The Dark Side

Two things I realized while preparing this post. 1) I’m a totally crappy photographer!  2) Photographing your work helps you see all the flaws!!

So now I see I have some touch-up to do on my interior door….especially since a color this dark is so unforgiving. Here’s the unassuming interior front door painted generic white

You’ll notice the boo-boo on the bottom…that’s from an unfortunate event involving Mr. Sugarplum and a Christmas wreath hanger (note to self: door won’t open and close properly with a hanger looped over the top). We don’t hang said wreath anymore.
Anyway, painting the door was a great way to cover up this accident. I just filled the crack with wood filler, then sanded it down lightly. I actually gave the whole door a quick sand-down to roughen up the surface….but really it was good to remove the grime I had no idea was there!

Then I just went at it! I prefer to use foam rollers for jobs like this because I don’t like brush marks. I used those cheapie foam brushes for all the crevices. I could definately tell the spots that hadn’t been sanded well because the paint seemed to ‘slip off’ there…but since this paint has primer built in, it gave it something to stick to on the second and third coats. I also didn’t worry about the window. Once the paint is completely dry, it scrapes off the glass easily with a flat edge razor. The doorknob was a different story, and I’ll be figuring out a way to fix that mess later! Here it is after two coats, still wet:
I had a few helpers make a hot mess step in for a bit.
And here are the final ‘after’ shots. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say final since there are some spots that need touching up. I also think I like it more high-gloss, so it might get a coat of a glossy poly.
Something needs to happen with the candlesticks now. And wouldn’t the foyer be SO FAB with a zebra rug and mirror on the side wall?! (If I were clever with Photoshop, I’d totally do a mock-up of that for you!) I love how it turned out and am now eye-balling other doors in my house!

Here are the deets on what I used:
Paint: Behr Paint + Primer, interior semi-gloss latex. It’s Martha’s color, Francecsa, but Home Depot color matched it to their brand
Sander: 220 grit
Pretty big bang for under $20, no?! (well, except for the new rug and mirror I’ll probably end up buying now.) What do you think? Likey or No Likey?
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