{Den} A New Floorplan

Hello friends! I’m physically back from my girl’s weekend, but don’t quite have it together yet. The bounce-back rate isn’t what it used to be! But the shakes and dizzy head are all worth it for a few days of non-stop laughing. So today we’re taking things at a slower pace.

I recently showed you the updated wall color in the Den….huuuuge improvement over my previous choice.


Then I showed you the unexpected purchase we made during a big holiday weekend sale. We’re still trying to figure out how to mount the TV, where to place all the components (we started the new shelves here), and what to do with all the wires!


I’m sure some of you wondered why we didn’t just place the new TV in the old TV’s spot. For starters, it wouldn’t fit in the cabinet. Our old one was 32-inches, and the new is a beastly 50-inches.


Some of you suggested mounting the TV to the wall with a cabinet below it for components. Problem with that, is the odd size and configuration of this room. Every wall has either windows or a door opening, which doesn’t leave many options for furniture placement. It’s also a long room, so with the TV in it’s old spot, there was really only two seats with a good view. I made this crude rendering to give you a better idea (update: using this site)…

old floor plan den

The TV and sofa were originally swapped, but I hated seeing the back of the TV from the Living Room. The room also feels cluttered with so many individual pieces of furniture, yet there’s not enough places to sit. We have played musical chairs with this room for seven years, but I think we’ve finally found the best layout.

new floorplan den

A single sectional replaces the sofa and a chair, yet provides much more space for wallowing (this is the Family Room, after all). Placing the larger TV above the mantle eliminates the TV cabinet, and gives every seat a direct view, yet the room doesn’t look like it’s centered around it.

I like the new plan and am excited to pull it together, but I’m still a little leery of a sectional sofa. I know they’ve come a long way in the last few decades, but I’m worried it will overtake the room. Do you have a sectional? Have you ever launched an entire room makeover because of a single purchase?!

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