{Outfit Inspiration} Mixed Prints

Wow — thanks for all the fabulous suggestions and opinions on the Mirror/Mantel debate yesterday! However, you were so split that I’m not sure I’m any closer to deciding! I’ve got an idea and hope to share it with you soon, though.

Until then, let’s talk turkey fashion. I love combining unexpected colors, but even more, I love combining prints!

Picnik collage

The days of matchy-matchy are long gone, and I always find myself drawn to rooms with a large mix of patterns. Layering prints makes a room vibrant and energetic, and adds more levels of interest.






The same principles of mixing prints in decor, apply to fashion.

1) Mix patterns that are on different scales so they don’t become visually lost in each other, like the small check and large floral.
2) Keep the colors and intensity similar. The pink in my shirt and skirt are the same, therefore unifying the two.
3) Limit the number of prints to keep the whole thing from becoming a hot mess! I paired only two prints, and left the shoes and accessories neutral.

Picnik collage

I could have easily paired this skirt with any number of solid color tops, but the check kicks the outfit up a notch, don’t you think?

checks florals3

People often tell me, “I wish I could wear those mixed colors and prints!” My answer is always, “You can!” If you like them on other people, why wouldn’t you like them on yourself? I started with babysteps, mixing patterns in neutral colors. Now my problem is going too far (I’m itching to try this combo with a striped sweater!).

checks florals2

Here’s a little peek behind the scenes of the outfit photo sessions….Mr. Sugarplum usually snaps them as we’re running (late) out the door for work and school. I’m lucky if I get 3 shots in before someone runs in front of the camera, or my son lays on honks the horn….thus why you get the same lame poses every time!


So what do you think about mixing patterns…in decor and your closet? Do you take chances or play it safe?

checks and floral

{Outfit Details: Top: Mossimo Target; Skirt: F21; Cage Wedges: Jessica Simpson; Jewels: F21 & JCrew}

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  1. RedusRN wrote:

    I love love your outfit! It's exactly how I love to dress…and I'm always wanting to add a striped cardigan, (I have like 6)!! You look hot!!! Love your accessories too! Great job!

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  2. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Love the outfit! Super fun. And, love the inspiration pictures.

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  3. Natalie wrote:

    Love it! You look fabulous as always! Funny I would never think to pair plaid and floral together for me but I loves it! Especially love that blue bedroom!

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  4. Andrea wrote:

    Very unexpected combo for an outfit and you totally pull it off! You are too cute. Is this shirt a recent Target purchase or have you had it for a while? I'm a sucker for gingham shirts.

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  5. Leslie wrote:

    I love that top! And did it really come from Target?! I think I'll have to own that soon. 🙂

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  6. Amanda wrote:

    ahhhh-dorable as always!! Love all the inspiration pics as well!

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  7. Love the idea of combining the two, for myself I'd have to work on it, love the shirt too!
    I'll be back to see your idea with the mirror and fireplace!

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  8. genelle wrote:

    You look great!
    If only I was that brave, I might look half as good 🙂

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  9. Love this!!

    Those are 2 fantastic pieces and even better paired together!

    Those interiors are great as well!

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  10. My gorgeous girl, love your outfit! And look at that pretty Texas hair!
    This whole ensemble is very Blair de AP!

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  11. How beautiful are you. Love the whole thing. And our little ones have matching shoes!

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  12. LOVE this outfit…you are SO SO chic! I want a blouse like this…it's really so versatile! 🙂

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  13. Found you through wiww.. loveloveloveing this look!! That top is fantastic! I've never mixed prints, I'm way too chicken!

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  14. Oh you look fab! Love the prints!! I need to be more bold clashing prints!! xo

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  15. You're outfit works so well together, and so does the rooms in the photo's. I have never thought of plaids with floral, but I love it. You look great in it, and I love all he pic's.

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  16. love it! i love mixing prints too – especially when there's a floral involved 🙂

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  17. i love this look! i love mixing prints too. I tottally think you should add the striped sweater to the mix 🙂

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  18. Tracy K wrote:

    I love mixing in home decor! I am one of those people that would say "I wish I could do that" when it comes to personal fashion only because I have no where fun to go. I'm a Jen Aniston type of girl. Cool, casual neutrals for me.

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  19. I love mixing! Thanks for the post!

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  20. jandjhome wrote:

    You are too cute. I don't think I'm bold enough to mix patterns, but I do love it on you.

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
    • I loved the look! it was super feminine! I fell in love with this mixture of prints. Are you a personal stylist?

      Posted 6.29.20 Reply
  21. seriously?! The skirt is from F21? You always have good finds! I feel so wrong shopping in the same store as teeny boppers 🙁

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  22. Checks and floral, duh! Why didn't I think of that??? It's like caramel and popcorn…a little sweet, a little sassy and always fabulous (c: I need to get my happy booty to Tar-jay for some shirt shopping!

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  23. You look so dang cute! I do like mixing prints, but I'm not quite that brave, maybe if I were a year or ten 🙂 younger! I'll try your idea of mixing neutral patterns!

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  24. shannon wrote:

    So, I just jumped on the Target website to grab that shirt {and the purple one!} thanks for letting us know where it came from—I love it! And you look great in it!

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  25. Love, love, love this outfit! You rock colour and pattern better than anyone, Cassie.

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  26. Love your look!!! Like a hip 50's commercial.xx

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  27. You are too cute! Can you come to my closet and pick out some outfits for me??!!

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  28. you are the cutest! love this shot of you… i feel like we just took our relationship to a whole new level. 🙂

    Posted 9.24.11 Reply
  29. Michaela wrote:

    Adorable as always (: Loving the checks and floral! My favorite combos are the geometric and organic mixes (:

    Posted 9.25.11 Reply
  30. emily wrote:

    Love that pattern combo! And I can't believe that top is from Target. I have a similar one (in burnt orange from J Crew) that I love. And as always, you look fantastic!

    Posted 9.26.11 Reply
  31. I'm loving that shirt but can't find it on the website! 🙁 You are adorable as always!

    Posted 10.16.11 Reply
  32. Seriously love mixing patterns! You look amazing! So glad I just came across your blog!


    Posted 11.30.12 Reply