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Happy Monday, loves, and welcome back to a new week! We spent the weekend on the volleyball courts… which meant our mornings started with a big stack of protein pancakes. Prepared in my beloved Our Place Always Pan, of course!

It’s been almost six months since I bought my first Our Place Always Pan, and I thought I’d fill you in on how it’s going.

Spoiler Alert: We’re all still obsessed!

Not only have I donated every other skillet-type pan I owned, but I’ve added to my Our Place Always Pan collection! Now that it’s finally back in stock (!!!), I couldn’t wait to add a blue one for The Sugar Shack! (This pan sells out constantly… so I’m thrilled it’s back, and in new colors!)

Our Place Always Pan

Our Place Always Pan | Kitchen Sources HERE

Let’s back up, shall we? If you’re on social media, chances are you’ve heard of the Our Place Always Pan… it’s been literally everywhere for the last year. But that’s to be expected considering Oprah herself raves about it!

The Our Place Always Pan has already developed a cult following, and is praised by everyone from The New York Times to Food & Wine. And yes, by Oprah, too! At one point, it had a waitlist of over 30,000 people! So you can understand why I was influenced by the hype, and ordered it for myself.

Literally nothing sticks to it, and clean-up is such a breeze, I wouldn’t even call it cleaning! I’ve cooked everything from eggs and pancakes to veggies and steaks, and am blown away every time.

Even my kids continue to comment on the Our Place Always Pan when they cook with it. And if you have teenagers, you know that’s huge for them to even notice if a pan is new, let alone be impressed enough to say something! I was so impressed, I even gifted it to half my Christmas List!

And every single person I gifted continuously blows up my texts to rave about this pan. Even my sisters and step-mom, who are serious, for-real cooks, have nothing but the highest praises. Since I’m just a part-time Hello Fresh kind of cook, I was thrilled they felt the same!

Our Place Always Pan

Our Place Always Pan | Outfit HERE

So, why all the hype for the Our Place Always Pan?

Not only is it non-stick and non-toxic, but the Our Place Always Pan is basically 7 pieces of cookware in one… a skillet, non-stick pan, saucepan, fry pan, spatula rest, colander, and steamer. You can braise, sear, steam, strain, sauté, fry, boil, serve, and store with just the Always Pan.

Plus, it comes with a coordinating lid, wooden spatula, steamer basket, and colander. Oh yeah, even a special sponge that keeps it looking brand-new, even after the messiest meals!

It’s made of superior non-toxic, non-stick ceramic coating, without teflon, toxic metals, or potentially harmful materials, so you can feel good about cooking for your family in it. You also need less oil to prepare your food, so dishes are healthier! Flip your pancakes or fry an egg without ever having it stick to your pan… it’s genius!

I have found that some foods will stain the exterior of the pan, and since I love to keep mine on display, I’m just extra-careful and wipe spills off quickly.

Care tips for the Our Place Always Pan:

+ 1-2 tablespoons of oil or butter is more than enough to lightly coat the Always Pan’s entire surface. High smoke point oils are recommended… extra virgin olive, refined coconut, avocado, and peanut oils as well as ghee.

+ Avoid cooking on high heat, except for quick searing

+ Hand wash with warm soapy water to extend the life of the non-stick coating. It comes with a special sponge that cleans it with barely any elbow grease!

+ Use non-metal utensils to avoid damaging the coating (the pan comes with a wooden spatula).

Our Place Always Pan

Our Place Always Pan

Our Place Always Pan | Kitchen Sources HERE | Outfit HERE

Clearly I’m smitten… but can you blame me?! I actually look forward to cooking, and the Our Place Always Pan has eliminated the dread of clean-up, too!

Knowing I’m such a fan, they gave me a special code just for Hi Sugarplum peeps. Order yours now with code CASSIESUGARPLUM10 f0r 10% off! You can even grab a Dinner for 4 bundle at a discounted price HERE, which includes the Our Place Always Pan in the color of your choice, plus a set of four dinner plates, side bowls, and drinking glasses.

So tell me… are you part of the Our Place Always Pan fan club, too?!



*This post is created in collaboration with Our Place and ShopStyle, but all product selections, opinions, and pan-gushing are my own. Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors!*

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  1. Carolina Clipper wrote:

    Got it after hearing about it from you and love it! From one fellow “part-time Hello Fresh kind of cook”…thank you!

    Posted 3.15.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      You’re so welcome!!!

      Posted 3.15.21 Reply
  2. Sandy wrote:


    Posted 3.15.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      I pinch myself every time I’m in there!!! xo, C

      Posted 3.15.21 Reply
  3. Blair wrote:

    I am massive fan! I was just thinking tonight I would buy another one and throw away all the other pans I have. I have the blue too and I love it!!

    Posted 3.15.21 Reply
  4. mimi wrote:

    I love my Le Creuset and will be devoted to that.

    Posted 3.15.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Le Creuset is a fantastic brand, too! I use a similar one, Milo, for our stock pot. Our Place is more of a skillet. xo, C

      Posted 3.16.21 Reply
  5. C.B. wrote:

    First time I hear of it! Looks interesting……..really don’t like the name of it (doesn’t roll off the tongue that easily……maybe because I’m French) but it really doesn’t matter as long as it does all it’s supposed to. We just bought a new place and I now have a gas stove (you have no idea how excited we are to have graduated from the dreaded electric glass stove top) and I kinda have the itch to get new pots and pans…….maybe this will be the cheaper solution 🙂

    Posted 3.16.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      You can truly do SOOOO much of your cooking with just this one pan! And congrats on the gas stove, I know you will love it! xo, C

      Posted 3.16.21 Reply
  6. Addison wrote:

    As a food blogger, I think I NEED this pan!!! I literally cook 7 days a week, multiple meals a day. Thank you for the glowing review!

    Posted 3.16.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Oh my gosh, Addison, YES you do!!!!!!!! Minimal clean up, it will change your life! xo,C

      Posted 3.16.21 Reply
  7. Wendy wrote:

    Just bought one in HEAT. Can’t wait to get it, thanks for the review!!

    Posted 5.3.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      You will love it so much, Wendy!!! xo, C

      Posted 5.4.21 Reply