{DiY} Easy Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is extra special around here…not only do we celebrate and shower Daddy with love…but every so often, it also marks our wedding anniversary. Seventeen years ago, on Father’s Day, I said ‘I Do’ to my best friend and funniest guy I know. (See our wedding photos and my grandmother’s custom dress that I wore here and here, and read how we met here.) This year, our anniversary happens to fall on Father’s Day again, so Mr. SP will be getting all the love. #babydaddy

I rounded up a few projects in case you or your kids like to make your own gifts.

Okay, so this vase might be a little girly for dad, but I couldn’t resist throwing it in since it follows the mustache theme.

{DIY Jonathan Adler Inspired Vase}

You could always show dad the love through his belly with these sweet treats.
And if you prefer gifts of the purchased type, here are a few fun ideas all under $50.

Click each item for details.

Or maybe you’re both the mama and the daddy, in which case, you should treat yourself to this sweet necklace, or the snuggliest wrap ever. Happy hump day, lovebugs!

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  1. Melanie wrote:

    Congratulations on 17 years! I love the gift ideas, the mustache vase is hilariously awesome!


    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  2. We've been married for 17 years as well and I can't get him any mustache items because it took me forever to get him to shave his stupid mustache. I hated that thing LOL. I even wrote a blog post about it 😉 The kids just have to make him cute artwork instead

    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  3. Awww..Happy upcoming anniversary!

    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  4. This year maybe you should give him a blown up pic on canvas of Sloan holding the canvas art. TOO CUTE!!!! 🙂

    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  5. Leslie wrote:

    What fun ideas! It's hard to believe that Father's Day is going to be here soon!

    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  6. reshma wrote:

    Happy early anniversary! Ours is tomorrow! 🙂 I really love the mustache vase and those peanut butter cookies are calling my name!

    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  7. Katy wrote:

    I love the canvas idea for little kids to give to their dad! I actually really enjoy this time of year when all the Fathers Day posts come out- It really helps me with idea for the hubs. Here's one that's funny but Idk how how helpful it'll be: http://www.alittledailyhappiness.com/2015/06/10/a-humorous-take-five-gift-ideas-for-classy-dads/

    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  8. Ninny wrote:

    oh that wedding dress!!! *smelling salts please*

    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  9. Jillian wrote:

    ohhh h would love those pb brownie bars! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  10. diana wrote:

    We got married in mid-May so every 6ish years our anniversary is Mother's Day! Works out well for my husband! And me! Haha. Happy early anniversary!

    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  11. Irina wrote:

    Our anniversary sometimes falls on Mother's Day 🙂

    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  12. Happy anniversary to you, too! My husband and I are also celebrating our wedding anniversary on Father's Day. Congrats!

    Posted 6.11.15 Reply
  13. Those brownies….just looking at them and my pants are tighter.

    Posted 6.11.15 Reply
  14. Nan in Tampa wrote:

    I love all these ideas except the mustache items. I just don't get the mustache as a decoration. Can someone please explain this to me?

    Posted 6.13.15 Reply
  15. Thanks for getting Chris to weigh in on Father's Day gifts. It's always nice to actually have opinion on these kind of things.

    Posted 6.18.15 Reply
  16. Pretty cool.Now and again,a store-purchased gift simply doesn't send the perfect message for Father's Day.As opposed to purchasing something from the store,crafty moms and children can make their own particular Father's Day gifts comfortable.Dad will love getting a novel gift that was made with adoration by his family.Thank you so much.

    ~Lisa Moore.

    Posted 6.21.15 Reply
  17. Every few years, our anniversary falls on Father's Day as well… thirteen years for us this year! FYI – I'm taking a studying break and catching up on the last couple of months of your posts!

    Posted 6.21.15 Reply