Cupid Calling

Thank you, thank you for all your kind words on our Dining Room Reveal. There’s no question I’m going to miss that space. Some of you asked if we’d just pick up and move the room as-is to the new house…well, we’ll move the furniture, but the new owners insisted on keeping all the window treatments and hardware, throughout the house.

So with no blue ikat drapes, pink walls, or red ceiling, it’s not really the same space at all. At first I was a little bummed, then I realized it means I get to start over! #bonus

No question life has been a little crazy, so date nights have taken a back seat, and it seems ‘new house construction’ is the only topic of conversation. Mr. SP is putting a stop to that, and told me to be ready Saturday night for an early Valentine date night! Perfect timing since I just ordered this chic brushstroke dress from Nordstrom. (Thank goodness for their speedy, free shipping!) 

I’m trying to decide how to style it…which do you prefer? (If you prefer a sexier look, this dress is perfect!)

It’s hard to believe Valentine’s Day is already around the corner! I’m not a big lingerie girl (sorry, babe!), but I wouldn’t mind Cupid bringing me these darling PJs or comfy pink slippers. Blame 16 years of marriage, but that’s more my style these days. I’d much rather wrap myself in this cozy cardi, than have dental floss up my hoo-ha! I rounded up some goodies to help Mr. SP out…feel free to pass them along to your Cupid.

Hi Sugarplum | Valentine Wish List
1. Pink Bag  //  2. Fleece Wrap  //  3. Gold Heart Studs

How often do you have date night? Do you go out for Valentine’s Day? We hardly ever go out on the actual holiday, but opt to stay in and celebrate without the crowds…I guess that’s another byproduct of old age so many years together. (See more of our Date Night Style here.)

P.S. You may have seen my teaser post yesterday on InstaGram and Facebook…the big photo shoot kicks off this morning!!! I’ll post behind-the-scenes shots over the next few days, so follow along if you’d like! And tomorrow is another big Reno Update if I can get my act together…happy hump day, lovebugs!

{Shop More Valentine Style & Goodies}

*This post is written in collaboration with Nordstrom, but all selections, opinions and dreams of cozy evenings at home are my own. Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors!

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  1. Jillian wrote:

    i love those sweet little heart earrings. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    Posted 1.28.15 Reply
  2. Dental floss up the hoo-hah! Now that will be ringing in my head all day! Cannot wait to see the behind the scenes pics from your photo shoot! We're actually hosting College Girl's 21st birthday party with the family on V'Day. Not sure if it will be bust or not…still waiting for the rsvp's but I think most people we know don't go out on the actual day/night. We take date nights whenever we can get 'em!!

    Posted 1.28.15 Reply
  3. I LOVE that pink bag!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

    Posted 1.28.15 Reply
  4. You crack me up…..definitely with you on the lingerie! I'm thinking if it's still chilly I'd have to go with the leopard jacket option. I have had those sweet little heart earrings in my shopping cart for weeks. And…we will spend our V-day watching TCU play baseball….baseball mom probs! Have a fun date!

    Posted 1.28.15 Reply
  5. We go on date nights pretty much every weekend (we don't have children). But I don't consider them "dates" – just "hanging out." We usually drive to FTW or hang out at Hanks or Love and War to hear local Texas music. We're pretty casual.

    As for VDay, we don't really celebrate. We give each other a card, but that's about it. I've always felt VDay to be a made up/kids kind of day. 🙂

    Cute dress!

    Posted 1.28.15 Reply
  6. Such a cute dress! And that clutch! We usually get 2-3 date nights out a month, but we always stay in for Valentine's Day. Crowds and limited menus? No thanks! We cook a "fancy" dinner together after the kids are in bed, and I look forward to it all year 🙂

    Posted 1.28.15 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    We have date night about every other weekend. My daughter has visitation with her dad every two weeks so we take advantage of that. It's usually dinner or maybe a movie now and then.
    We also don't really "do" V Day. Although my mister does sometimes get me flowers because he knows how much I love them.

    Posted 1.28.15 Reply
  8. Moja wrote:

    Love the leopard-always! We are usually in celebrating Valentine's Day with the kids-a family love affair if you will:) Date nights are more fun for us without the masses!

    Posted 1.28.15 Reply
  9. Carrie wrote:

    Oh, I would go for the first look unless it is really chilly. I love all of the pink accents!

    Posted 1.28.15 Reply
  10. I think it should be a rule that all date nights include leopard :).

    Posted 1.28.15 Reply
  11. You crack me up. Dental floss where?! I'm with you girl… Bring on the fleece pants and tees. Keep the floss for the twenty-year olds!

    Posted 1.29.15 Reply
  12. Ninny wrote:

    I prefer look #1. But you may need a jacket. 🙂 My standard date night is Friday night when after a full week of work I am SO ready for an adult beverage and something that I didn't cook and FOR SURE don't have to clean up. Not usually anything fancy, just the local restaurant. Last Friday we did make it to a movie and that was a nice change.

    Posted 1.29.15 Reply
  13. I love look number 2! The Kate Spade bag, earrings and Uggs are so cute! I may have to break down and buy the kitten sweater in pink too!

    As always, I love your blog! How do you get it all done???


    Posted 1.29.15 Reply
  14. mwimp wrote:

    oh my heavens! ur 'dental floss up the hooha' shud have come with a coffee warning! I laughed so hard I almost had coffee out my nose – I say the same thing sister! of course it cud be the yrs of marriage for me too this year will be 18

    Posted 1.30.15 Reply