{Halloween} Mummy Lights

This project is exactly up my alley….cheap, easy and fast, with a big finish. In fact, it’s so stupid-easy, that I’m almost embarrassed to show it to you. But I love them so much, so I hoped some of you would too.

10-3-11 067

I spotted this pic on Pinterest as inspiration. It has no source though, so if these funny little lights are your genius, let me know!

All you need are some glass jars or vases, gauze and googly eyes. I used the mason jars from this tablescape, and found the rest of the supplies at the Dollar Store. Tape a gauze end to the top of the glass (I want to be able to reuse the glasses later), then wrap and twist as you wind your way down the jar. A dab of glue will hold the gauze in place and affix the googly eyes.

10-3-11 057

He was so cute, I rounded up more glass and made a Mummy Family.

10-3-11 056

When darkness falls across the land, light tea candles in your mummies for a scary glow!

10-3-11 069

Okay, so they are way too cute to be spooky. These are hanging on my mantel (in progress).

10-3-11 070

And a few more on the front porch (also in progress)!

mummy lights

This little project has sparked more Halloween ideas, so I’ll get busy and show you as they finish. Do you do much decorating for Halloween?

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  1. Shelley wrote:

    Those are adorable! I love a super cute & easy project like this. To Pinterest it goes!

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  2. Andrea wrote:

    So very cute! My kids would love to get involved with this easy project. I'm not a huge Halloween decorator, but I would be if all the decorations were this easy. Love it!

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  3. I have seen these babies on pinterest and am thinking i can dooooooo eeeeet!!

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  4. Adorable! My googly eyes project I mentioned on Twitter was a mummy project too… but it involved food : )

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  5. Now I know what you were up to with the googly eyes! Looks amazing!!!

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  6. Very cute and so easy. Gotta love that.

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  7. Meg wrote:

    I love these Cassie, such a good idea. And you can't beat the 'cheap' part since it's just seasonal decor!

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  8. genelle wrote:

    So cute and simple! What a great idea. Pinterest is fast becoming my first go-to site in the morning. Sometimes I think I spend too much time on there because I have all of these great plans and inspiration but never get them done.
    Maybe I could drag myself away long enough to make these. 🙂

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  9. Mallory wrote:

    That is adorable! I love how easy and fun that is! Maybe I'll try it on my hurricane lamps?

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  10. Ohhh those are so very cute!! Simple, cheap and easy enough for the kids to get involved…I have to send this idea to my sister so my nieces and nephew can do it. I love your little mummy family!!

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  11. How easy and just darn cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  12. My kids would love these- so cute!

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  13. Simply LKJ wrote:

    The mummy family is adorable! Love the big googley eyes.

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  14. These are so darling!!! And so easy I could actually do this project with my little ones! PERFECT! (c: I'm in love with the little googly eyes…actually, I think the tall one is actually making googly eyes *at me*…I'm flattered (c:

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  15. i have to get on the bandwagon b/c these suckers are adorable. makes me want to be a better person — actually they just remind me that i need to buy band-aids but cute ones nonetheless!!!!

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  16. I'm creeping myself out with all my comments on your addicting blog, but today I will loosen my restraints because it's a creepy theme! Actually they are cuter than they are creepy and so easy! Good pin snag!

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  17. I am the absolute worst at decorating at Halloween. I wish I was better, poor Emory! I love the glow these give off, maybe I will start with these!

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  18. SoooOooooOo SUPER adorable 🙂

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  19. Hi Cassie!

    These are too cute ~ Might have to try it ~

    xoxo Laura

    Posted 10.7.11 Reply
  20. These are awesome! I hope you will link this up to my Wickedly Creative Halloween Ideas Party.

    Posted 10.7.11 Reply
  21. Lisa wrote:

    SUPER CUTE and crafty! I might make a few for the front door for halloween night!

    Posted 10.7.11 Reply
  22. I love these! They have such character.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    x Charlotta

    Posted 10.7.11 Reply
  23. Melz wrote:

    These are too cute!! I wanna try this! 🙂

    Posted 10.7.11 Reply
  24. These are so cute! I LOVE them at night all lit up! Great job 😀

    Posted 10.8.11 Reply
  25. Jaimee wrote:

    How simple! LOVE these Mummy Lights! I'm sharing this on my crafty facebook page : )
    Jaimee @ craft-interrupted.blogspot.com

    Posted 10.9.11 Reply
  26. Lyndsi wrote:

    Thanks for sharing… these are so cute! I will definitely be doing this little project next weekend… I'm pretty sure it's simple enough for me. 🙂

    Posted 10.10.11 Reply
  27. Nancy J wrote:

    This is soo adorable…and talk about not costing a penny!!! I did mine w 5 votive holders and they sit on a short black wrought iron candleabra ! thanks so much!

    Posted 10.11.11 Reply
  28. I made these over the weekend. They were so quick and easy to make and look great on my mantle!

    Posted 10.12.11 Reply
  29. Susan wrote:

    VERY cute and not so scary for little ones' YEAH! Very fun project

    Posted 10.14.11 Reply
  30. CAS wrote:

    I saw these on Pinterest, too, and just finished making a few. So, so simple, but truly adorable!

    Posted 10.17.11 Reply
  31. Jill wrote:

    Thank you so much for this awesome idea! I ran out and bought gauze and googly eyes as soon as I saw this post and my girls & I whipped them up in about 5 minutes 🙂 They are soooo cute!

    Posted 10.22.11 Reply
  32. Anonymous wrote:

    Would any glue work? I am a home room rep for my sons special needs class. Thinking of having the kids do this. Looks easy enough for them to do.

    Posted 9.23.12 Reply
  33. Hi Anon — I think you need a glue that sets fairly quickly, or else you'll be holding the gauze in place for awhile. You could always use double-stick clear tape!? I'm a fan of the glue gun, too…but you wouldn't want to burn any little fingers. 🙂

    Hope this helps!
    xo. Cassie

    Posted 9.24.12 Reply
  34. Hi – I did this craft with my daughter and she loved it! I'm going to post it on my blog (60 Pounds of Pancakes) with a link to yours. It was so easy and cute! I'm just starting my blog, haven't even told anyone about it, but I wanted to include this darling project.

    Posted 10.23.13 Reply
  35. Colleen wrote:

    These are great! I love how easy these look… I think even I could make them. I've included this post over on my Halloween Mummies DIY roundup over on lemonthistle. Thanks for the awesome content!


    Posted 10.30.13 Reply
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    Posted 7.3.18 Reply