{Christmas} Metallic Bow Wreath

Funny how I used to be fairly indifferent to wreaths, and yet so far this season, I’ve made multiple wreaths of scented pinecones, boxwood and rosemary?! And now stick-on bows!! What’s next, painted toilet paper rolls? Well, if cardboard tubes can turn out as fun and shiny as this, I’m game! *not really*


Not knowing how this would look, I didn’t want to invest a lot. Who am I kidding, I wouldn’t have invested a lot regardless. So I started with a fiddy-cent tube of pipe insulation (like I used here), and a $5 bag of metallic stick-on bows. If you make this, you’ll probably think you’re clever by skipping the glue-gun and just sticking them directly to the form. But the next day your smugness will deflate because half of them will have fallen off. So just get the glue gun after it, gluing the bows willy-nilly until the form is covered.

christmas bow wreath

I had a few bald spots, so I added silver curly ribbon.


And since we’re having a pink Christmas, I looped a strip of pink ribbon through for hanging.


I liked it so much, I made two. And I guess wreaths on the window is my thing this year.


I think the Den is the perfect spot for these whimsical wreaths….especially since they hang near the Christmas tree (tree, packages, bows…get it?)





Happy Friday, dollfaces! I hope it’s a wonderfully productive weekend for you…I’m trying to wrap things up so I can relax and enjoy all this crazy craftiness! Click here to catch up on what we’ve done so far.

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  1. Wow! You are a crafting DIY queen this Christmas! This is really stinkin cute

    Posted 12.9.11 Reply
  2. LOVe! Super Cute! Can I come steal some of your Christmas decorations!?!? 🙂

    Posted 12.9.11 Reply
  3. Lucky Girl wrote:

    So cool. Now I'm off to write a reminder to myself to buy bags of clearance bows in the after-Christmas sales so I can do this next year!

    Posted 12.9.11 Reply
  4. that is so cute!

    Posted 12.9.11 Reply
  5. Oh these are too fun – or should I say two fun 😉 Love them- and that room looks so warm and inviting too!

    Posted 12.9.11 Reply
  6. If you want to be even cheaaaaaaaaper…Instead of buying the pipe (oh, I just saw you said it was 50 cents. But still, us DIYers pride ourselves on using what we have, right?! Even if it takes more steps.), use a wrapping paper roll. Thin ones are usually just lightly glued together in a spiral. Undo it and attach the two ends. Reinforce with brown paper bags and tape all around. And that's it! It supported my large crepe paper rose wreath here http://adaywithlilmama.blogspot.com/2011/02/first-birthday-party-decorations_17.html

    Posted 12.9.11 Reply
  7. What a great idea! And something that I think even I could do! 😉

    Posted 12.9.11 Reply
  8. Lo wrote:

    Dang you Cassie! That is so cute!!! Love it!

    Posted 12.9.11 Reply
  9. Oh these are just too much fun- fabulous job Cassie!

    Posted 12.9.11 Reply
  10. Leslie wrote:

    I saw this one on Real Simple and I'm obsessed! Thanks for posting about it; they look great. 🙂

    Posted 12.9.11 Reply
  11. I love this!!1 whatta a great idea! 🙂

    Posted 12.9.11 Reply
  12. Laurie wrote:

    Fun and cheerful! Love

    Posted 12.9.11 Reply
  13. Now *this* is a project I can get behind! I'm totally game for something that doesn't take a lot of money or attention span…I lack both (c: and it's *SHINY*! Grand slam.

    Posted 12.9.11 Reply
  14. Robyn wrote:

    I love these! They are so incredibly cute, and making them yourself makes them even more special. I LOVE your Christmas tree too!

    Posted 12.9.11 Reply
  15. This is so "me"! I love it. You are on fire, my friend!

    Posted 12.10.11 Reply
  16. Jamie wrote:

    super cute!

    Posted 12.10.11 Reply
  17. Pipe insulation!?! Genius! And OMG lil mama took it a step further with a wrapping paper roll! We are on our way to toilet paper rolls!! So hysterical… This wreath is so sexy (hmmm too much to call a wreath sexy???)and looks great with all your pink.

    Posted 12.10.11 Reply
  18. Tausha wrote:

    Simple and fabulous! My kind of craft! Love it and I love your christmas pics! So fun. Oh and your green pillow, If I were your neighbor, I would steel it and then totally deny it! 🙂

    have a happy day!

    Posted 12.11.11 Reply
  19. Nikki wrote:

    Shut. Up. These are so stinkin' cute!

    Posted 12.12.11 Reply
  20. emily wrote:

    Totally pinning this. These are so cute! I love the silver with the pink. I haven't been able to follow along like I would have liked to, but your tree and mantles look amazing, friend! Great job all around! I love that your color is pink!

    Posted 12.12.11 Reply
  21. I love me a cute wreath and cheapo one is even better! This looks fantastic, Cassie.

    Posted 12.12.11 Reply
  22. SalemMomma wrote:

    I love it! I never would have thought to use pipe insulation for the wreath form, how clever!

    Posted 12.20.11 Reply