{Outfit Inspiration} Leggings & Patterned Tights

Texas tends to straddle seasons for a few months, with Mother Nature unsure if she wants to be hot or cold. I’m not a fan of having to check the weather every day before getting dressed, and having my closet in constant transition. But Winter has finally arrived, and brought consistent chilly temperatures with her. Which means sweaters, boots, scarves and tights! You know I’m a fan of the skirt, and that doesn’t change this time of year, thanks to colorful and patterned tights.

When the folks at No nonsense tights and leggings contacted me about trying their new and improved line, I was skeptical. I figured tights available at the drugstore aren’t the best quality…but they proved me wrong! Not only do these herringbone tights add another layer of texture to my outfit, but they didn’t slip, bunch or gather one time all day. I have $20 tights that give me elephant ankles by noon…but these affordable No nonsense tights stay put! They are comfortable, and thick enough to provide some warmth to my bare legs, too.


{Outfit details: Shirt: Nordstrom (similar) | Sweater: J.Crew | Necklaces: F21 | Bracelets: J.Crew & Francescas | Skirt: Old Navy (similar) | Shoes: Steve Madden}

To show how an outfit can easily transition from work to weekend, I swapped the skirt and tights for leggings and boots. And truthfully, I never wear leggings….I’ve just never found a pair that didn’t leave me feeling like all my business was on display. But the No nonsense Great Shapes Leggings are constructed of thick cotton and a hefty dose of spandex (but there’s no sheen), which make them feel almost like jeggings. A wide tummy-slimming waistband feels as strong as Spanx, too.

{Outfit details: Same as above, but added Gray Sweater: Francescas (similar) | Riding Boots: Target (similar)}

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  1. Hi, Cassie! So cute with the leggings! You look great! xo Kristin

    Posted 1.16.13 Reply
  2. Rhonda wrote:

    Stop it with the cuteness! Love the entire outfit… Those shoes would have my dogs barking by noon.

    Posted 1.16.13 Reply
  3. Oh yes, I love tights and leggings (under long shirts/dresses/etc.). I'm also a huge fan of funky patterned tights. Sometimes I get weird looks at the office, but I don't care! I'm gonna rock those suckers.

    I'm interested in these new leggings you speak of, because most of the time, they lose their shape, are too transparent, or the waistband is too loose.

    Posted 1.16.13 Reply
  4. You look adorable in leggings…! You must have taken these pics before our cold front came in. Love the hot pink too:)

    Posted 1.16.13 Reply
  5. I love this change from work wear to casual wear. Love that sweater over the plaid shirt – so cute!

    Posted 1.16.13 Reply
  6. You should wear leggings more often!

    Posted 1.16.13 Reply
  7. Elephant ankles…yes, I've suffered from that. You look great in both outfits!

    Posted 1.16.13 Reply
  8. The leggings and tights looks great!! I agree, wearing leggings sometimes makes me a little uncomfortable and I'm always trying to find a long top for them!

    Posted 1.16.13 Reply
  9. adorable!

    Posted 1.16.13 Reply
  10. that cardigan looks heavenly!! LOVING that striped top too lady!!


    Posted 1.16.13 Reply
  11. You look super cute! I'd love details on your hair and makeup routine…it always looks fab!!

    Posted 1.17.13 Reply
  12. Megan wrote:

    You are adorable as always! I heard it was snowing earlier this week!

    Posted 1.17.13 Reply
  13. You always look awesome.

    Posted 1.17.13 Reply
  14. I'm usually a dress/skirt lover, but that outfit is just too cute with the leggings and boots! Maybe it has to do with our frigid temperatures, but that one rings my bell (c;

    Posted 1.17.13 Reply
  15. Cheri wrote:

    I just ordered patterned leggings from The Detailed Decorator- anxiously waiting! Should be here today! YAY!

    Posted 1.17.13 Reply
  16. Looking hawt, girl! I just bought some chevron and polka dot tights from LOFT… such an easy way to snazz up an outfit!

    Posted 1.17.13 Reply
  17. emily wrote:

    Both of the outfits are so fun! I'm loving pink and burgundy together these days.

    Posted 1.18.13 Reply
  18. Will you be my BFF? You are so darling and the tights are awesome!

    Posted 1.18.13 Reply
  19. Lisa Mahan wrote:

    I love the coral and cranberry hearts so much that I would have to keep them for myself! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Posted 1.18.13 Reply
  20. Lisa Mahan wrote:

    Whoops! Wrong comment on wrong post! I love the look of the leggings with the boots. It looks great on you! But you always look cute 🙂

    Posted 1.18.13 Reply
  21. Tiffany wrote:

    Love this! Perfect timing as I just got some black riding boots (yes, I am behind the curve) and have been looking for leggings to wear with them. Thanks!

    Posted 1.20.13 Reply
  22. I just love your fashion posts. I always drag my husband over to the computer so he can see what you're wearing. You should do beauty posts more often, too. You're just so cute!

    Posted 1.23.13 Reply
  23. Jenna joe wrote:

    Patterned tights are in trend these days and they come into use during winters. They make the best winter wear. You look fabulous in these attires and the way you have dressed up with leggings is also praiseworthy.

    Posted 2.7.13 Reply
  24. 0s0-Pa wrote:

    You rock those shaping leggings! Don't forget to take advantage of the sales today on sights like NoNonsense.com!

    Posted 12.2.13 Reply