Date Night Style | Holiday Edition

How was your weekend, lovebugs? I hope it was full of merriment! We’re practically bursting with Christmas spirit after an evening at the Dallas Symphony! And then Saturday night, Mr. SP had his own gig with some musician friends, so there was lots of swooning going on.

You all know he’s “entertaining”, but did you know he used to be a professional musician? He’s in a different profession now, but if you follow my IG Stories, you know there’s always music in our house. It never gets old watching him perform, either on a stage or at home.

In our early days, New Year’s Eve was a big deal because he’d always have shows. I’d get to dance and play with my friends while he performed, then at midnight he’d pause long enough for a big smooch. I think he knew how much that made me swoon, because one year he pulled me on-stage and proposed in front of the huge crowd (read more about it here)!

He teases that he figured I couldn’t say no in front of a riled-up crowd of people celebrating New Year’s Eve (Canadians, no less! #eh), but joke’s on him because I was waiting to marry him from the moment we met!

Almost 22 years later, our New Year’s Eves look a lot different, but they’re always a special night to us. We usually spend them at home with the kids and takeout, but we can still tear it up when given the opportunity!

This dress is great year-round, but especially fun for holiday parties and New Year’s Eve. It even comes in a stunning red if you like to make a bigger statement! I love that it’s one-part classic with the sheath fit and lace, and one-part sassy with the ruffles and neckline. The length is also short enough to be fun, but not so much you’ve slipped into the danger-zone!

Fit Tip: It’s true to Women’s sizing, and I’m wearing a regular 0. I think the petite sizing would be best left to those of you under 5’1″ or still in your 20s. #justsayin 

I’m no stranger to a bright lip, but I switched from my usual pink to a bold red for the holiday. For my coloring, I prefer reds with blue undertones, but those of you with darker hair and complexions might find yellow undertones to be more flattering. 
Both Nars and Lancome had gorgeous red shades I loved, but I went with Lancome ‘132 Caprice’ (mostly for this gift with purchase! #noshame).

Don’t let these pics fool you, the man drives me mad sometimes, and we are what you might call ‘passionate fighters,’ but the arguments are always short-lived because I know in my heart he’s the one for me. The confidence and security his unwavering love has brought to my life are truly a Godsend, and I wouldn’t want to walk this journey with anyone else. Okay, maybe some days I wish it were Ryan Gosling, but I’m sure Mr. SP has his dreams, too. šŸ˜‰

It doesn’t hurt that he’s freaking hilarious, either! Remember kids…looks, swagger, money, and jobs can all fade and change…but funny is always funny! How do you ring in the New Year? What’s your best memory from New Year’s Eves of past?!?

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*Thank you to the darling and talented Mary Summers for these fun photos! I hope someday our kids look back at them and know their parents truly adored each other.

*This post is created in collaboration with Nordstrom, but all clothing, ideas, and husband-swooning are my own. Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors.*

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  1. Jenny wrote:

    What fun photos! And you guys look even better now, I think!

    Posted 12.12.16 Reply
  2. Amy wrote:

    Oh! You guys are just the cutest!

    Posted 12.12.16 Reply
  3. OHHHH that dress! Love it!!

    Posted 12.12.16 Reply
  4. Christina wrote:

    What a great post and story, Cassie. And the last part is so true. Beauty Narked is what I'm wearing currently and I'll have to try that lipstick. I'm looking for the right red.

    Posted 12.12.16 Reply
  5. Such a beautiful couple!

    Posted 12.12.16 Reply
  6. That last picture needs to be blown up on canvas somewhere in your house. Seriously.

    Posted 12.12.16 Reply
  7. You two are the most darling couple! You are so right…someone who can make you laugh is everything. Gorgeous dress! Happy Holidays!

    Posted 12.12.16 Reply
  8. My middle son was born on New Year's Eve so we always have a huge party at our house with a bunch of families. Fireworks, pizza, s'mores, friends, family, champagne (for the adults), sparkling cider (for the kids)- what better way to start the New Year!

    Posted 12.12.16 Reply
  9. Patricia wrote:

    It does help that my honey and I see "funny" the same way. We just celebrated 32 years with date night dinner in front of the fireplace. Honestly I love him much more than I did in the early years … and I was pretty darn starry eyed over him way back then. With love, trust and respect, along with a sense of humor, you can get through some pretty tough times.

    Posted 12.12.16 Reply
  10. What a fun engagement story! Love the dress.

    Posted 12.12.16 Reply
  11. cassandra wrote:

    You guys are the CUTEST. Miss you both! Give that hubby of yours a squeeze from the girls in Seattle!! xo

    Posted 12.12.16 Reply
  12. Sugar wrote:

    You know what my favorite part of your story is? The way he looks at you. It is pure love. And it's not just this post, but every post. You can just see how much he adores you! Wonderful seeing the 'dress' post!

    Posted 12.13.16 Reply
  13. Hannah wrote:

    I am blown away with this party look, especially the little black dress, which is ever so adorable and actually reminds my of school times. The whole look is a great start for the Holiday Season. Thanks!

    Posted 12.13.16 Reply
  14. You two are adorable!
    XO, Jaclyn

    Posted 12.13.16 Reply
  15. You two are just so adorable and fun! I really would love more pictures of my hubby and I (staged or not) in "fun" mode. I think it is nice to have those fun shots to remind you why you are together in the first place. Merry Christmas Cassie!

    Posted 12.14.16 Reply
  16. Truly, funny IS always a winner. I've been a reader for awhile and somehow missed your awesome engagement story! What a great memory:)))

    Posted 12.15.16 Reply