{Christmas DIY} Magnolia Wreath

I think all my projects are starting to catch up with me…I actually fell asleep twice during the massage on my hooker hookie day with Mama Sugarplum yesterday!!?? I’m sure it had nothing to do with the huge fajita feast we had first. But we did have a great time, and thanks for the sweet comments.

Remember when I knocked-off Ballard’s Burlap Vases? I love perusing home catalogs and being struck with the hope knowledge that I can reproduce something similar….for, of course, much cheaper!

I loved this Magnolia Wreath in the latest Pottery Barn Catalog, but didn’t love the $99 price tag:

pb wreath room
(Don’t think I’m not eyeballing the metallic wreath too!)

Especially since I have a Magnolia tree in my backyard! Mr. Sugarplum spends the summer cursing it for dropping little pods in the pool, but I’m pretty thrilled about having it right now!

(Note to self: wash windows and reposition rug pad!)
Let’s start with what you need…ring form, glue gun and a mini-pile of glue sticks, Command hook…and of course, Magnolia leaves. I had Mr. Sugarplum do some unnecessary pruning on our tree, plucked off the leaves, then hosed them down in the kitchen sink (in case there were any critters).
Picnik collage
Once the leaves were dry, I attached them one at  time with only a dab of glue. They are placed on an angle around the circumference, then I glued a second, staggered layer. I prefer the leaves without the extra stem, so I just snipped those off.
Picnik collage
Next I flipped the wreath over and glued a layer around the back. These leaves only protruded the center of the wreath by a couple of inches and were placed at the opposite angle of the front layer.
Picnik collage
The leaves set very quickly so there is no wait time between layers. Finally, I flipped the wreath back over and glued a ring of smaller leaves around the middle to cover the base of the stems.
A little ribbon attached to a handy-dandy Command hook, and you’re good to go!
The leaves have a gorgeous natural shine, and the color is so fresh and vibrant. We don’t have a real Christmas tree, so I love being able to bring some natural elements in elsewhere.
Picnik collage
We aren’t spending a lot of time in the backyard these chilly days, but if we were, the wreath would be a pretty view from the back as well.
Picnik collage
(oops, nice reflection of crazy crafter in her pajamas!)
I had leftover supplies, so I made a smaller version for the picture window in the breakfast room. You can see the Command hook I used (those things are genius!):
Picnik collage
Oh! And did I mention my version was only $2? I only had to buy the ring….glue and ribbon I had on hand, and nature provided the leaves. How do you think they compare?
Picnik collage

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  1. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Love it! It will be beautiful once it dries too!!

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  2. This is so fun! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  3. Nina wrote:

    This is my favorite DIY so far this fall/winter. $2! simple 3 (4?) step process! simple elegant natural aesthetic! Even I, a low-maintenance minimalist with zero initiative, could wow the fam with this project. It shouldn't even be called a project, except to the kids who will be the ones gathering the leaves. YES! Thank you Cassie!

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  4. Morgan wrote:

    So beautiful! I think I need to steal a branch from my parents magnolia and do this myself!

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  5. SUPER cute (of course)! You could even paint them like the PB version if they dry out after awhile. Love it.

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  6. jandjhome wrote:

    This looks so beautiful. Great job. I wish I had a magnolia tree.

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  7. Nice job! I bought a magnolia wreath from a tree farm 4 years ago for $80. It turn brown 1 year later but now it is the perfect fall wreath. I hope yours holds up as well as mine has. I store it in a box so that nothing can break the crispy leave.

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  8. Better than the original!!!

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  9. Hello my little elf. Way better than the original. We are rockin' the faux Christmas tree over here as well . . . do you know that I completely forgot we have a magnolia tree in our year. It never blooms well, but sure does have those gorgeous leaves. Thanks for the how to my friend. I think I will make two for my French doors.

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  10. Great job, it really looks good. My sister and I always drool over this room in the catalog. You made it look easy, I might just try my luck.

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  11. i love the natural simplicity of this wreath- and the white bow is perfect!!! it's beautiful, cassie!

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  12. I don't have a magnolia tree myself, but seeing all of these great wreaths made from their leaves makes me want to swipe some from my neighbors!

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  13. VERY pretty!! I love the bright green color. Magnolia trees are my fave 🙂

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  14. I'm really lovin' the vibrant green of the leaves, especially beautiful as winter sets in!

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  15. Aubrey wrote:

    Yep, I like yours better…and $2?!?! Amazing. I love bringing in the outdoors, fresh greenery just adds an element that nothing else can. I'm lovin' it!


    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  16. Allison wrote:

    I like your wreath better than the original! Now this is a project I can do today! We have magnolia trees so this is perfect. I love your simple white bow. Nice simple and elegant! Thank you for theinspiration.

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  17. At the risk of copying. I love it! How fantastic to use something from your own garden, that's free and green. Clearly it will look great brown too. I couldn't help but think what a great Grecian head piece you could create with those leaves and a toga. 🙂

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  18. I love this! I made a dried magnolia wreath for the fall, but I love the way the light streams in through the green, it's gorgeous! I think this means I have to make another trip to my mother's house to get more leaves!

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  19. You're making me want to "borrow" some leaves from the neighbor's yard! That's great to have a magnolia tree in your backyard! $2 never looked so good!!

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  20. Cassie you are so clever – I'm going to go hunting in the garden this weekend to see what leaves i can use for this project!
    Rachie xo

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  21. I love this idea!! Now, if only I had some trees with leaves on them! haha.

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  22. It's so pretty! Gosh you're so clever! And, frankly, I much prefer your green one to the brown PB one. Nice job!

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  23. Kat wrote:

    That is gorgeous! I love the vibrant color! So pretty!

    Posted 12.7.10 Reply
  24. Just beautiful!! Simple, natural and elegant.

    Posted 12.8.10 Reply
  25. It is gorgeous!!

    Posted 12.8.10 Reply
  26. I'm glad that you posted this DIY. I was just thinking about making one of these this weekend! Thanks!

    Posted 12.8.10 Reply
  27. Michaela wrote:

    It's awesome, Cassie! And a great price, too. I love the bright green and freshness it offers.

    Posted 12.8.10 Reply
  28. Ah I love that! And I even have 2 magnolia trees in the back yard. Why haven't I done this yet??

    Posted 12.8.10 Reply
  29. emily wrote:

    That looks fab! We had a magnolia tree in our backyard growing up, so I've always love the blooms and the leaves. Your wreaths are great!

    Posted 12.8.10 Reply
  30. awesome! i have a trash bin and at times two stray cats in my backyard…i want to see what wreath you come up with that 🙂

    but seriously, i love magnolia leaves and think the liver greenery is the perfect accent to your sunny room.

    kudos! and on a different note, i have another wreath project i am highlighting tomorrow! great minds think alike!

    Posted 12.8.10 Reply
  31. Natalie wrote:

    That wreath looks amazing!! I just might have to try to recreate that but I am so not crafty! Great job!

    Posted 12.8.10 Reply
  32. Love it (I'm a Mississippi girl). Can't wait to try this next year!

    Posted 12.10.10 Reply
  33. Evie wrote:

    I love this! I just created a magnolia wreath of my own a week ago and I saw yours on the link party!

    Posted 12.10.10 Reply
  34. LOVE it – we have magnolias in our new yard, I will have to try this next year once the trees are mature!

    Posted 12.10.10 Reply
  35. Love the wreath. Oh I would love a Magnolia tree. .of course that would mean I was living in a warmer climate and that would be truly great!
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

    Posted 12.14.10 Reply
  36. That is absolutely beautiful! The magnolia tree is one of my favorites, and you surely made great use of the beautiful leaves.

    JRFrugalMom from
    Frugality Is Free

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  37. Your wreath is adorable ~ I love it!

    I am hosting a new linky party on Wednesdays ~ FALL in Love With Your Home. I'd love for you to join in the fun.

    Have a very happy Labor day!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  38. paula wrote:

    yours is better than pottery barns. nice work.

    Posted 11.8.11 Reply
  39. You've been featured in TOP THAT.


    Posted 11.15.11 Reply
  40. Oh my gosh!! I love,love,LOVE this!! I wish I had a magnolia tree up here in Illinois! Wanna ship me some leaves?? 😉 -jk

    Posted 11.15.11 Reply
  41. Debra wrote:

    Love it! I love the price tag, too. The sun looks so nice coming through the door. Good job!!

    Posted 11.22.11 Reply
  42. katie lake wrote:

    Great job! If you want to add a little shine or just to keep your leaves a bit longer, you can rub them with a little bit of oil (baby, vegetable, any kind really).

    Posted 12.5.11 Reply
  43. Chloe wrote:

    This is such a lovely alternative to an evergreen wreath. The colour is really pretty! Can't wait to give it a go. In the spirit of all things xmassy, here's some of the coolest Xmas Tees around, enjoy 🙂 http://bit.ly/XEPHxl

    Posted 12.19.12 Reply
  44. I am so excited! We just moved into a new home with a magnolia tree in the yard. I am SO going to make a wreath for our front door. I think it will look great in the spring as well as for Christmas.

    Posted 2.12.13 Reply