Breakdown of a Kitchen Remodel (& That Time I Was in BH&G!)

A few Friday nights ago, the family and I were headed to dinner when my friend Jen sent me a ‘Congrats on your BH&G feature!’ text. Mr. Sugarplum probably thought I was in labor, because I started shrieking, “It’s out! It’s out!!! Turn around and go to the bookstore!!” Never mind that we still hadn’t eaten, they were just as excited as I was (once I not-so-calmly explained I was referring to a magazine, not a secret baby), and we headed straight to the newsstand.

Sure enough, there I am in the new Fall issue of Better Homes & Garden Kitchen + Bath Makeovers

I’d like to apologize to the gentleman standing beside me when we spotted the issue. And to the cashier who I insisted on showing. In true blogger-form, our Kitchen already looks a little different from the feature.

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Remodel Breakdown

I was interviewed several months ago, and I’m thrilled with the article. However, I am a bit uncomfortable showing the $14,000 budget, especially since the other features on the spread were $500 and $1500 each. Our Kitchen Makeover was over three years ago, with several  more changes along the way, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you the full Before & After of our Kitchen, as well as, a breakdown of all the bang we got for our buck!
We lived with this builder-basic Kitchen of honey cabinets and white laminate counters for five long years. Do you know how hard it is to get juice rings out of white formica?! I’ll let the pictures do the talking, then list everything that was done at the bottom of the post.

original kitchen

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Remodel Breakdown

before 7
Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Makeover
Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Makeover
before 3
Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Makeover
before 9
Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Makeover
Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Makeover
Hi Sugarplum | Organized Kitchen Counters
before 4
Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Makeover
before 8
Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Makeover
before 2
Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Makeover
before 1
Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Makeover
Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Makeover
before 6
Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Makeover
Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Makeover
before 5
Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Makeover
Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Makeover
Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Makeover
Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Makeover
With the exception of relocating the microwave and oven, and building cabinets in their place, there were no structural, gas, water or electrical changes. We saved money by shopping Lowes for the faucet and hardware, discount tile shops for the backsplash, Ikea for all the stainless steel appliances, and World Market for bar stools and accessories.

{Kitchen Makeover Breakdown}
Budget, including all labor, materials and appliances: $14,000

  • Refaced all existing cabinets with espresso Shaker doors
  • Added crown molding to cabinets for more heft and height
  • Replaced all cabinet and drawer hardware
  • Replaced laminate counters with granite
  • Added granite slab to create an eat-in bar
  • Replaced laminate backsplash with gray-blue glass subway tile
  • Created waterfall effect by tiling window ledge
  • Relocated outlets to be flush with counter
  • Demoed wall with oven and microwave, built new glass-front cabinets, created counter area, and added drawers to the new space
  • Removed stovetop and vent hood, and replaced with slide-in range and microwave with built-in vent
  • Added new sunken stainless steel sink
  • Created pull-out trash cabinet
  • Added slots in cabinets for baking sheets
  • Built pull-out drawer under sink
  • Installed under-cabinet lighting
  • Removed flourescent box ceiling light and patched hole
  • Added 5 recessed lights
  • Moved Breakfast Room light fixture to new center
These are links to the Whirlpool for Ikea appliances…we are thrilled with the quality and 5-year warranty.
We also have the best contractor ever, and they knocked all this out in SIX DAYS!! (If you’re in the Dallas area and want his info, shoot me an email.) So that’s the story of our Kitchen Makeover, and that time I was published in a major publication! Both were pretty darn amazing experiences!

Some other projects seen in these images:
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