{DIY} Nailhead Trim Art

Hello, Loves! Hope you had a grand weekend. We stayed close the fire, and worked on some fun Valentine crafts. I’ll be sure to share them with you soon (can you believe we’re already gearing up for another holiday?!?)
Last week I showed you the inspiration behind Babygirl’s New Room, with these two pics being the main sources.
aqua red - domino
aqua hot pink - live like you
(marmalade interiors)
Besides the amazing color palette of aqua, radish and yellow…I was drawn to the black frames, nailhead trim and metallic accents. One thing I love about using black frames is they help to cut some of the sweetness in a room. And a blue and pink room could easily be too sweet….even though I’m creating the room for a little girl, I still want it to have a touch of sophistication and glamour.
Here’s a few pictures to illustrate the power of a black frame or accent:
black frames - inspired design
(inspired design)
white pelmet box - elle decor
(elle decor — can you guess why I really posted this pic?)
turq and black - decorpad
(decor pad)
black accents - elements of style
(elements of style)
(the inspired room)
What do you suppose this room would look like without the dark frames and metallic headboard? I know it’s stunningly glamorous with them!
aqua red - julian schnabel
(julian schnabel)
My goal was to find an inexpensive way to combine black frames, metallic shine and nailhead trim. Ikea black frames are my go-to, and since her bed (a gem I found for a steal on Craigslist!) isn’t upholstered, I needed another place to use nailhead trim. Or in my case, thumb tacks pretending to be trim! (I’m too cheap to use real nailhead trim in my kid’s rooms, like this burlap board I made my son.)

Picnik collage
The silver thumb tacks give the impression of nailhead trim, and provide a bit of metallic flash too…Win/Win! I simply taped the picture in place on the back of the matte, then pushed the thumb tacks directly through the front of the matte and picture, creating a border of trim around the inside of the frame.
The Ribba frames work great for this project because there is plenty of room between the glass, and the back of the frame for the stem of the tacks to poke through.
Slip the whole thing behind the glass and voila!
Have you guessed her room will have a Parisian flair? I actually found these prints in the stationary section at Ikea ages ago. It is sheer luck they contain the exact colors of her room….I love when you get that spark of excitement when a project starts to come together!
Picnik collage

I’m a big fan of painting switch plates, vents and intakes the same color as the wall to make them disappear. Here’s a peek at the gallery wall I’m working on:

Remember the gorgeous Parisian calendar prints I framed for the other art in her room? They have similar frames as the Nailhead Pictures, adding to a sense of cohesiveness.
The colors are blending perfectly with the rest of the room, and the black frames are just the thing to keep it from looking sickly sweet.
So what do you think? Do you love black frames in a colorful room as much as I do? Oh, and a little tip if you decide to take on a Feux Nailhead-Trim project…make sure you have enough before you start. And I’ve found Home Depot to be the best resource for large boxes of thumb tacks in multiple colors.
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