{Halloween} Decorated Front Porch

Well, I don’t know about you, but this week of Halloween fun has been kind of lame exciting! We brought our Halloween decor to a new level of obnoxiousness this year, but hopefully without the cheese-factor. There is a fine line between ‘Festive’ and ‘Griswald.’ But my kids loved creating these projects, and love showing them off to their friends. So for that I’ll put my personal design choices aside.

There are only a few traces of Halloween inside the house, the majority of it is for our neighbors, and soon-to-be-Trick-or-Treaters, to enjoy outside.

Here is the front of our house from the street:


Not too over the top, really. My son came up with the idea to fill the made-over lantern (and his matching friend I found at World Market for $10) with loose hay. Our local nursery sells it for $1 per bag. Here’s a closer look:


My cheapie stick arrangement:


Since we’re still a solid three weeks from Halloween, we painted the pumpkins instead of carving them. Moldy, caved in pumpkins aren’t scary…just gross. And because I’m a girl, I tied black tulle and spider ribbon bows to their stems.

Picnik collage

I’m not big on ready-made Halloween decor from the stores, so I like that all of this has an organic feel.

Picnik collage

The ghosts are generating a lot of attention from the dog walkers in the neighborhood. Which isn’t so great because their pups take that opportunity to ‘do they business.’

Picnik collage
(The plaque under the light is year-round decor. It’s a tombstone that reads, “I told you I was sick.” I wish I could say it’s just for Halloween, but it’s more for my sick sense of humor.)

Mr. Sugarplum brought the pumpkin lights home a few years ago, and dang it if they still haven’t burned out!

Picnik collage

Here’s the Fright Fest at night:


And because I just upgraded my Picnik account and want to use all the new features:


So, by October 31st, we’ll either be so over Halloween that we don’t even bother going out, or we’ll be in such a holiday frenzy that only multiple buckets of collected loot will settle us down. Care to wager which it will be?!

On a different note, this beyond stimulating entry marks my 100th Post!! I can’t believe how quickly this blog has taken over my life time passes. Let’s share a virtual group hug with a Giveaway! I’ll announce the details as soon as I think of something Monday! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I like all your different pumpkins, and I just started a blog too and it does seem to be easy to let it run rampant in your life!

    Posted 10.8.10 Reply
  2. Michaela wrote:

    Your house is too cute! Love all the fall details. The pumpkins are my favorite! I paint mine, too! Pumpkin insides are no fun to smell or look at (:

    And I also agree, blogging is so great, but it also can eat up a lot of time! Such a blessing to be part of such a creative community though (:

    Posted 10.8.10 Reply
  3. Simply LKJ wrote:

    I love it! And, I am sure the kiddos had a great time helping with it. Now that mine are older, we don't do much in the way of Halloween decor 🙁

    Posted 10.8.10 Reply
  4. Hahaha I like you! You are funny!!

    Posted 10.9.10 Reply
  5. Jennifer wrote:

    love your fall decorating!

    Posted 10.10.10 Reply
  6. A fantastic Halloween decor!

    Posted 10.11.10 Reply
  7. so, so cute! 🙂

    Posted 10.11.10 Reply
  8. so, so cute! 🙂

    Posted 10.11.10 Reply
  9. Wow! That looks just great! I'm sure the trick or treaters will be coming in droves.

    Posted 10.11.10 Reply
  10. I think I just fell in love with the monogram pumpkin!


    Posted 10.12.10 Reply
  11. Love your front porch and the pumpkins with the bows are darling!! Great job! 🙂

    Posted 10.12.10 Reply
  12. Fun porch. Your trick or treaters will love it. Saw you at CSI.

    Posted 10.13.10 Reply
  13. Biljana wrote:

    Great job, looks wonderful, I love pumpkins:))
    Greetings from Europe, Biljana

    Posted 10.20.10 Reply
  14. Your halloween decor is so dang cute…love those ghosts!


    Posted 10.20.10 Reply
  15. Jen wrote:

    Great job! Looks great..love the ghosts!

    Posted 10.21.10 Reply
  16. Natasha wrote:

    I wish we celebrated Halloween a bit more here as I would love to decorate our front garden just like that! I have bought a few bits and pieces and our green grocer is carving a pumpkin for us next week.

    Congratulations on 100 posts! It is funny how consuming blogging becomes but I love it all the same!

    Best wishes,

    Posted 10.23.10 Reply