Master Bedroom | Spring Refresh

Between travel and the pace of our son’s Junior year, house projects have slowed a bit around here. I mean really, why does no one mention how intense junior year is for high-schoolers?! I’ve also got a seriously amazing project in the works that’s been taking a mountain of my time…but it’s worth every second, and I’m positively bursting at the seams to tell you.(#!!!!!) Hopefully next week, so look for that announcement soon!

But one room in the house did receive a mini-makeover recently…the most important room actually, the master bedroom! Because if mama ain’t happy, #amIright?! After three years, two kids, two dogs, and a husband (why are husbands messier than kids?!), it was time to refresh the bedding situation in our room!

We added the blush chairs a few years ago, so I wanted something that tied with those, and connected the whole room. I fell in love with a Serena & Lily duvet set, but not the price, so I crossed my fingers and went straight to eBay! Jackpot!

Duvet & Shams | Lumbar Pillow | Plaid Pillows | Juju Hat | Mirror | Similar Bed

Tips for Shopping eBay:

  1. First filter items ‘Buy It Now’ to save on time & bypass the bidding process, over 80% of the items are Buy It Now!
  2. Select ‘New With Tags’ to ensure items have never been used or worn
  3. Use the Advanced Search to find exactly what you’re looking for, with over 1 billion items listed, you’re sure to find it!
  4. Buy from sellers with high reviews, but rest assured eBay offers a Money Back Guarantee
  5. Select items with free and/or expedited shipping for even more savings!

The money I saved on the duvet allowed me to splurge a little on the throw pillows, but eBay is literally a treasure trove of pillows!

Formula for Dressing a King Size Bed

  1. 3 Euro pillows standing tall in the back
  2. 2 King or Square pillows, mine are 24″ (see our old bed with King pillows here)
  3. Lumbar or bolster pillow in front
  4. A coverlet adds a little extra color or texture, and covers the sheets
  5. Fold a duvet or quilt at the end of the bed

Sugarplum Style Tip: If you prefer to skip a dust ruffle, or the bed isn’t conducive to one like mine, cover your box springs with inexpensive neutral fitted sheets!

Pink Chairs | Leopard Drapes

The room is blessed with five large windows, and the mirrors flanking the bed help to reflect even more light. I love the symmetry of them, paired with the nightstands.

Similar Footstool (find more here) | Drapes

I love how light and bright it is, even with the black walls. Which, by the way, I’ve not once tired of once in over three years! See more of the room in this original makeover post, and more sources here. Are you doing any seasonal refreshes in your home decor? How often do you swap or update your bedding? I get new sheets every year, but usually hang on to duvets and shams for several years.


*This post is created in collaboration with eBay, but all styling, ideas and bedroom frolicking are my own. Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors!*



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  1. The bedroom looks incredible and so light! ❤️ You’re right, it’s a beautiful space and is super refreshing despite the walls being black – in fact, I didn’t even notice them at first. A job well done for sure! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
  2. So in love with this master bedroom! The mix of colors and patterns makes it absolutely stunning. My living room is an assortment of different colors but it all works well together when you pair like items together…kinda like what you did with the puppies bed, the chair, pillows and bed spread.
    Perfect for spring!

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thanks so much!! It’s my fave space in the house now!

      Posted 3.28.18 Reply
  3. Shay Shull wrote:

    It’s so COZY!! I love that it’s light and yet still cozy!!

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
  4. Your timing on this post couldn’t be better for me… we’re moving (eek!) and currently have all our worldly goods (except the 13-cases of wine, of course) packed in storage while we house-hunt in DE and pray for a buyer in MD. We want to buy our first king bed when we eventually *do* unpack, but do you have any thoughts on types of beds? We’ve had a queen sleep number for almost 15 years now, and love it/miss it, but aren’t fully decided on what to get for the king. Have you tried different bed brands? Any suggestions or words of wisdom for our search? Love Love Love your bed styling suggestions and I’m sure we’ll be incorporating them in the coming months! XO

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Congrats on the move!!! We’re actually in need of a new mattress too, so unfortunately I don’t have any recommendations for you yet! But I will say having a King is life changing!!! We upgraded during our last move and it was bliss…like being in a hotel, so much room!! 😉

      Posted 3.28.18 Reply
      • Sandy wrote:

        Yes, let’s do a post all about mattresses. I need a new one too! Far too many options out there. It’s like buying a car-lots of homework to do first!

        Posted 3.28.18 Reply
  5. Sandy wrote:

    Now THAT’S a master bedroom!
    The Juju hat looks like a big chunk of coral from the Caribbean-cool!
    The ice bucket for a vase-brilliant!
    The googly eyed puppy-adorable!
    Thanks to SugarPlum, we know how to navigate eBay better!

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thanks so much, Sandy!! I love the reference to coral…now I’m looking at my juju with all new eyes!

      Posted 3.28.18 Reply
  6. WOW!!!!!!!! This looks amazing! I loved what the bedroom looked like before…but this is ALL SORTS OF WOW!!!! Great job, friend! The soft blush with those dark walls is absolutely stunning.

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
  7. Nicole wrote:

    So cute! Where is this adorable dog bed from?

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
  8. Sarah Mikk wrote:

    This looks so lovely! I would LOVE to make our bed everyday but my husband sleeps in what I call a “pillow nest” – body pillow down the middle of the bed, head pillow, and two standard pillows along the outside edge of his sleeping area. (It’s amazing we have three kids, haha!!). Any advice?? It just doesn’t seem sustainable to pull all his pillows out everyday and then rearrange them every night, but obviously super lumpy to make the bed with the pillows in place. Sigh. I guess there likely isn’t a solution but I figured your readers would sympathize with my plight!!

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      I’m one of those crazy people that has to make my bed every day, but I know plenty who don’t! So it’s really whatever makes you happiest. Obviously if you’re having company over who will see your room, it’s worth the effort to rearrange his pillow nest! 😉 How about putting the body pillow tucked up horizontal along the headboard, and putting the other pillows in front of it? Just a thought! xo

      Posted 3.28.18 Reply
  9. Debbie Henderson wrote:

    So pretty and love seeing Maggie Sugarplum!

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      My sweet girl!! xoxo

      Posted 3.28.18 Reply
  10. Livia wrote:

    Where do you hide the pillows you actually sleep on every night? Just behind the Euro pillows? Or do you sleep on square pillows? Weirdly curious. I do love the plaid pillows!

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Ha! I prop them up behind the Euro pillows…I just took them off the bed for the photos. Figured no one wanted to see drool marks 😉

      Posted 3.28.18 Reply
    • Marit wrote:

      I had the same question!

      Posted 3.29.18 Reply
  11. C.B. wrote:

    Ha! The boyfriend has been searching high and low for the perfect king mattress. Since October, we have been through 10 mattresses (either he didn’t like or I didn’t). We also hated the sheets we had on and so just upgraded the bedding so that sleeps better already. We’ve also been swapping art in the living room a couple times a month because the look never satisfies us. I swear if I have to haul another king mattress up to the second floor and re-make that bed one more time…..I may lose my mind!

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Mattresses are so hard!!! I think that’s why we’ve put off replacing ours longer than we should…I know it’s going to be tricky to agree on one!

      Posted 3.28.18 Reply
      • Peg wrote:

        We have tried several mattresses and absolutely love the Purple mattress. We had to get over the fear of buying online and not being able to touch it firsthand but they do have a 90 day free trial period. I bought it a year ago and it is very comfortable.

        Posted 4.18.18 Reply
  12. Kim wrote:

    Love your bedroom – everything about it. Question: do you take the pillows you actually sleep on off the bed and store them somewhere else every morning?

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      No, I normally have them propped up behind the Euros, I just took them off for the photos! 😉

      Posted 3.28.18 Reply
  13. Emiy wrote:

    This is so darn cute! I love that lumbar pillow. I’m wondering….why do you use two twin box springs vs. one king? A preference, or do you see a benefit?

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      It’s how the bed came…I assumed all Kings were like that? It certainly makes it a lot easier for moving, especially since the frame is so big and doesn’t bend!

      Posted 3.28.18 Reply
  14. Bri Bliss wrote:

    I just love all of the textures you have in the room! It adds so much interest!

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
  15. Jane wrote:

    It looks fantastic – so light and bright but still moody – I love it! And Maggie makes such an excellent model for my dog beds 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
  16. Molly wrote:

    This is super picky and maybe not even important to you, but if you used one king sheet instead of two twins to cover the boxsprings it would look so much more tidy!

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
  17. Katie wrote:

    Beautiful room! I LOVE the black walls and am obsessed with blush pink right now! I too (with the help of my interior designer SIL) change out pillows and do a refresh for different seasons in different rooms. However, I find it becomes difficult to store all of the extra pillows and additional bedding. How/where do you store your items that you switch out with the seasons? Thanks!

    Posted 3.29.18 Reply
  18. Lucy wrote:

    Love the bedroom refresh. Our master bdrm is almost the same layout with 4 huge windows. What kind of curtain rods did you use to handle the angled walls? Would love to figure out something for our windows!

    Posted 4.2.18 Reply
  19. Melissa wrote:

    I love your bedroom, especially those dark walls with the contrast of the white bedding. I am so scared to use such a dark color in my master, especially since I don’t have tons of natural light. I do have a set of sliding glass doors but it faces east, so after noon it feels darker and darker in there. I don’t want to end up with boring beige/greige/gray walls. Any advice to get me past my fears? PS, hubby is REALLY getting tired of my indecisiveness which includes 10 different paint swatches and test samples painted all over — lol!!

    Posted 4.3.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      I’ve learned the hard way, that the only regrets I have when it comes to decor, is not going for it! Even going halfway leaves me feeling disappointed…if you love something, go for it!!

      Posted 4.4.18 Reply
  20. Pamela wrote:

    Hi Cassie,

    I love your spotty drapes…are they custom??? Love the black walls. I just painted my powder room (not as brave as the master bd) black and LOVE it!

    Enjoy your blog.

    Posted 4.26.18 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      They are from Tonic Living!! I adore them, and the quality is amazing!

      Posted 5.6.18 Reply
  21. This is amazing. I liked these beautiful pictures. I liked this master bedroom spring refresh. Thanks for sharing this post.

    Posted 5.25.18 Reply