Creating Cheap Art

I crossed a few more things off my To-Do List for my son’s room makeover. Having his return home as my deadline has kept me busy most nights cranking out the smaller projects. His room doesn’t have to be completely done before he gets home, but I’m psychotic enough to die trying.

I’m sure as he grows *sob* he’ll add posters and snapshots and other junky crap treasures like that, so I don’t want to invest in anything expensive. Plus, it’s easier on the guilt to switch things around when you know you didn’t spend much for them.

I stumbled across a real Score! at JoAnn’s Fabrics. They sell 2-packs of 11×14 frames, with glass, for $6! Yes, SIX BUCKS. If you’re cheap smart like me and use one of their ever-present 40% off coupons, they become $3.60. That’s one dollar and eighty cents per frame!!?? (I’m spelling it out for more impact…you feel that!?) They come in black, brown and silver frames.


I printed out some funny animal pictures (on just regular old copy paper) from our family trips to Fossil Rim and Arbuckle Wilderness (Animal parks where the wildlife come up to your car, eat out of your hands, scare the crap out of your little ones, and rub their snotty, drooling faces on your windows. It really is fun though.) I think they turned out pretty cute….the ostrich may bring back scary memories for my son though. šŸ™‚

Another cheapy thing I whipped up using these supplies:


Leftover scrapbook paper (from a project I’ll post about soon), clearance frame from Marshalls, and utterly profound fortunes from Pei Wei fortune cookies.


The two I chose for my son’s room read:

“You have the ability to touch the lives of many people”
“A dream you have will come true”

I’m not much of an inspirational poster person, but I thought these would be a nice sentiment for his room.
You see my ‘special’ helper off to the side…want to guess how much of that glue stick ended up on the paper and how much on my table?

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  1. christine wrote:

    aww, so cute and those animal pics made me giggle – that ostrich is hilarious!

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  2. Melissa wrote:

    GREAT! ideas. I am always looking for cheap…er, inexpensive decorating ideas for the kids' rooms. That way THEY can have input and it can still look good and I don't feel bad when my daughter's fave color changes from blue to orange to purple and then back to blue!

    Posted 8.11.10 Reply