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Today’s guest is the crazy talented, Janell, from the popular blog, Isabella & Max Rooms. Janell always manages to top herself…both in design and DIY projects! And what I appreciate most (besides her sharing all those ideas with us!), is that she creates with realistic budgets in mind.


Thank you for inviting me to be a guest blogger today Cassie. I have enjoyed reading your blog since stumbling across it this past year!

My favorite holiday tradition is decorating our tree the day after Thanksgiving. It is just so much fun unwrapping all the ornaments that have been stored away during the year. Each one seems to hold a memory and my kids get completely excited that the big day is nearing!

And what was my favorite project completed over the past year? Hands down it has to be Max’s Big Boys Bedroom. Not only was he an appreciative client, but I had the wonderful opportunity of having this room featured on The Nate Show, taping a segment with Nate himself. (Cassie butting in: Catch a replay of Janell’s Nate episode on December 27!) Max was very excited about it all, to say the least. (As was I!)

And my most popular post? That has to be Doesn’t Everyone Know 49 Is The New 29?. I was not sure what the response would be to this post and was happily surprised with the outpouring of support.

Thanks again for having me on your delightful blog today Cassie. Happy Holidays to everyone!
Thank you, Janell! I think I’ve read every post pertaining to her son’s room…twice! She has some exciting projects lined up for 2011 as well…I can’t wait! Best of the Best continues tomorrow with Will at Bright Bazaar! {heart}
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  1. Great post, OMG Janell you do not look 49 !!

    I am loving the bedroom – the map idea is so clever!
    Rachie xo

    Posted 12.21.10 Reply
  2. Tell any woman she's "too old" to do something & it's sure to get some feathers ruffled! Ridiculous! Janell is beautiful and talented. And, Max's room is one of my faves.

    Posted 12.21.10 Reply
  3. I'm just playing catch up now, but i love this series! T
    love the popular post idea 🙂

    Posted 12.21.10 Reply
  4. Beautiful post- loved your tree and that room of Ben's is amazing amazing!!! The fabrourite post idea is fabulous:) xo

    Posted 12.21.10 Reply
  5. I love Janell's whole house! That first image gave inspiration for my tree skirt next year.

    Posted 12.21.10 Reply
  6. I love everything that Janell does! And thats no me being a groupie! She is just one fabulous lady;-)

    Posted 12.21.10 Reply
  7. Wonderfull post, Janell is amazing!

    Posted 12.21.10 Reply
  8. I agree with Emily: Janell is beautiful and talented for sure!

    A lovely post, Cassie – so excited to be over here tomorrow!

    Posted 12.21.10 Reply
  9. wow- max's room is amazing, janell!
    cassie thank you so much for sharing- i don't think i was following janell before, but i am going to correct that! look forward to reading more from her!

    Posted 12.21.10 Reply
  10. i loved her 49 is the new 29 post. She is so talented and witty!

    Posted 12.21.10 Reply
  11. I love to see women supporting other women:) That was so cool that she got to be on the Nate show! A class act and so talented for sure! p.s. love her tree skirt.

    Posted 12.21.10 Reply
  12. Michaela wrote:

    Love Janell's tree…so pretty! It's my favorite thing of the season, too! So fun to be on The Nate Show…I loved seeing her on it a few months ago. I'll have to tape the rerun just to watch again (:

    Posted 12.21.10 Reply
  13. Aubrey wrote:

    Love her and her cute blog! She truly has some fab rooms…(c:


    Posted 12.21.10 Reply