Little Vignettes

One of my favorite daily home-blog reads is CasaSugar. They post a lot of beautiful inspiration, plus gather the good stuff from other blogs. Last week readers were encouraged to post pictures of their favorite little vignettes around their house. It inspired me to show a few of my own:

This glass coffee table is a new addition in our house, and this is probably the 5th set-up I’ve done. I tend to constantly move things around.


Don’t even ask how many times I’ve re-done my mantle! I’m still not happy with it, but I’m thrilled with these shorebirds (they were my grandmother’s….she gave me the love of the beach.)


Painting this dresser was one of my first DIY projects…so don’t look too closely! This is a cluster of my favorite family photos, all in silver frames.


This table lived in a hall nook until recently….it’s trying out life as my bedside table for now.


That’s a piece of coral, not a snowball cupcake.
Ikea and Home Goods are my favorite resources for trays, bowls, and all-around knick-knacks. I also tend to group things in 3s. What’s your magic formula for creating vignettes at home?

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  1. These are lovely – love the one on the chest of drawers best!

    Posted 7.19.10 Reply
  2. The foliage you used in your coffee table vignette is perfect. Is it from your garden?

    Posted 7.19.10 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    The mantel is just wonderful – almost comes to life and feels just like the beach! Ali

    Posted 7.20.10 Reply
  4. Saucey wrote:

    Love this mirror! Where'd you get it?

    Posted 7.22.10 Reply