work for Costco, btw, but they have very reasonable trips that all nicely done.

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  8. Macon wrote:

    Love the blue & white maxi dress! Have a wonderful trip!

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  9. angi wrote:

    Bali shamali….where you MUST go is the EXUMAS! You will NOT be sorry. Girl…I’m talking the most beautiful ocean topography in the entire world! PS I’m so getting the jean shorts from yesterday! I’m a cut off kind of girl! #abercrombieFITnessapproved.

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  10. Christina wrote:

    What an exciting trip you are going on! Take the blue and white maxi…it’s stunning. And I wish that first dress would come back in stock. It’s adorable.

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  11. Kylie wrote:

    I love this kind of post, with little bits of style and reading about your life. Can’t even wait to see your upcoming travels! How fun!

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  12. I’m so excited about your trip! What a dream–thank you for letting all of us follow along. And I can’t wait to check out the post on FP. That’s on our bucket list and sounds like a perfect way to celebrate 20 years!

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  13. Rachel Steck wrote:

    Love your style!
    My husband and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this September. We’re going to Walt Disney World for a week so I guess you could say that we also will be visiting many countries…via Epcot.
    Have a great time – I’ll be thinking about you this weekend – safe travels!

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  14. Holly wrote:

    Hi Cassie! I am so excited to see pictures from your cruise and read your trip reports! I love your style and decorating posts, but I think the trip reports might be at the top of my list. A friend and I are going to Belgium and Paris over Thanksgiving this fall and we’ve definitely already used your old trip reports as a resource for our planning (we have our Paris hotel options narrowed down to the one one y’all stayed in and 2 others) ! Have a great time on this trip!

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  15. Such a fun post!!! Bon voyage!

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  16. Lindsey wrote:

    So excited to follow along on your cruise trip. My husband and I are actually sitting in Copenhagen right now! We live in DC, flew here last Tuesday, spent 5 days in Malmo and southern Sweden, have been here since Sunday and head to Hamburg on Friday. A little tip – its cold here! Their 50* isn’t the same as ours. And it’s quite windy! I would at the least bring a scarf, and a warm one, not just a fashion one. People are in stocking hats, winter coats, gloves… and it’s rained at least a little every day. Plus, at least here, most of the streets are cobblestones, so bring comfy shoes. We went to the Design Museum today, and you should totally go if you have time, it was really cool. Good luck packing and safe travels!

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  17. Priscilla wrote:

    My daughter and I were in Berlin this past summer, for five days. So much history. The T.V. tower will give you great views of the city, buy tickets ahead of time. The Brandenburg Gate is impressive. The Reichstag is a must. Skip checkpoint Charlie. They have turned it into a total tourist trap.

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  18. Pamela wrote:

    I love the blue and white maxi dress on you. So pretty. Hope you enjoy your trip. Can’t wait for the details.

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  19. Tammy wrote:

    Blue and white dress for the win! The third one is lovely, but if memory serves me well, its the same cut as last year’s maxi dress winner.

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  20. Barbara Feldman wrote:

    My husband and I are also celebrating 20 years next year and looking for trip options. Have you ever experienced a river cruise?

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  21. jillian wrote:

    omg girl im SO jealous of your upcoming trip!!!!! have the BEST time. xo

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  22. Katie Nelson wrote:

    Ahhhh…so jealous of your upcoming trip! I have traveled a lot, both for work and personally (Studied abroad in Europe in college and have traveled extensively for work, including Australia a few times), and Berlin is hands down one of my favorite cities. I highly recommend a bike tour (we use fat tire bike tours), and just sitting and dining/drinking al fresco! Have so much fun!!!

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  23. Kara wrote:

    The blue and white maxi for sure! I don’t think I’m a cruise person, but I could probably have my arm twisted to go on that cruise. I’m just itching to go to all of those locations!

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  24. Erin wrote:

    Have so much fun on your cruise! My inlaws did that one and loved it! I love the young house love podcast so I was delighted to hear you were on! Such fun!!!! Xoxo Erin

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  25. Can’t wait to live vicariously through you on your trip! And that young love is the sweetest! I can’t believe how much he’s grown since we first met!

    Posted 4.25.17 Reply
  26. So fun about the podcast! How did I not know this? In the future, tell me ALL THE THINGS.

    Posted 4.26.17 Reply
  27. Alison wrote:

    We are doing the same cruise in June so I am eagerly awaiting your trip report Cassie. Have a wonderful time!

    Posted 4.26.17 Reply
  28. Lori S H wrote:

    I love the blue and white maxi on you!! I can’t wait to see your trip report! Your photos are the best!

    Posted 4.26.17 Reply
  29. Nilda wrote:

    The Baltic is one of my favorite cruises. All the above suggestions for St Petersburg, Russia is on point. You need a visa if you go on your own, but there’s no need for visa if you joined the cruises ex-shore. The ship will take care of that. In Tallinn, the port is a walking distance to the old town. Enjoy your cruise, you’ll love it.

    Posted 4.26.17 Reply
  30. Ashley wrote:

    Love your blog! We honeymooned in Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora a few years ago, you won’t regret it! I shared my travel tips on my blog if you would like to see!

    Posted 4.27.17 Reply
  31. Janneke wrote:

    Cheers from Oslo! There are many things you can see here. The new operahouse is beautiful, situated right by the water. You can even walk on top of it, it’s really a part of the city geography. If you are interested in history, there are some great museums at Bygdøy, covering Norway’s arctic explorations and maritime history. From there is also a Nice view of the city. I can also recomend a stroll along Akerselven, the river flowing through the city, less touristy and more authentic. Give me a shoutout if you would like a tour:-)

    Posted 4.28.17 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thank you so much for the awesome tips! Oslo is our first stop and I can hardly wait! xo

      Posted 4.29.17 Reply
  32. Joan wrote:

    Hi Cassie! We lived in Copenhagen a few years ago, and traveled to Stockholm a few times. My tips for Copenhagen–rent a bike. You will get everywhere you want to go that way. I don’t know what your hotel plans are but the Radisson Blu (Arne Jacobsen design–Egg chair dude), and the Scandic Palace are fantastic and best locations. Don’t miss the Stroget (main shopping street), and Illums and Magasin department stores for great design (in addition to the Design Museum). The Rosenborg palace tour is great, and the adjacent park is nice to pack a picnic lunch and drink. Danes like to drink. If you can make your way to Fredricksborg Palace by train you won’t be disappointed. In Stockholm, take a boat to Drottningholm Palace if you have more than one day there. The grounds are unbelievable. If not, I think Stockholm is most fun just walking around and enjoying the cafes. The views around Gamla Stan, Oostermalm, Sodermalm and Djurgarden are wonderful. You can either take the many ferries or walk around to see everything. So jealous, and sorry for the rambling.

    Posted 4.28.17 Reply
  33. Joan wrote:

    Hi again….I just noticed you’ll be in Copenhagen for about a day? If you just want to meander, here are my recommendations:
    Botanical Gardens near Norreport station are lovely. It’s close to Rosenborg Slot.
    Their ice cream is seriously good.
    Shopping: there are a ton of shops with killer classic mid-century furniture (both new and vintage) and cute clothing boutiques around the Stroget, Kongens Nytorv, and Nyhavn. Danes love design, and there is no shortage of inspiration.
    Rundetaarn is a must–along the Stroget.
    There’s also a lovely restaurant in a church on Nicolaj Plads.
    Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is a great museum with a ton of Rodin and huge Egyptian section with a real mummy.
    Generally in Copenhagen the food is great, just be prepared for the price. Not much is a bargain there.
    Danes speak perfect English, but I noticed they appreciate if you ask if they mind speaking English to you before starting a conversation.
    They don’t tip per se. But leaving your left over coins on the table is common.

    Posted 4.29.17 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      These are amazing tips…and I’ll definitely refer to them!! We’re actually staying over a couple of days in Copenhagen once the cruise disembarks, so these will be so helpful! Thank you!

      Posted 4.29.17 Reply
  34. CB wrote:

    Loved the style!

    And it’s so refreshing to see someone so open about their mental illness – especially something as misunderstood as obsessive compulsive disorder. Brava for your bravery! Take care of yourself!

    Posted 6.14.17 Reply