{Living Room} The Chosen Lamps

I’m not math savvy, but if I were to tally up the opinions on which lamps you prefer for our Living Room, I’d have to say it was pretty evenly divided between A and C. So thanks. For nothing. I kid, I love reading your comments and opinions. Problem is, I started to second guess myself after reading them and was no closer to making a decision. Until I saw this comment from Aubrey:

So in the end, I went with what made me giddy!


I swoon every time I see a gold lamp with a black shade, and I’d like to swoon every time I walk in my Living Room. I love the gourd lamps, I just never loved them behind the sofa. So why keep them there? You also had a great idea to paint the gourd lamps pink, but I’m already pushing the husband-boundary with the pink-lined bookcases and pink rug! Plus, with so many pink accents in the room, I think it needs the black to toughen it up and add some masculinity. (Remember, Mr. Sugarplum lives here, too.) Not that gold lamps are masculine, but you know what I mean.


The bases tie in nicely with the gold trim of the botanical prints.


And the black shades connect with the front doors,


As well as the black mantel and mirror.

Painting the brick fireplace is on The List.

One of the great things about blogging my home makeovers, is seeing it in pictures. As soon as I uploaded this one, I realized the prints hanging in the hall needed to come down. I tend to design each small space, as opposed to the room as a whole. I see now this space could use some breathing room.


I think the lamps are timeless, and I can’t deny the love I have for black drum shades. But that doesn’t mean I’ll leave these be….I have an idea. And no it doesn’t involve ribbon trim! And I can’t wait to paint the table tiles.


So since I’m not done with the lamps, I can’t cross them off the list yet. But I have decided not to paint the back door black, so I’ll cross it off. I think with the lamps, it’d be too dark. And I don’t really want to break up the line of big windows that fill the wall.

Paint Armoire
Paint Brick
Paint/Fabric Bookcases
Re-Style Bookcases
Paint Table Tiles
Paint Hall Chest
Paint/Wallpaper Nook Walls
Paint Backdoor? Nope
Add Nailhead to Wingchair
New Covers for Barrel Chair Cushions
Change Out Lamps
Clean Secretary
Gold Leaf Back of Secretary
More Coordinated Sofa Pillows
Determine Fate of Side Table

Are you on board with these lamps? Or are you murmuring to yourself, “If you weren’t going to follow my advise, then why’d you ask for it?!”

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  1. Simply LKJ wrote:

    You are right to go with what makes you happy! It is your home afterall. So many decorate their homes to please others and end up being miserable with the result. I think they look great…the pics you took are a bit brighter (in the first the lamp bases appeared darker to me, not really gold).

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  2. Love them!!

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  3. Katie wrote:

    Going with what makes you giddy is great advice–love the lamps!

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  4. Noelle wrote:

    These look wonderful!! Way to go getting that to do list tackled!

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  5. love the lamps!

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  6. Elizabeth wrote:

    Ok – so at first I was defintely voting for A or C, but now that I see the pics showing the black of the mantel and then the shot with your black door, I have to agree I'd be giddy with the gold lamps with black shades too! FABULOUS!

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  7. They look fabulous and I'm so glad you went with your gut!

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  8. LOVE the lamps!!! They look amazing 🙂

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  9. It's all about what makes you feel great about your space. While I did vote for A, I think if you had shown more pics of the room from other angles like you did here, more people would have been on board with the black. They make much more sense when you see the whole room and not just against the bookshelves.
    Doesn't it feel great to decide? 🙂 xo

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  10. I absolutely love what you went with, girl! See, that was why I said that, because you always pick great stuff!!! Thanks for the shout out, it pretty much made my day (c: Um yeah, it made my day!

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  11. Great choice with the black and gold lamps.

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  12. Delaney wrote:

    I'm in love!

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  13. OH they look awesome! I do love how they tie in the fireplace and mirror! And Aubrey always knows just what to say! 🙂

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  14. I am really liking the direction you are going in. Its so fun and its so bright.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  15. Aubrey gave good advise! And, I think you chose well. When seeing them from other angles (like with the front door), they just make sense. It's so funny how being in the space and seeing how things play off of surrounding things can make a huge difference as opposed to just seeing flat photos.

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  16. Amanda wrote:

    yay!! good choice! They look great!

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  17. kelly wrote:

    You definitely made the right choice; they look amazing!

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  18. Kelli wrote:

    glad you went with giddy ;o)

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  19. Karen wrote:

    Okay… I was one of the naysayers… but you're right. You should go with what makes you happy.

    After looking at the pics again… the lamps are growing on me. Especially when you point out how they tie in to so many other features in your house.

    To be honest… the thing that's jarring to me now is the rug. I think something less busy, perhaps with a touch of black in it, would tie everything together. (hiding after typing this) LOL

    But… I love that you are not afraid of color. Love the pink!

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  20. I think they look great! They weren't my first choice, but seeing them now in the pictures and how they tie in to all the other black accents in the room really works. It helps that both sets of lamps and shades were super awesome to begin with. Really, you couldn't go wrong!! Great job 🙂

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  21. You should always follow your gut, I ask people all the time. Even though I already know what my heart is set on. I think your choice is great!! Bottom line is as long as we have and do what we love, we can never go wrong. In each one of our homes we have to have what makes us happy – because that will never go out of style.

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  22. Good job for following what you love. You are the one that has to live with whatever you pick. As long as it makes you smile, that is the most important thing. I think your room is looking ah-maz-ing!

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  23. Shanna wrote:

    awesome choice, chica! And now that I see the black door and all the other angles of the room, I am fully 100% on team black & gourd! They look pretty terrific!

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  24. Lone wrote:

    Looks good 🙂

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  25. Cassie, you done a wonderful job at picking out those lamps. They fit right in, and accent the door. I love them!

    Posted 8.12.11 Reply
  26. I love the way this room came out! Beautiful job girl!

    Posted 8.12.11 Reply
  27. Aubrey's the bomb! Love her – she's right – do what you love! We all need a little giddy in our lives! And you know how I feel about black and gold 😉

    Posted 8.12.11 Reply
  28. emily wrote:

    I think those look fabulous! Random question — do you have a plug under the couch? Fancy!

    Posted 8.12.11 Reply
  29. a' la mode wrote:

    I'm giddy that you are giddy and I think you made a fabulous choice! you are on a roll girl, keep on truckin! That list is gonna be toast soon =)

    Posted 8.12.11 Reply
  30. Just found your blog and love it! The room looks amazing and I love the bookshelf styling!

    Posted 8.15.11 Reply
  31. I've come to realize my blog friends always know what to do and know exactly what they like… everything looks wonderful and you did a great job with the decor. Hugs, FABBY

    Posted 8.15.11 Reply
  32. Looking beautiful! I love the black drum shades! 🙂 Can't wait to see more!

    Posted 8.20.11 Reply
  33. Unknown wrote:

    I just found your blog, Cassie, and am enjoying everything. I know this was from years ago, but one thing I have learned about using black shades…it is important they be lined so the light won't come through and change the color. I am not a DIY, but sweet hubby will do anything I ask….he spray painted the inside of my black shades. Big difference at night…light is diffused up and down, but not through the shade.

    Posted 11.4.15 Reply
    • Thanks so much for the tip, and kind words!!! xo

      Posted 11.4.15 Reply