Powder Bath | The Progress

Welcome back to Week Two of the Powder Bath makeover. This week is all about progress, and sadly I don’t have as much as I’d hoped, and I’ve even got a minor hiccup.

As you recall, I’m taking part in FrogTapes’s Paintover Challenge…where six bloggers are given three weeks and $1000 to completely make over a space. And of course I had to make it harder on myself by taking a two-week trip in the middle of it! Oh yeah, plus they assigned us each a 2017 Design Trend to incorporate into our rooms! I got lucky and drew ‘Modern Morphing’, which essentially includes bold or statement walls. Hello?!?! That’s perfect for me.

I immediately knew I’d be painting the ceiling a fun accent color, and everyone knows the ceiling is the fifth wall, right?! Okay, now that I’ve got that part figured out, let’s look at progress and plans. First up…ripping out the floating cabinet over the potty. It was really dated, and wasn’t housing anything relevant to the bathroom anyway…so down it came. Uncovering some sweeeeet wallpaper underneath! I love this part!

Sidenote: I’m well-aware that someday, some future homeowner will discover my wallpaper, and likely have a good laugh! Isn’t that fun to think about though?! 

Now the new wallpaper will have a full, unobstructed wall!

The ceiling and baseboards are getting painted, so we prepped the room with none other than FrogTape® Multi-Surface. It will protect the floors, and allow us to get a clean, sharp line with it’s PaintBlock® Technology.

We also used it to determine the placement of the mirror and sconces, and then my amazing contractor removed the old light, and wired the wall for two new sconces!

Sugarplum Tip: I’ve been known to tape off an entire room with FrogTape Delicate Surface to test out potential rug sizes, and furniture placement! 

We considered painting the baseboards the same bright color as the ceiling, but I think white looks so crisp and pretty against the paper and dark floors. But as you can see, they definitely need a fresh coat (and a good scrubbing!). #thatsembarrassing

Next up, we patched the old holes, and sanded out any rough patches so the paper would lay smooth. Or smoothly. Which is it?

I actually ordered the wallpaper sight unseen (due to that whole deadline business!!), and was so relieved to find I love it even more in person!! #whew I used it for paint inspiration…looks like these from Sherwin Williams are my winners.

And that little hiccup I mentioned? The mirror and sconces arrived…and I’m obsessed with them both! I mean, check out these sconces…and you won’t believe the price. But sadly, the sconces don’t fit the space (it’s the teeniest-tiniest room!), and the finishes don’t mesh very well. #wompwomp

Now I’m scrambling to find replacement sconces, and still stay within budget! And paint the ceiling and baseboards. And get the wallpaper hung. Then style the space. Oh yeah, and photograph it!! All in the next week! But this isn’t my first rodeo, so I’m not tooooo terribly worried. Okay, maybe a little worried.

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  1. The sconces are lovely. They definitely add a bit of flair to the powder bath, shame they don’t fit.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Posted 5.9.17 Reply
  2. angi wrote:

    You never cease to amaze me! Love the light fixtures! #abercrombieandfitnessapproved!
    Flare and confidence seep through your pores! http://www.abercrombieandfitness.wordpress.com
    Love you

    Posted 5.9.17 Reply
  3. jillian wrote:

    that wallpaper is so pretty!! i cant wait to see the finished space. xo jillian

    Posted 5.9.17 Reply
  4. Love the girly wallpaper! Ready, set.. go! You got this! laura

    Posted 5.9.17 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thanks for the vote of confidence, Laura!!

      Posted 5.10.17 Reply
  5. Andrea in MN wrote:

    I just ADORE how you keep us so entertained even while cruising the Baltic (or wherever you are)! What fun! Take Care.

    Posted 5.9.17 Reply
  6. Theresa wrote:

    Love following your journey…….I have never heard a powder room referred to as a powder bath. Is that a southern thing?

    Posted 5.9.17 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      I guess technically it’s a Powder Room, since there’s not an actual bathtub or shower in it, but there is a sink, so technically you could wash up! 😉

      Posted 5.10.17 Reply
  7. Ashlyn wrote:

    WOW!!! I am obessed with that wallpaper and the colors you choose! Can’t wait to see!

    Posted 5.9.17 Reply
  8. Vee wrote:

    I’m loving this room. I cannot wait to see how it turns out. I too use the tape to tape off surfaces to see if something will work.

    Posted 5.9.17 Reply
  9. Julie wrote:

    I love this mirror! When I push the link it takes me to Wayfair’s general bathroom mirror page with 16,000 results 🙁 Its PERFECT for my tiny powder room!

    Any chance of posting the link again to the exact mirror?

    Thanks! Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

    Posted 6.4.18 Reply