{Yum} Easiest Ever Chicken Pot Pie

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Even though we’ve had more Spring days than Winter lately, this time of year still has me craving comfort food. And since we all know my cooking is more of the assembly type, then the easier the recipe the better. And I’m telling you, this is the world’s easiest pot pie recipe!

Hi Sugarplum | Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Apparently many of us have different definitions of ‘world’s easiest’, because when you search ‘easy pot pie recipe’, you get a whole slew of options containing 20-plus ingredients, and almost as many steps. That’s not easy in my book! Can you open a few things and dump it all in one pan? Then that’s easy!

Hi Sugarplum | Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

{What You Need}

2 c. Chicken, cooked & chopped
2 bags Frozen Mixed Veggies
1/2 c. Onion, chopped
1 jar Alfredo Sauce
2 Pie Crusts
salt & pepper to taste
{What You Do}
* Preheat oven to 375-degrees
* This step is optional, but we prefer a two-crust pot pie, and even pickier, 
we don’t like the bottom shell to be gummy. So I first line a deep-dish pie pan 
with a shell & bake 7-10 minutes.
* Dump all ingredients in a bowl & mix well. I use cooked rotisserie chicken 
from the grocery store for even easier prep, and if I’m really in a hurry, I skip the 
chopped onion (or use the frozen ones!)

Hi Sugarplum | Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe
* Pour mixture in the pie dish & cover with pie shell.
The perk of using a deep-dish pan with so much filling is there’s not enough shell
to feel obligated to do fancy things with the edges. I just press it down and call it fancy.
Who are we kidding, adding star-shaped slits to the top makes me feel like Martha!

Hi Sugarplum | Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe
* Bake 45-55 minutes.
* Let cool 5-10 minutes…or just warn your family it’s piping hot, 
since they’ll insist on eating it right away. (It smells that good!)

Pat yourself on the back, and bask in their wonderment of how you pulled off a hearty, home-cooked meal without breaking a sweat, making a mess, or screaming at anyone for help. 
Git in mah belly!
Hi Sugarplum | Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Hi Sugarplum | Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Hi Sugarplum | Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

I first found this recipe from Judie Byrd, but over the years have tweaked it to our tastes. You could easily substitute for beef, make it vegetarian, eliminate a pie crust, or even use fewer veggies for a saucier pot pie. It’s pretty foolproof! Even our Little Miss, who doesn’t love her veggies, gobbles this up!

My darling friend, Shay, also has a great new cookbook with super simple family recipes, that’s become another go-to. What simple recipes have you been whipping up lately? Do you crave comfort food in these colder, shorter days?

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