{One Way Ticket} Aspiring Kennedy’s Croatia!

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When Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy agreed to the {One Way Ticket} Series, I did a little happy dance. I mean, the girl is living in England and traveling through Europe practically every other weekend! So I’m super excited to see where she chose to go.
A one way ticket? What a mind blowing idea. I take these kind of things quite seriously (since you know, they are so realistic and all).

Many things have to be accounted for in making a decision this big: food, cost of living, scenery, ease of learning local folk dances. You know how it is.

Recently, I went on a cruise to Greece. Actually… We left the ship yesterday morning and we still haven’t flown home yet. So “recently” is a slight understatement. 24 hours later, and I still look three months pregnant with cruise food.

I loved Greece. It knocked my socks off. The history was amazing and the culture was fantastic…. But we also spent a day in Split, Croatia.

Holy moly.

It was amazing.

Croatia is an amazing blend of so many cultures. The morning market is perfumed with eastern European culture, the architecture is the remains of Roman emperors, and the scenery is the overlooked love child of the Alps and the Mediterranean.

Croatia is a place that marries of modernity and antiquity. You see reminders of it as you wander through the windy streets.
And best of all? This Aspiring Kennedy discovered how CHEAP Croatia is. This is a big, big selling point for me. I love the freedom of know lunch and wine would only cost about $4. Four dollars!
Finding a place this gorgeous that costs so little to enjoy? Well, go ahead. Book me that ticket… And point me towards a spa!

Well, hello Croatia!!! We need to meet face-to-face. Thanks Lauren for this beautiful glimpse into one of your favorite destinations. Talk about dedicated to blogging…Lauren sent me this post while vacationing in Venice. Good thing she’s too cute to hate. Happy weekend, friends! Mr. Sugarplum and I are on the final leg of our trip and I’ll be back next week.

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  1. I hsve a friend from there and I am always surprised at its beauty for some reason- I don't know why, but you don't really here much about Croatia- it's just stunning!!!

    Posted 4.29.11 Reply
  2. Beautiful post! Hope you're having a lovely trip Cassie!

    Posted 4.29.11 Reply
  3. She is a girl after my own heart: A fabulous place with cheap food…sign me up! (c: Hope you are having a fabulous trip of your own!!!

    Posted 4.29.11 Reply
  4. Croatia! I hadn't considered that before, but now, for sure!

    Posted 5.1.11 Reply
  5. thank you for having me!! i'm already missing croatia looking at these pictures… next time i go- you're all invited. 🙂

    Posted 5.1.11 Reply
  6. Greece. Croatia. Yes yes yes! Am all for either of these.. or both!
    Been to Greece a few times but need (!) to explore more. Croatia. Had the pleasure to visit once in the presence of a real full blood Italian aristocratic.. *sigh*.. and let me tell you, it was fabulous then as it is now!
    Reminded me of Italy a lot only, like you say, cheaper and so unspoilt. Want to go back badly!

    Loving this series!

    x Charlotta

    Posted 5.2.11 Reply