{Marry, Make-Out, Muzzle} Honey We’re Home

Hey, hey, hey! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I spent a good part of mine devouring all the ‘In About an Hour’ projects linked up last week! This is some seriously great inspiration for easy weekend projects, and with football season upon us, I think we might need to do it again. The party is still open, and I’ll be posting my favorites next week.
I hinted we were heading to the beach soon, and today I’m toes-in-the-sand! I don’t know about you guys, but I love this {Marry, Make-Out, Muzzle} Series….eye candy of the best kind! And today, I’m thrilled to welcome one of my favorites to the series.

Honey We’re Home needs no introduction. After stalking every last post on her blog, Megan finally succumbed to being my friend. And now she’s practically my blog wife, since I constantly bounce blog (and life) ideas off her. There’s no one sweeter, and no prettier closet or kitchen, than hers! Not only is she hanging on the blog today, but we’re hanging ‘in real life’ this week, too!
Gotta love Cassie for coming up with such a fun guest post idea.  I thought it would be fun to choose my Marry, Make Out, and Muzzle from my all time favorite TV series- Sex and the City. So, without further ado. . . .

Marry- Mr. Big (John James Preston) 

I was Team Big all the way, from the very beginning.  You can’t fight true love.  Even though Aiden was adorable and fixed her floors and looked pretty hot in Dubai.  

Make Out- Lewis Leroy

Remember him?!  He was the sailor who visited New York during Fleet Week and took Carrie’s hand and danced with her.  Even his voice was sexy.

Muzzle- (Bill Kelley- Politician)

Remember why he dumped Carrie  . . .  ewww!

So fun Cassie- love ya!  


Thanks, Megan…love that shot of Big! And no, I don’t remember why the politician dumped Carrie!!?? I think I’d have to add Smith (Samantha’s boy-toy) to the list. What about you guys? Who was your favorite male character from Sex and the City?
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  1. Great picks! Whenever I see the Buick commercial with " the politician" in them I always think about what his character wanted Carrie to do to him in the shower. Yuuuuuck!!!

    Posted 8.20.12 Reply
  2. Mr. Big all the way! He's my modern day Rhett Butler.

    Posted 8.20.12 Reply
  3. Thanks for having me Cassie- I will fill you in on the politician soon!

    Posted 8.20.12 Reply
  4. Definitely Mr. Big. So handsome. 🙂 Such a fun series!

    Posted 8.20.12 Reply
  5. I was Team Big all the way too! Love him. Also, I know exactly how I would answer this question. Mine has more of an Ocean's Eleven theme!

    Posted 8.20.12 Reply
  6. SO cute. Love Mr. Big. Have gun, girls!!

    Posted 8.20.12 Reply
  7. I recently re-watched the whole series and I totally don't remember the politicians. Weird. When I watched the show the first time I was definitely team Aiden, but the second time around I was on Team Big for sure!

    Posted 8.20.12 Reply
  8. Lili wrote:

    what a fun post! LOL

    Posted 8.20.12 Reply
  9. HA – I have the politician thing in my head that even now when I watch him on Mad Men I can't forget! SO funny – and yes, team BIG foreva!

    Posted 8.20.12 Reply
  10. Team Big all the way…well, actually I liked Aiden but Big would be my next choice! And that politician- GROSS! The only thing that was great about him and Carrie were her fabulous Jackie O inspired outfits that she wore!

    Posted 8.20.12 Reply
  11. Dharma wrote:

    Lordy – I just saw the "Fleet Week" episode lately and Lewis Leroy from Louisiana melted my butta 🙂 That dance was pure sexy-on-a-stick.

    Posted 8.20.12 Reply
  12. I was JUST going to ask what about Smith!?!?! He's so hot. But, I love Lewis Leroy! He's so dreamy.

    Posted 8.20.12 Reply
  13. Vel Criste wrote:

    I love aidens sensitivity but man, I agree with you on BIG, he is just a gorgeous male specimen!

    Posted 8.20.12 Reply
  14. Yes! I'm so glad you brought this back! 🙂

    Posted 8.20.12 Reply
  15. Michaela wrote:

    Haha…so great, Megan! I always liked Aiden, though;)

    Posted 8.20.12 Reply
  16. Kriss wrote:

    I loved Aiden until the movie (2nd one). Mr Big all the way!! – Kriss (www.ourjourneytohappy.blogspot.com)

    Posted 8.21.12 Reply
  17. Lisa Mende wrote:

    I concur on all fronts! Something about how assertive Big was and handsome! He was my fav!

    Posted 8.21.12 Reply
  18. Kenzie wrote:

    I always loved Big.. and who was that politician? lol

    Posted 8.21.12 Reply
  19. Oh Cass I am totally with you girl- Smith was the sexiest! But Big did have a way of really intriguing me…. love reading Megan's choices! This series is just the best.

    Posted 8.23.12 Reply