{Pinterest Project} Pom Pom Coasters & a Party Announcement

{Pinterest Project} is a series where I actually make something I’ve pinned, usually putting my own spin on it. So far, Pinterest hasn’t let me down with all the amazing ideas. Today’s project originated from this pin, sold by Dransfield & Ross.

Super cute Pom Pom Cocktail Napkins, for the very un-cute price of $48 for a set of four. I’m sorry, but this girl doesn’t pay $12 for a napkin…even if it is pom-pommed (my weakness). I’m sure they are very well made, and Oprah probably uses them for her morning coffee, but I like the challenge of creating something for a wee-bit less! Or $45 less, in this case!


The supplies are simple and cheap:
  • Sturdy fabric like duck cloth or twill
  • Coordinating pom pom trim
  • Fabric glue 
  • Scissors


My coasters are 4-inches squared, so I only needed one-eighth yard of fabric for each color. Cut the fabric into squares and iron smooth.


Glue strips of trim to each edge with a generous layer of fabric glue. Even though the sides are 4-inches, I used about 20-inches of trim per coaster, after cutting out the best sections for each side.


Each strip of fabric makes about eight coasters, so I kind of got carried away. The hardest part was narrowing down my options from all the bright fabric and trim colors!


I mean really…how cute are these?! They’d add so much color to a tablescape, too.


Not to mention they’re the perfect little gift.


This project got me thinking (scary, right?). Big room makeovers and furniture before & afters are always great, but most of us barely have time to do the laundry. My favorite kind of projects are the ones I can complete when the rare hour of free-time rolls around. Quick and easy is how I like it, and if it’s cheap, too, even better! TWSS (Like this one, this one, and fo sho this one.)

I think most of us feel the same way, so I’m having a party next Thursday, and I’d love for you to come link up the projects you’ve done “In About an Hour.” I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to…with football season around the corner, I need fun projects to keep me busy on Sunday afternoons!

about an hour link button
This can be new projects you post next Thursday, August 16, and any others you’ve done before…as long as we can git ‘er done….all together now…“In About an Hour!” Think you’ll join the fun? Those of you without a blog (all 7 of you) will hopefully find oodles of new inspiration, too!

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  1. Precious!

    Posted 8.9.12 Reply
  2. CaseyinTO wrote:

    In about an hour?? It takes me that long to realized I screwed up and I need to restart! haha.

    These are adorbs. Do you remember socks with a pompom on the back?

    Posted 8.9.12 Reply
  3. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Love the coasters! Can't wait to see all the one hour projects.

    Posted 8.9.12 Reply
  4. Melissa wrote:

    Love this idea. What was the length purchased for each color of the pompom trim?

    Posted 8.9.12 Reply
  5. Beth wrote:

    Cute idea and something a non crafty/non sewer like me could pull off.

    Thanks for the shout out to the 7 of us who don't have blogs! <3

    Posted 8.9.12 Reply
  6. Those so cute and fun. I know my tot would love to have a few to set down her sippy cups. 🙂

    I'd love to join your party. I hope I can find something from my boards and re-create it!

    Posted 8.9.12 Reply
  7. In about an hour – you know I'm in! Me likes pom poms!

    Posted 8.9.12 Reply
  8. LOVE those coasters. I too am a pom pom trim addict 🙂
    Sounds like my kind of party, can't wait to link up!

    Posted 8.9.12 Reply
  9. Such a cute linky party idea! I should be able to swing an under an hour project 😉

    Posted 8.9.12 Reply
  10. Okay…these turned out adorable! I am definitely going to have to try this. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 8.10.12 Reply
  11. Completely adorable. I'm just imagining all the fun parties these would be perfect for!!

    Posted 8.10.12 Reply
  12. poms- completely adorable! I'm grabbing your button- great party idea!

    Posted 8.10.12 Reply
  13. Love these! They are so fun xx

    Posted 8.10.12 Reply