{Den} A New Sectional!

Hey friends, and happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. We had a nice blend of total laziness, projects and family time. And I’m happy to report our marriage survived the assembly of our new Ikea Karlstad sectional!

hi sugarplum den (5)

The secret? I stayed in a different room while Mr. Sugarplum and my son put it together! I had the chore of washing the slipcovers, and then wrestling them on the pillow forms. Truthfully, I think I had the harder job. I’m the only one who broke a sweat anyway. Regardless, we’re in love, and get so much satisfaction in all piling on the sofa together!

hi sugarplum den (3)

After looking at many options, it was hard to beat Ikea’s price. All the online reviews were positive, and many of you recommended it, too. {thank you!} We chose the Sivik Dark Gray cover for it’s rich charcoal gray color, and machine wash-ability. It’s very firm, but I’m hoping over time it will get more cushy.

hi sugarplum den (2)

I happened to comment maybe we should paint or change out the sofa legs, but it was met with a glare. Perhaps moments after project completion wasn’t the best time to suggest disassembling it.

hi sugarplum den (6)

The pillows are the same ones from our old sofa (R.I.P.), plus one new one I couldn’t resist on my last West Elm run. The small size of the zebra rug, and the new sofa placement, cut the room in half, so we layered the large jute rug from the Dining Room under it.

hi sugarplum den (8)

The beloved knot mirror was off-centered and gave me a twitch every time I saw it, so I just took it down. I’m thinking this big expanse of wall needs a large statement.

hi sugarplum den (1)

hi sugarplum den (7)

I’m not sure about the matching coffee and end tables, so one of them might get a little DIY. The green boxes stacked in the side table are DVDs….probably a temporary spot, since we’re still hashing out the other side of the room with the new TV and nook space.

hi sugarplum den (11)

We followed this floorplan, and were thrilled with how well everything fit. The wall that once held the sofa, now has just a chair, ottoman and side table. The pictures will need some adjusting, but I’m crazy for this little vignette. Obviously I need to take my own advice about hiding pesky lamp cords. I was too excited to show you pictures, than to pay attention to details.

hi sugarplum den (9)

Here’s another angle, peeking into the Breakfast Room.

hi sugarplum den (10)

Since this room makeover was kick-started by our unexpected TV purchase, I haven’t thought through a complete list of To-Dos yet…but a few are pretty obvious. Here’s a wide shot to give you a better idea of furniture placement, and the pitch of the ceiling.

hi sugarplum den (4)
(linked items are complete)
Build Desktop
Mount TV & Hide Cords
Find Desk Chair
Hang Art Over Sofa
Paint/Stain Sofa Legs
Re-Hang Art Over Chair
Decide Fate of Rugs
New Light Fixture
Window Coverings
Decide Fate of Matching Tables

Okay, so I guess that’s more than a few things. And yes, I’m still working on the Breakfast Room and Living Room lists. And the Dining Room has been thrown in the mix a few times, too. But oh well, I have plenty of project options for when the mood hits. How many rooms are you currently working on in your house? Is anyone else as scattered as me?!?

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  1. i love it! love the weight it gives to the room!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  2. I love the new look! Especially the art wall with the chair!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  3. It looks great, Cassie! I agree–the legs would look awesome painted, but maybe you need to give them time before reminded them how fab it would look. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love the color of the slipcover!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  4. Om, amazing my dear. Looks great. Really big improvement!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  5. Wow, Cassie! What a dramatic room! You crammed a million things to look at in this post! Love the new dramatic look, and I really like your knot mirror in that space. Hope you can find the right spot for it!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  6. It looks perfectly at home in there! That dark charcoal color looks amazing too. Sometime those silly men just can't see our version ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  7. Aubrey wrote:

    It looks great and love the two rugs together!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  8. The couch looks fabulous! I cannot wait to see what kind of art statement you do on the wall above the couch. One large piece? Lots of little pieces? I'm sure it will be some gorgeous DIY project that I will want to try for my own home!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  9. Anonymous wrote:

    FYI- http://prettypegs.se/ sells legs for IKEA furniture that are way more attractive. An extra $100 investment, but a much more expensive looking result!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  10. Johanna wrote:

    Looking awesome! Fits like a glove! Love the overall ambience.

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  11. The sectional fits perfectly- looks fantastic!!! And I'm just like you…all over the place when it comes to my own home…soooo many projects I'd love to get done!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  12. Amanda wrote:

    Cassie my dear this is by far your best makeover to date! I honestly thought when I looked at the 1st photo that it was your inspiration photo not the actual room. This room could so be in an issue of Adore Magazine or Domino. Love the graphic rug, the textures & pops of color. As for the sofa legs umm hello get out that rub n buff you wont need to take the legs of for that- gold or silver leaf those puppies. ok and other thought how awesome would a lucite coffee table be in there- oh em gee! Such a great room girl!!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  13. It looks great! I need you to come makeover my house!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  14. Cassie – this looks really great! I love the room color, the sectional and the layered rugs. I've been thinking about an Ikea sectional for our den as well. I'm happy to hear your review. Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the room.

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  15. OH MY!! It has a comfy, yet cool vibe, makes me want one of everything! Amazing job, I'm crazy for your vignette, too, and I could totally picture you laying on the floor painting those legs! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  16. Love the sectional! The new arrangement looks great. I have a project going on in every room of the house – this is normal right?

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  17. Awesome!!! Everything looks beautiful Cassie! Keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  18. That turned out so phenomenal…I've been staunchly against *any* kind of ikea furniture after a few questionable experiences, but I think you might have just made me a believer! That charcoal looks fab and I did a little cartwheel over the pillow/rug pattern combo (c: You might think you still have a ridiculous amount to do in this room, but gurrrrrl…it's already lookin' oh-so-fine in my eyes (c:

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  19. Hannah wrote:

    I'm not going to lie… I liked the off-centerness of the mirror!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  20. Angeline wrote:

    Love the sectional – the mirror & sofa color is what made me "click" on your blog today – though a huge piece of statement art would be equally beautiful – it would be easy to tape off those legs and paint them – at first glance I thought you had "Cassie-fied" them and sprayed them gold! (Love the green boxes in the room, too!) Enjoy your new room!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  21. cool sofa – reminds me of my daughters, from Ikea, same color, but her's is not the sectional.. very comfy! yes we are all over the house with stuff going on, but none of it is getting done.. lol

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  22. Delaney wrote:

    Love love love it!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  23. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Looks fantastic Cassie!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  24. Leigh wrote:

    Love the new sofa and room arrangement!!! I have sofa envy. I have been coveting that sectional since YHL debuted theirs. One day when I have a larger room…..

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  25. Love Loves it. And your gallery wall is kick ass.

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  26. Dharma wrote:

    Scattered? Who me? OH! Look! Shiny……………

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  27. AnnaM wrote:

    Love that sectional! One of those just may be in our future. I especially love your white chair and ottoman. I am always afraid of white because of the care it would need, but white is always my favorite upholstery fabric. How do you find it to be regarding maintenance. I am a newcomer (6 months or so) to your blog, but love it and your projects.

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  28. Looks fantastic. We also purchased the same sectional and it does really soften up with time. Give it a few months and encourage bouncing and jumping:)

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  29. Beth wrote:

    We have a Karlstad sectional in our basement, and we love it!! We sprayed the legs with oil rubbed bronze spray paint, and they look so much better. The couch doesn't scream IKEA now:). I also had looked into purchasing new legs for the couch from Uncle Bob: http://www.unclebobsworkshop.com/, which can give the sectional a more mid century feel.
    Your room is looking great!!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  30. Looks great! Funny- the off centre knot mirror is what caught my eye – I liked the placement of it – it gave the room a chic look. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  31. Suzy wrote:

    Congrats on your new couch! My daughter bought one just like yours this weekend too! The room is looking great. I love the layered rugs.

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  32. Looks amazing Cassie! Love the grey on grey with the light walls and darker couch. Everything looks wonderful!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  33. It looks great! I love it! You'll have to keep us up to date on how it works out for you guys!

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  34. The room looks so good now! I've been thinking about getting the Karlstad for our living room so I'm eager to hear about how it holds up in a few months ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply
  35. This looks so good, Cassie. I've been debating this sofa for like a year, not sure if I can get the hubs on board (definitely not telling him about all that assembly)!

    Posted 9.5.12 Reply
  36. This looks amazing! We have the Karlstad sofa in the same color and we love it. The cushions definitely get softer and cozier over time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!

    Posted 9.5.12 Reply
  37. Lisa Mende wrote:

    Looks great!!! Love it! Makes the room look so awesome! I agree with the big piece of art statement! That would be amazing with what you have! also like your idea of painting either one of the tables. bet u will come up with just the perfect combo!!

    Posted 9.5.12 Reply
  38. Aja wrote:

    It looks so great! Can't wait to see what you do next! And I am totally with you- constantly jumping from one room to the next, never fully completing a room. ๐Ÿ™‚ but it keeps it fun!

    Posted 9.5.12 Reply
  39. Anonymous wrote:

    When you hung the knot mirror over your fireplace… I HATED IT! And I told you that it didn't fit with your decor but would find it's home. AND IT HAS!!! I love it over your couch. I looked at the first picture in this post and thought "Now that's great design!" Put that mirror back up there. And leave it off center. IT'S FABULOUS!!!

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  40. Michaela wrote:

    Wow girl, this looks great! The layering rugs is a great idea. Maybe some big abstract art could be fun above the couch! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay for lots of progress!

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  41. Adore the carpet under carpet!!! i had to Pin it! ๐Ÿ™‚ thankyou for sharing your beautiful home!

    love K

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  42. It looks really, really good in there, Cass! Seriously, it's all coming together so well. Love that shot with the white chair and the gallery frames behind it… looks like it's out of a magazine!

    Posted 9.8.12 Reply
  43. Love that color of the sofa! Whoa that room looks so different now. What a great find.

    Posted 9.10.12 Reply
  44. Love it!! Isn't a new sofa SO FUN? giddy. If you want to paint the legs, just use some rub n buff, you won't need to take them off. Stick a paper towel under each one and go for it, and just do the legs you can see — at least that's how I roll. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love how it's all coming together!!

    Posted 9.22.12 Reply
  45. samaa wrote:

    Love your space soooo much! It looks so chic but cozy at the same time. And i LOVE your zebra rug! I just showed it to my hubby in the hopes of inspiring him ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 10.2.12 Reply
  46. I love the new couch!!! it looks so good! hahaha I love what you said though, about being met with a glare when you suggested after the sofa assembly was done, taking it apart again to paint the legs! I can relate- my husband is always telling me I need to pick my moments.

    Posted 10.4.12 Reply