Our Home in BH&G Refresh!

Wowza, that weekend went fast! I guess the extra fun ones always do. We had a little staycation at one of our favorite local hotels this weekend to celebrate my son’s birthday, and I’m having a hard time facing reality after 24-hours of room service and housekeeping. Seriously, I am so good at being a lady-of-leisure…anyone have tips on how to make that my full-time gig?! #agirlcandream

But talk about a dream come true…the full house feature of our last home is finally out!! It’s the Fall 2015 issue of Refresh, a Better Homes & Gardens special publication. I knew it would be a lot of pictures since they sent me a ton for sourcing…but I had no idea it would be a whopping TEN PAGES!?

Hi Sugarplum | BHG Refresh Magazine Feature

And I’m thrilled they included the whole family! Many times I’m the one who gets singled out, but the truth is, I couldn’t complete projects, room makeovers, or blog posts without the support, encouragement, and help from these people! #youremyboyblue

Hi Sugarplum | BHG Refresh Magazine Feature
I’m wearing: Striped Top (similar) | White Jeans | Watch

Even Maggie got her 15-minutes!

Hi Sugarplum | Refresh Fall 2015

Sara Egge wrote a great article, focusing on the sentimentality of my blog’s origin and name (read my post about it here). It makes me miss my grandfather so much, but I know he would be bursting with pride over this whole experience! After all, it’s their things I inherited that make my home so interesting.

Sidenote: There were a few little errors in the article, but the funniest one was referring to my grandmother as ‘grandma.’ She would box my ears if I ever called her that! šŸ˜‰ 

Hi Sugarplum | BHG Refresh Magazine Feature

Hi Sugarplum | BHG Refresh Magazine Feature

Hi Sugarplum | BHG Refresh Magazine Feature

We are so grateful to the amazingly-talented photographers, stylists, and editors who made this happen, and made our home look magazine-worthy! This home holds 10 years of precious memories for our little family, and we’ll always treasure this tribute and keep it as a reminder of our kid’s early years.

And thanks to you…kind, supportive, enthusiastic, engaged readers! Without you, none of this would have happened!! #truth I appreciate every one of you, and the time you take to stop by here more than I can express.

To see the full story and feature, you can order an issue here, or find it at your local bookstore, Target, Home Depot and Lowes. If I get approval, I’d love to write a behind-the-scenes post for you! Feel free to leave any questions you have about the whole experience in the comments, and I’ll add them to the post. And just curious, what do you call your grandparents? Mine went by Nance and Poppoo.

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