{Pool Bathroom} More Progress, More Problems

Hello and Happy MLK Monday! Do any of you lucky ducks have the day off? Never mind, I don’t want to know because I don’t! But if I did, I’d surely be home depleting my hot water tank in this lovely new shower, that now has a door!


As you can see, the boys didn’t waste any time trying it out, as the ‘man products’ have already taken up residence. Before you start whining that you can’t really see the door, I challenge you take a picture of glass. Oh, and in a room where you can get only 4-feet away from it!!


It is tiny little bathroom, but having the frameless door and white tile has opened it up tremendously. I love it. Love it, love it, love it. And I looooove the turquoise ceiling! If you can’t have fun in a small, secondary room like this, where can you?!


As I teased in the lacquer post, we decided on dark navy walls and trim. It’s Sherwin Williams Naval, but I had them darken it about 25%. I wanted it to be somewhere between navy and black, on the inky side. And the finish is a super high gloss…hence the hot spots in all the pictures! I had to open the outside doors to get enough light for you to see.

This door leads to the backyard.

Oooooh, so rich and yummy. We call this the Pool Bathroom because it’s right off the backyard pool. I didn’t realize at the time we bought the house, but this is a huge bonus, as it keeps dripping wet people from traipsing through your house in search of a bathroom! The dark walls are a nice break after the bright intensity of the sun. It’s like being inside a cocoon.

This door leads to the rest of the house on the left, and garage on the right.

Here’s a peek inside from the backyard, looking past the door we distressed last year. You may be asking yourself why I’d paint the trim and baseboards the same as the wall color, but leave the doors white? That’s because I’m not sure if I want them navy, or another color…so I’m working on some mock-ups and will get your choice later this week.


The light fixture (this one from Overstock, hence my barrage of enticing emails!) was installed. It came with blue shades, but I’m still on the fence about them, as well as the pewter finish. I’ll wait until things start to come together before hitting it with some Rub ‘n Buff.


Everything is looking pretty good, right? Some great progress. But the title of this post indicates more. I can’t bring myself to get into the problems today, so I’ll ride the high of this progress a little while longer. What do you think so far? Did the navy have you skerred?

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