{Christmas} Sequin Trees

Something weird happened. I swear, all I did was blink, and it’s December!!? Weren’t we just swimming a couple of weeks ago, enjoying the Summer…and now it’s practically Christmas. It must be an indicator of my advancing age, the whole ‘time flies’ thing.

But I welcome Christmas season with open arms, while waving a glue gun! I don’t know what comes over me this time of year, but my head just swims with the projects I want to attempt do. So hold your Cokes, friends, I’ve got a bevvy of projects to show you in the coming weeks. (Yeah, I just said bevvy. Remember that advancing age thing?)


I’d been mulling over making a trio of trees for awhile, and really waffled (how unusual for me?!) on what I wanted to cover them in…buttons, felt circles, multi-colored sequins. But I’m always lured by shiny things, so silver sequins won out.

The supplies are are pretty basic, but you need a lot of them. Seriously, grab as many bags of sequins as you think you’ll need. Then double that. And then double it again. And I can’t promise you still won’t have to return to the store for more. I challenge you to find a pearlized pin within 10 miles of me!

Picnik collage

Start with a fully-loaded DVR, then begin pinning the sequins (the larger ones are also called paillettes, but you’ll have to craft with your pinky out if you call them that) one row at a time, overlapping so the styrofoam doesn’t show through.

Picnik collage

Work your way to the top, pausing to question your mental stability, and another run to the craft store for more pins and a tree topper. For the tops, I simply shaved the foam so the cone of the topper would fit snuggly, then covered it with more sequins.

Picnik collage

Admire your work, then make two more. I’m thrilled with how they turned out, but the pictures just don’t do them justice. The silver sequins are like little mirrors. Have you ever tried to photograph a mirror? How about hundreds of tiny mirrors?!

Picnik collage

But trust me, they are impressive. *pat-pat*


Can you peek my mantel? I’m prepping it for Michelle’s Mantel Link Party next week!




This is my favorite vignette in the house right now…and I’m so excited to share it at Courtney’s Christmas Cheer Vignette Party today! Come check out all the gorgeous vignettes, and link up your own! Here are the parties coming up next!

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  1. Amanda wrote:

    Va-va-voom!! those are beautiful!

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  2. Noelle wrote:

    Those are gorgeous and sparkly, and I love sparkly!!

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  3. Those are so so so fabulous! I love the sparkle!

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  4. These are super Cute!!

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  5. Love them!!! So shiny and fun 🙂 xo

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  6. Shiny = good! They look beautiful on your table!

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  7. Kristen wrote:

    I'm a new follower! and I love this diy. so pretty, i love a little glitz and glam!

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  8. The trees are so glamorous and chic!! Love them!!

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  9. sfitzg2 wrote:

    Love these!!

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  10. Love them. I am obsessed with anything sparkly at christmas! I really need to get my craft-on, it has been WAY to long.

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  11. eeeee so pretty! But I'm surprised you (or anyone) had the patience for that! It paid off though 🙂

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  12. Michaela wrote:

    I love these! So festive. I'm all about a little (or a lot of sparkle!!)

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  13. These are so darn cute, Cassie!!! LOVE. I am liking the pink and green accents around as well. Super cute.

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  14. Andrea wrote:

    Those are really beautiful! what a fun project!!

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  15. Karena wrote:

    Cassie these sequined trees are gorgeous!! They are so simply elegant, not too frou frou. Just the kind of decor I love! Bravo!

    Please Come and enter the 1st of Twelve Days of Holiday giveaways! It is stunning!

    Art by Karena

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  16. Dharma wrote:

    It's DECEMBER??????? Holy! Well you know, holy what.

    Love the trees, girly. They would be the bomb to make with my teen nieces. You were kind enough to do the tutorial, the least I can do is follow it 🙂

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  17. Love this look….shiny is all the rage and thanks for showing us how!

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  18. I am like a magpie…I'm attracted to anything shiny, so I'm absolutely *nutzo* for these beauties! I'm lamenting my lack of mental toughness because I'm pretty sure I would give up half way through the first one…but they are absolutely stunning! LOVE IT!

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  19. very impressive: Love this craft!

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  20. Gorgeous Cassie, I love them! THe best cone trees I've seen 🙂 Well done!

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  21. Amy wrote:

    Pretty, pretty! I love anything that sparkles!

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  22. Crazy how Christmas brings out the craftiness in all of us. I don't pick up a glue gun at all through the year and then December hits and BAM, must get out the glue gun! Your trees are awesome and I might just need some for myself! How long do you think they took to make?

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  23. Shanna wrote:

    These are awesome! It's like Christmas meets disco, which is a good thing, indeed 🙂

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  24. love them! Over from A Thoughtful Place….

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  25. I could use a bit more sequins & sparkles in my life. These are awesome!

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  26. OMG Love! if i saw this in the store i would so buy it! i just dont know if i have the mental capacity to do it myself lol

    Posted 12.2.11 Reply
  27. Those are so fun and festive – love 'em!!

    I'd love it if you'd share it (or one of your other wonderful Holiday posts from the past) at our Christmas Linky Party going on right now.

    Happy December!

    Posted 12.2.11 Reply
  28. Tiffany wrote:

    Super cute! I've pinned them so I can make them next year. This year the five year old and I are going to make penppermint trees. 🙂

    Posted 12.2.11 Reply
  29. Amber wrote:

    Very cute Cassie! LOVE them!

    Posted 12.2.11 Reply
  30. Owner wrote:

    Wow I love those! Where did you buy the packs of sequins? I can't find them. Thanks


    Posted 12.2.11 Reply
  31. HOLD THE PHONE! You made those!? I saw them in your last post and thought they were from like zgallerie or something. true story!!

    Posted 12.3.11 Reply
  32. "Start with a fully loaded DVR"!!! I can imagine. Those came out great! I would totally buy them from you!

    Posted 12.3.11 Reply
  33. Wow. Wow. These look amazing! Love sparkle this time of year!

    Posted 12.6.11 Reply
  34. Karyn wrote:

    Wow these are beautiful and I love how you added the stars at the top.

    Posted 12.6.11 Reply
  35. Your sequins trees are gorgeous. I featured them on my "This Weeks Pinterest Loves" post on my blog yesterday. Come and check it out here and grab a feature button from my side bar. http://tyandwhitneyulrich.blogspot.com/2011/12/this-weeks-pinterest-loves-18.html

    A mommy's life…with a touch of YELLOW

    Posted 12.12.11 Reply
  36. Lori wrote:

    Love sequins! I'm a new follower too. Stop by and enter to win my Heirloom ornament made with vintage jewelry…only 1 day left to enter. Warm wishes

    Posted 12.13.11 Reply
  37. These are so glam and fab! I want me some:)

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  38. Cindy wrote:

    Found you on Pinterest…love the bling and just finished my first tree! Gotta go get more sequins and my star topper. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Posted 12.17.11 Reply
  39. Cindy wrote:

    I posted my version of the sequin trees todays — yours are definitely prettier (I shouldn't have waited 'til the last minute!)


    Posted 12.21.11 Reply
  40. good golly, that's some serious glitz and glam!! love them!!

    visiting from nester…happily!


    Posted 12.23.11 Reply
  41. annewalker wrote:

    thanks for sharing this wonderful Christmas tree decorations ideas! I love glittery and brilliant stuff so I will definitely use this idea for this coming holiday. Thumbs up!

    Posted 11.30.12 Reply