{Living Room} Mirror, Mirror

The Living Room Plan List is getting knocked out fairly fast, but with the holidays around the corner, I’m most interested in completing the fireplace makeover so I can decorate the mantel! This side of the room has gone through my usual roller coaster of indecision, but I’m thrilled with the final for now outcome!

9-27-11 022

After the brick was painted, I posed the question of whether or not to paint the mantel white and/or change the mirror:

mantel/mirror collage

Like many of you, I’m a fan of the knot mirror, but I always felt it was too dominant and imposing for the room. So I chose the Portico-style mirror I found on clearance…problem was, I didn’t like it’s silver finish.


But that’s easy enough to take care of, thanks to my friends Rub ‘n Buff!

Picnik collage

I covered the silver using a custom blend of Antique Gold and Grecian Gold. I think this is the Chaz Bono of mirrors, it now looks as it was always intended.

9-27-11 026

Next came the chore of hanging it. Hard to believe, but this mirror weighs twice as much as the knot mirror! It also has the dreaded double-hook. I knew I’d put 87 holes in the wall trying to get two two nails even, and was afraid the whole thing would rip a hole through the wall (there’s not a stud in the center). So we picked up some Ook picture wire and a heavy-duty hook intended for drywall.

9-27-11 008

Following the directions for the wire, I joined the two hooks on the back of the mirror so it would hang from the single hook in the wall (1 hole, not 87!).

9-27-11 010

This shot is for you freaks loyal readers who are fans of Mr. Sugarplum hanging mirrors. (I’m talking to you, Emily, Michelle and Danielle!) It’s not quite as entertaining as the original since he cut his pajama pants into shorts. (Don’t ask.)

9-27-11 011
Watch the urchin, hon.

But that was all just him being a good sport, because look who actually hung this monster!

9-27-11 014
This is the only shot Mr. Sugarplum took that’s not looking straight up my shorts. His payback, I guess.

I drilled a hole through the drywall (my first time using a drill, how is that possible for a DIY blogger??), inserted the doo-hickie, then hammered in 5 nails for added support.

9-27-11 017

Just as I was about to step back and admire my prowess, a sound that’s never good when hanging large, heavy objects, echoed through the room. Seems my wire and picture hanger were strong enough, but the hooks that came with the mirror were not!

9-27-11 020

Thank goodness it happened when I was standing there! Can you even imagine if that thing had come crashing to the ground? It would have surely taken out half the wall and mantel with it. But crises was averted and I rewired directly to the base.

9-27-11 021

And here she is, newly gilded and gripping the wall like a champ.

9-27-11 034

I played with the styling longer than I’d like to admit, but finally stopped since I plan to change it up for Fall and Halloween soon enough.

9-27-11 032

9-27-11 031

9-27-11 033

The mantel stays black for now too, it’s easy enough to change if it throws the finished room off.

9-27-11 029

See what some paint and a few accessories and months of waffling can do?

fireplace makeover b&a

9-27-11 023

And just to keep you in the loop, let’s zoom out a bit.

9-27-11 023

Yep, trying new colors out for the Den. I’m over the orange (Sherwin Williams Spicy Hue), and since there are two openings into that room, I want something more complementary to the Living Room.

So, did I chose your first pick for the mirror? If not, do you like this one anyway?

New Mirror & Mantel Styling
Paint Hall Chest
Paint/Wallpaper Nook Walls
Paint Backdoor? Nope
Add Nailhead to Wingchair
New Covers for Barrel Chair Cushions
Clean Secretary
Gold Leaf Back of Secretary
More Coordinated Sofa Pillows

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