How to Do the J.Crew Sleeve Roll & Other Outfit Zhushing Tricks

Sometimes zhushing can be the difference between a basic outfit and a memorable one. If you’re not familiar with the term, ‘zhushing’ is to primp, fluff-up, or make something more attractive. Basically, to give a room or outfit more personality and pizzazz! And who’s not game for that?!

Every outfit I wear has been zhushed in one way or another…an element tweaked to be a little different than it was intended. It’s what gives your style some personality! A favorite trick is the effortless sleeve roll…also known as the ‘J.Crew Cuff.’

how to do the j.crew sleeve roll

Chambray and white is always a cute combo, but without the carefree cuff, the outfit looks a little stiff.

See the difference just by adding a little zhush to the sleeve? Cuffing also reveals the slimmest, most flattering part of the arm…the wrist and forearm.

Chambray Shirt | White Jeans (love these, too!) | Similar Leopard Belt | Straw Bag | Sandals | Sunglasses

The cuff is simple, and I use this method for all my collared shirts (it’s really cute on a jean jacket, too!).

ONE // Unbutton the entire sleeve, and fold halfway up your arm so the cuff is around your elbow. I like mine a little higher in the Summer so it fits almost as a short-sleeve shirt.

Watch | Bracelet Set

TWO // Roll the bottom of the sleeve up twice so it covers the seam of the cuff.

THREE // Gently pull the corner of the cuff out a bit, and scrunch the entire sleeve up above the elbow. 

The goal is to look effortless, but truthfully, it’s a lot less messy than a standard sleeve roll. Not to mention, it stays put!

Chambray Shirt | White Jeans | Similar Leopard Belt | Straw Bag | Sandals | Sunglasses

Unless I’m layering a sweater, my sleeves are always ‘J.Crew cuffed.’

Jean Jacket | Frayed Hem Skirt (also in traditional denim wash) | Gingham Shirt | Sunglasses

Other zhushing techniques I use to infuse some attitude and personality into my outfits include a single wide cuff…

A popped collar…or even better, layered popped collars! #swoon #calmdown

Jean Jacket | Frayed Hem Skirt (also in traditional denim wash) | Gingham Shirt | Hoop Earrings

There’s always the casual half-tuck, where you stuff just the front of your shirt in your jeans, shorts or skirt.

Frayed Hem Skirt (also in traditional denim wash) | Gingham Shirt | Hoop Earrings | Tassel Necklace

Or the partial-tuck with just a single side of the shirt pushed in. Unbuttoning an extra button adds more casual-cool, too. (But not to the point of exposing your bra!)

Have a long shirt that looks sloppy when left out? Just loosely tie the shirttails so the knot rests at the waistband of your pants, skirt or shorts.

Just like the Rule of Three, these tweaks can make all the difference in the style of your outfit.

Jean Jacket | Striped Tee | Tassel Necklace | White Jeans | Circle Ring | Hoop Earrings | Lipstick

Favorite Tee | Gingham Shirt | White Jeans | Pom Pom Clutch | Wedges | Leopard Belt | Sunglasses | Necklace | Hoop Earrings

Favorite Tee | Jean Jacket | Pleated Skirt (similar) | Striped Pumps | Saddle Bag (similar) | Sunglasses | Earrings | Bracelet | Watch

Muscle Tee (similar with sleeves) | White Skirt | Favorite Sneakers | Hat | Sunglasses | Tassel Bracelets | Watch | Bracelet

Pleated Skirt (midi version) | Striped Oxford | Statement Necklace (cute embroidered version) | Favorite Pumps | Earrings | Similar Bag

Jean Jacket | Frayed Hem Skirt (also in traditional denim wash) | Gingham Shirt | Hoop Earrings | Pineapple Tote

Do you see the difference after zhushing? Are you a habitual zhusher to your outfits, too? For more Sugarplum Style Tips like these, click here…and more Summer Styles can be found here. Happy weekend, lovebugs, and happiest of Father’s Day to the strong, loving men in our lives!


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