Our Fave Buys from Brandless (the $3 Store!)

Thank you so much for the love on our Family Holiday Style yesterday! I’d planned on using pics from our anniversary trip to Kauai for our Christmas card this year, but now I think I need to mix in some of those. And expect to see a lot of that plaid skirt in the coming weeks, it’s just so cute!

Today we’re switching gears, and chatting about all things snacks. (Sounds fun, right?!) Earlier this year, we were introduced to the new online pantry source, Brandless, and it only took one order to hook us all!

To refresh your memory, Brandless is an online store selling a variety of items from food to clean beauty to household productsall for only $3 (or less!)! They offer non-GMO food, as well as certified organic, vegan, gluten-free and other specialty products!

Plus, they donate one meal to Feeding America for every order you place! Their mission is simple: Better everything, for everyone. And I think they nailed it!

Not only is it incredibly convenient to have all our pantry staples delivered directly to our door, but virtually everything we’ve tried is delicious and made with the highest quality standards and social ethics. Oh, and did I mention nothing is over $3?! #gamechanger

It’s no wonder our pantry has slowly been overcome by all things Brandless!

We all want to feed our family the best foods possible, but let’s face it…organic, all-natural food is expensive!! Making the change to organic can literally double your grocery bill. That’s where Brandless has filled the gap for our family.

I continue buying produce, dairy, and other fresh foods at my local grocery store every week, but all our pantry staples and cleaning supplies are ordered online from Brandless. Not only are they non-GMO, mostly organic, and sourced with social integrity, but they’re genuinely delicious and better than what we were used to eating. Plus, it’s saving us money since nothing is over $3! (I literally can’t get over that part!!)

In fact, many of the products have become family faves, and I now order them in bulk. It wasn’t easy to narrow them down, but after months of eating our way through their product inventory, these are our Brandless favorites.

Top 10 Picks from Brandless

Organic Pancake & Waffle Mix  //  Literally the best pancakes I’ve had at home! The mix is super easy to whip up, and the pancakes are light, fluffy, with a delicious flavor.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Thins  //  Wafer-thin and jam-packed with mini chocolate chips, these bite-size cookies are ridiculously addictive!

Organic Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips  //  Y’all know I take all things Mexican food very seriously, and would never recommend something that isn’t going to rock your taco night. These are so good we’ve stopped eating corn chips with our salsa!

Sea Salt Pretzel Thins  //  Yummy little pretzels, but in a thin, round shape. And with just a touch of sea salt, allowing the pretzel flavor to shine.

Sea Salt Pita Chips  //  My son eats a tub of hummus every day after school (I wish I were exaggerating!), and made me promise to never run out of these pita chips. They are thin and crispy, with just enough weight for scooping.

Organic Shells & Cheddar  //  Don’t judge, but my kids love boxed Mac & Cheese. I a little less guilty since it’s at least organic (and cheaper than the blue box!).

Mini Shortbread Cookies  //  Oh my word, these little buttery morsels are legit the best shortbread cookies I’ve ever had. If willpower isn’t your strong suit, it’s probably best you don’t order them!

Organic Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing  //  Salad is part of the menu almost every night at our house, and everyone reaches for this dressing. It’s thick and tangy and perfectly-balsamic. Plus, it’s organic and only $3!!!

Organic Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce  //  Heat and serve is all this pasta sauce needs, it’s so good straight out of the jar!

Organic Agave Nectar  //  This is a Mr. SP staple, he puts it on toast, in tea, and on yogurt and granola.

We also switched all our condiments like ketchup and mustard over to Brandless, and they taste exactly like name brands (but at a fraction of the cost!). The Taco Seasoning isn’t my favorite, and the trail mixes are smaller than expected (but still delicious).

And these aren’t foods, but are regular re-orders for us.

Organic Cotton Dish Towels  //  This towel is over-sized, thick, and super-absorbent. Plus, it’s cute. It’s a steal for $3, so I keep extras on-hand to line breadbaskets or wrap banana bread as a gift.

Silicone Spoons & Spatula  //  Perfect for non-stick cookware, these utensils are sturdy and the silicone is firm and holds up well in the dishwasher.

Multi-Surface Cleaner  //  I use this to wipe down counters, cabinets, tables, appliances…all the things. It’s non-toxic with a light, mild fragrance.

Eucalyptus & Lavender Hand Soap  //  The smell is so soothing, and it leaves your hands soft. It’s also got great lather and looks cute next to the kitchen or bathroom sink.

Body WashShampoo  //  The guys love these products for their mild smell and big lather.

Vitamins & Melatonin  //  Brandless has become our vitamin source too, since a 30-day supply is only $3. I especially love the Greens & Antioxidant blend for adding to smoothies, and the Melatonin is really effective.

And honestly, I’m just barely getting started with everything this online store offers (these are only our very faves)! They’re also constantly adding new products, so I add something new and fun to every order. The shipping is fast and free (if you spend $39), and since they donate to Feeding America with every order, you’re also doing good!

I love finding companies that are going the extra mile to be good and do good, all without breaking our budgets. I’m so passionate about this company and what they’re doing, I’m thrilled to offer a special discount for HSP readers so you can see for yourself.

Use code SUGARPLUM for $10 off your $50 order here! You’ll be shocked by how much you can get for that, and how much your overall grocery bill goes down when you add Brandless to your routine. So have you tried Brandless yet? What are your faves?


*This post is created in collaboration with Brandless, but I’ve been feeding my family with their products solely on my own for a year. All opinions, product selections, and cookie hoarding are my own. Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors.*


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  1. Misti m wrote:

    What are your thoughts on their coffee?

    Posted 11.29.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      It’s really good! the boxes are 6-count, so we go through them quickly. But even buying more, it’s still a good deal, especially for organic.

      Posted 11.29.18 Reply
  2. Jenny wrote:

    Love the organized pantry!! I’m a professional organizer and enjoyed the IG story you had with your organizer! Great post!

    Posted 11.29.18 Reply
  3. Wendy wrote:

    I love this nameless brand and order from them all of the time. So glad to see them getting some great exposure. I also love the white bins and name tags you have in your pantry. Would you mind sharing where you got them. Always looking for a new way to organize the kids snacks.

    Posted 11.29.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      The bins are from IKEA and the tags are the old Martha Stewart line at Staples.

      Posted 11.29.18 Reply
  4. Mindy wrote:

    Ohhhh emmmm geeeee how have I never heard of this????? I’m going to try today!!!!


    Posted 11.29.18 Reply
  5. I LOVE Brandless! I just discovered them a couple months ago. I have not tried any food products but their cleaning products are awesome! The tub and tile cleaner works great and it smells great too. I have ordered the glass cleaner and the toilet bowl cleaner this time (which I am excited about)! 🙂 I love the green tea and aloe body lotion as well as the day and night time lotions. I just placed an order this Monday with additional items I have not purchased before. (the panty liners, dish cloths, ice cream scoop, toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner, and the spice jars) I look forward to trying some of the food items you recommend in this post. btw, I love your blog….. your fashion, your family, your pics…. sigh….

    Posted 11.29.18 Reply
  6. Lori wrote:

    I found Brandless as we were outfitting our new condo, walking distance from AMI, I might add (but with less traffic)!
    It was the perfect way to buy so many things at a great price and much healthier/tastier/cheaper than the dollar store 😉
    Looking forward to trying more food items we haven’t experienced!

    Posted 11.29.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      A condo in AMI…..sigh!!! Brandless was the perfect idea to stock your pantry there!

      Posted 11.29.18 Reply
  7. Susan wrote:

    Just placed my first Brandless order! 🙌🏻
    I used your code & I ordered a lot of your suggested favorites, which sound like a lot of my favorites! 😁 Can’t wait to try!
    Thanks Cassie!

    Posted 11.29.18 Reply
  8. Susan wrote:

    Just placed my first Brandless order!🙌🏻
    I used your code & I ordered a lot of your favorites, which sound like a lot of my favorites! 😁
    Can’t wait to try them all!
    Thanks Cassie!

    Posted 11.29.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      I’m so glad you liked the post, and hope you adore this company like I do!! Let me know what you think of the products!!

      Posted 11.29.18 Reply
  9. Chantal wrote:

    Your pantry organization is so visually appealing. Would you consider doing a more detailed post about your pantry organization?

    Posted 11.30.18 Reply
  10. Michele M wrote:

    How timely. I started an order last week, but hadn’t finished it yet. I just saw this this morning and I’m so glad to get $10 off. Thank you!

    Posted 12.2.18 Reply