Date Night Style

Spring has finally, and officially, sprung! Which means wedding season is upon us. And bridal showers. And Easter. And all the soirees Spring and Summer has to offer. I’ll jump at any chance to wear a dress, but there’s no beating getting gussied up with this guy.

Sport Coat | Dress Shirt | Tie | Jeans | Shoes | Sunglasses | One-Shoulder Dress | Nude Sandals | Tassel Earrings | Similar Clutch

We’ve got a few years under our belts (23 together! Read our story here.), so I’ve learned a few things…or should I say, tricks…when it comes to getting dressed up with Mr. SP. I presume he’s like a lot of men, and doesn’t want to be told what to wear. And of course, comfort is always key. (Men don’t get that beauty is pain!) 😉

So when an occasion requires he step-up his style game, I always make sure to be dressed first. Then the conversation usually goes like this:

Me: *Prancing out, fully gussied up* (he’s still in sweats at this point).
Mr. SP: Whoa babe, you look great!
Me: Thanks!! I love this DRESS!
Mr. SP: Oh wait, this thing tonight is that dressed-up?!?!? (slight panic in his voice, visions of flip-flops dancing in his head)
Me: I mean, yeah. But wear what you’re comfortable in.
Mr. SP: But you’re wearing that?! (reality kicking in)
Me: Yes. You can wear jeans, though. Oh, but a sports coat would look great with them. A tie would be fun, too!

And then walk out of the room!! No more discussions (or opportunities to negotiate!!). Then give him full reign of the bathroom and closet! This last part is key, because he doesn’t want an audience while he comes to terms with a sports coat and tie. (Even though he’s the one who bought them in the first place!)

And as soon as he comes out, carry on about how hot he looks, and how much fun you’re going to have that night! #endscene

One-Shoulder Dress | Nude Sandals | Tassel Earrings | Similar Clutch

One-Shoulder Dress | Watch | Bracelet

He actually loves clothes, but likes to find things for himself. #picky Usually when he accompanies me to Nordstrom, he wanders out of the dressing room after awhile, and I later find him in the Mens department…or even more likely, their massive shoe department. It seems shoe weakness runs in the family.

He favors the trim-fit shirts and jackets, so he doesn’t feel like he’s wearing his dad’s suit. But prefers to keep it on the more casual side, and pairs them with jeans whenever he can get away with it. It’s taken some time, but I’m finally steering him to a more straight leg jean, rather than just relaxed fit (he likes the Mavi brand available at Nordstrom because of their washes and plain pockets). 

His work style is fairly casual, so he just ditches the jacket and tie…and sometimes wears these sneakers instead.

Sport Coat | Dress Shirt | Tie | Sunglasses | One-Shoulder Dress | Tassel Earrings | Watch | Bracelet

Me on the other hand, will choose a dress whenever I can! And this one-shoulder is a stunner…perfectly tailored fit, vibrant colors, and classic style. And pockets. Never overlook the power of a pocket.

Fit Tip: It runs true and I’m wearing a regular 2. I paired it with this genius bra to help fill out the top a bit more. The shoulder stays in place, too, so you’re aren’t tugging at it all night.

One-Shoulder Dress | Nude Sandals | Tassel Earrings | Similar Clutch

You could also throw a blazer or this jean jacket over the dress to make it suitable for work or church. It’s just too much fun to wait for a special occasion! Do you have any special events coming up this season? Does your man drag his feet about getting dressed up, or jump at the chance? See more of our Date Night Style posts here.

P.S. Can you tell I’m sporting the faux-tan in these pics?! Check out my self-tanner tips here.

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Photos by the darling & talented Mary Summers.


*This post is created in collaboration with Nordstrom, but all clothing, ideas, and rug-cutting are my own. Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors!*



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  1. Laughing SO hard about your pre go out conversation. I need to take some tips from you! The last event we had, Chris got dressed before I had ANY input….so the input afterward looked a little like this from me, “UM, THAT is the shirt you are going to wear? What about THIS one?” And by event, I mean Carter’s baseball game. Hahahahaha!!!!!! 🙂

    Posted 3.22.17 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      LOL!! Oh yes, you must be dressed first…if not, there’s no changing!! 😉

      Posted 3.22.17 Reply
  2. Shay Shull wrote:

    That dress and those earrings are spectacular together!!

    Posted 3.22.17 Reply
  3. Christina wrote:

    Such a beautiful dress! This post is cracking me up! I love seeing the two of you together. And for the record I can only tell it’s a fake tan because of you post the other day…. it looks so real and thanks to you, I have a “real” tan, too!!

    Posted 3.22.17 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      yay! I’m thrilled you liked the tan tips!! xo

      Posted 3.22.17 Reply
  4. Brittany wrote:

    Y’all are too cute! Love how you coordinate outfits and that dress is so gorgeous!!! Happy Wednesday!

    Brittany 🙂

    Posted 3.22.17 Reply
  5. Elizabet wrote:

    You guys are the best! Both of you look great, and I love Mr SP’s style!

    Posted 3.22.17 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thanks so much, Elizabeth…I love seeing him decked out!! Makes me giddy all over again! xo

      Posted 3.22.17 Reply
  6. Stephanie wrote:

    At least you can actually get him to wear a tie. Mine? Never. Only at our wedding. No ties ever other than that.

    Posted 3.22.17 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Isn’t it funny how every man has their own quirk with what they’ll wear or not wear!!?? Mine has a penchant for women’s sunglasses, so there’s that! 😉

      Posted 3.22.17 Reply
  7. Erin Sutch wrote:

    Y’all are simply the cutest! I love how you can totally tell you guys just have a good time together! 🙂

    Posted 3.22.17 Reply
  8. You and Mr SP are total “couple goals!” I love how much fun you two always have together!

    Posted 3.22.17 Reply
  9. Ronda wrote:

    Love that dress, how do you get the self tanner on your back? Help from Mr. SP?

    Posted 3.22.17 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      I can reach around my shoulders, so I covered it all for this dress. If I want a full back, though, I have to ask (beg) him! 😉

      Posted 3.22.17 Reply
  10. Pam wrote:

    Love your dress. You always look so put together. Love your style and Mama SP’s as well.

    Posted 3.22.17 Reply
  11. angi wrote:

    Seriously y’all….try to be cute next time! lol
    Man y’all look lean and FIT

    Posted 3.22.17 Reply
  12. Cheri wrote:

    Love it! And love this post. I was cracking up with your getting dressed conversation! So adorable. My husband and I have 21 years of marriage. I can TOTALLY relate. I’m always dressed first too! 😀

    Posted 3.22.17 Reply
  13. Jen wrote:

    You both look amazing, not just because of the clothing, but because of the fun you two have together! But I will say, the dress is SO GOOD that I can’t even handle it. The colors, the love, the laughter…. I miss you guys! And I want that dress!

    Posted 3.23.17 Reply
  14. Heidi wrote:

    Hi Cassie! I just ordered that dress to wear to a wedding in the English countryside this summer! So I’d love your advice on jewelry/bag/shoes?! I bought a semi-large navy fascinator/hat to wear with the dress (because English weddings = hats). So, do I simply do nude shoes and a nude purse and subtle jewelry? Because I’d LOVE to order those tassel earrings you’re wearing! But I fear they may be too much with a hat? Thank you for your inspiration!

    Posted 3.23.17 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Ohmyword….this sounds amazing!! PLEASE send me a pic of you in the dress and hat!!! I think you could absolutely do fun earrings, but maybe in the white or ivory color. So you get the fun, but maybe not overkill with the color, too. And yes, I think nude shoes and bag would be perfect. have so much fun! xo

      Posted 3.23.17 Reply
      • Heidi wrote:

        You’re wonderful! I didn’t even think of getting the earrings in white! Yes! I love your style. Thank you! 🙂

        Posted 3.23.17 Reply
        • Victoria wrote:

          We do dress up more in Britain for weddings. US weddings seem to be to be jeans or black tie and nothing in between!
          Go with the coloured earrings too. You won’t look overdressed. And when you get to dancing you
          L take the fascinating off and the earrings will be great to still give you colour. Not that the dress isn’t colourful. And I’d go with hot pink shoes, because why not?!

          Posted 3.23.17 Reply
  15. Annie wrote:

    Oh my gosh I need that dress! You look beautiful!

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  16. Sandy Maples wrote:

    LOVE this dress on you! The colors are so vibrant, waist is great. Seriously, Nordstrom + others should hire you to model their clothes. They always look so much better in your pics than on their website. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked your links to view an item and thought, I’d never have given this piece a 2nd thought if I hadn’t seen it on you first! Great job. Lookin beautiful, as always. Thanks for the tips!!

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Haha, it’s all smoke and mirrors! And Mary’s magic camera! 😉 But thank you!!

      Posted 3.25.17 Reply
  17. Jen Fisher wrote:

    I bought this dress for our trip to Hawaii. I give all credit to you. Ha. I can’t wait to wear it. I love the shirt and tie that your husband has on to coordinate with you. I’m wanting my husband to wear something other than a white dress shirt with his suit. Once again…thanks for the inspiration!

    Posted 3.26.17 Reply