How I Met My Mister

It’s hard to believe, but Mr. Sugarplum and I will celebrate our 16th
wedding anniversary this weekend. Yes, I was an underage child bride.
#notreally We were together for four years before getting married, so we
really were immature babies when we met. Somehow we’ve managed to grow
up, but not grow apart.

Earlier this year, I participated in Beth’s “How I Met Your Blogger” series, but I thought it’d be fun to share here this week.

1. How long have you been together? How did you two meet?

was a 21-year-old college student, and he was a professional musician.
My roommate had the serious hots for the lead singer of their band, and
she kept telling me we had to meet because she just knew we’d hit it
off. But really she just wanted a stalking partner wing man. Finally,
one night when they had a show in our town, I agreed to go with her.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of him the entire night…he was just so completely different from me, or anyone I’d ever known, let alone dated. I was an insecure, shy girl, and he was larger than life. I was instantly smitten, and at the same time, completely intimidated.

My friend introduced us after the show, and I couldn’t do anything but giggle. Something must have intrigued him, too, because soon after we became inseparable, and I even moved across the country to be with him after I graduated.

2. How did he propose?

He was touring North America with major recording artists at the time, and I’d meet up with him whenever I could. This particular trip, they were headlining a show in Niagara Falls, Canada on New Year’s Eve…literally outside, across the street from the Falls. I was backstage wrapped in 87 layers, and hovering near heat lamps (this Texas-girl doesn’t do well with sub-0 temps!), and not paying any attention to the show. When suddenly I hear, ‘Speaking of love, my keyboard player has something he wants to ask his girlfriend…so Cassie, please come to the stage!’

I think some very un-ladylike words came out of my mouth, and I may have peed my pants just a little. He had to drag me out, and there, in front of 50 THOUSAND screaming Canadians, he got down on one knee and proposed,

‘You’re the sunshine of my life baby, and I want to love you forever. Will you marry me? Please say yes in front of all these people!?’
We have it on video, and I am like a deer in the headlights the entire time, and never utter a sound! I hug him, grab the ring and bolt from the stage! But I recovered later and we got to celebrate our engagement and New Years with our friends. I’m still shocked he was able to pull off such a big surprise!

3. What was your wedding like? Any funny, special, or crazy stories about your big day?

Our wedding was an absolute blast, full of everyone we love. We had the ceremony in a gorgeous church, with a magnolia framed by a large bay window as the backdrop. A horsefly made it’s way inside, and buzzed our heads the entire time!

I wore my grandmother’s dress (read all about it here), but changed into a simpler dress for the reception, which was held in a converted old train station. Even then, my family and I DIYed much of the decor and favors. We even had guitar pics with our names and wedding date on them. The party went pretty late, and not a single person left the dance floor all night.

4. What do you love to do together?

I love to do just about anything with him…he’s the type of person that makes everything fun. But our favorite thing is to travel. We leave the kids, friends and family behind, and go on grand adventures that take us out of comfort zones.

5. What’s your favorite thing about him? What’s his favorite thing about you?

He called when I was writing this, so I asked him, ‘What’s your favorite thing about me?’ He proceeded to repeat the question back to me several times, which is a guy’s stalling technique. His first answer I shan’t repeat in public, but he followed it up with, ‘You’re cute-as-pie, but also hot…and funny. And you laugh at my jokes. Oh, and you’re a good mom.’ I’ll take it.

I love so much about him, but my favorite is he’s honestly the funniest person I know. He’s also always up for anything, and has a way of making people feel comfortable. After all these years, not only do I love him, but I like him more everyday. And for you married folks, you know that’s a big one! I can’t imagine living this life with anyone else.

We’ve lived in four homes in two states, gone through career changes, had two kids, suffered loss, and traveled the world….it’s been an adventure, and I’ve loved every second! I love you, my sweet, my groom, my one and only. Happy Anniversary, Mr. Sugarplum.

How’d you meet your mister? 
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