{Best of 2015} Style Series

Well, North Texas is having a seasonal crisis….we went from sunny and 75 Christmas day, to horrific rains and tornadoes, and now it’s freezing with snow!? No wonder I’m coughing my fool-head off! I hoped to take the kids to the movie today, but I’m afraid someone might try to smother me just to make the coughing stop. Guess I’m forced to stay home in this snuggly wrap. #twistmyarm

Fashion has been a big part of this blog from the very beginning…in fact, I had an {Outfit Inspiration} post in my first week of blogging…but I beg you not to go back and look at it! Let’s just say I’ve learned a little in the past almost-six years!

I’m equally passionate about design and fashion, but the number of style posts have grown over the years as my interests evolved, and time restraints grew. Let’s face it, it’s a lot easier, quicker, and less expensive to get dressed, than to make over an entire room, or DIY a project!

More new style series have popped up over the years as I prefer my fashion posts to be helpful, as well as inspirational. Here’s a round-up of many of those from 2015…click the link under each image for all the posts in that category.

Good style doesn’t have to cost a fortune, so I scour the internet to find less expensive options for many of the current high-end trends.

Models on retailer’s websites and catalogs don’t really give a true depiction of an item, so I started trying on and sharing my top picks from my favorite stores…giving honest reviews and opinions, along with sizing tips and options for styling. With an occasional sidekick photobomb.
This monthly series has been going strong for a couple of years, with quick snaps of my everyday outfits I share on Facebook and Instagram using #SugarplumStyle.
I rarely, if ever, buy something for a specific event, with no plans of ever wearing it again. In order for something to come home with me, it needs to play double and triple duty…at least! This series shows how I make items work for both Day and Night.
It’s not always easy, but Mr. SP and I try to get out for occasional Date Nights…some fancy, but mostly casual. I’ve been sharing these posts for a few years, with our son behind the camera, but this year we ventured out with a professional photographer on occasion. It became a fun part of our Date Nights, and gave us a chance to share more of our city under the Big D and Dallas Eats categories. 
In effort to stretch my closet even further, I love making many items work for multiple seasons.

Same is true for making clothes adapt for both work and casual weekends. Many of you have asked for more work-appropriate fashion, so I’m planning more of these in the new year.

Building a stylish outfit every time is simple when you follow this basic Rule of Three principle.

The goal isn’t to have more clothes, but to create more options with the items you do have! And when you do shop, to add items that stretch your wardrobe even further! Do you enjoy the various style series? Which are your favorites? Anything you’d like to see more of in 2016?

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  1. Yes, I love them all! Keep up the good work. I especially like the date night and dressing room series.

    Posted 12.30.15 Reply
  2. Christina wrote:

    I love them all, too! It has really helped transform my wordrobe and create a style that I feel like is me. For once I feel like I really know what works for my body type. Thank you!

    Posted 12.30.15 Reply
  3. I absolutely love your style posts! I want one of everything you own! 😍

    Posted 12.30.15 Reply
  4. Nice blog i like it.

    Posted 12.30.15 Reply
  5. I am so grateful for your posts. I have been inspired and have bought quite a few items you have suggested. Thanks so much for sharing your style

    Posted 12.30.15 Reply
  6. Such a fun look back! Date night and Dressing Room Diaries are my favorites!

    Posted 12.30.15 Reply
  7. Sabrina wrote:

    I love your style posts and I love your style tips you include 🙂 I think my favorite are date night and day to night. And work to weekend. Well, let me just say all of them are my favorite!!! Me and my friends always look for styles that are very "Cassie Sugarplum"-ish. 😎

    Posted 12.30.15 Reply
    • I love that!!! thanks so much, Sabrina! xo

      Posted 12.30.15 Reply
  8. So fun!!!!! Omg….was just reading this on my hubby's phone and published a comment as him…I think?!!! I'm laughing so hard right now! I'm so technology challenged! Lol!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 12.30.15 Reply
  9. Caitlin wrote:

    Love them all!! Do you plan out your outfits in advance for the week? If so, I would love to see what you are planning to wear for the week so I can copy… ahem,I mean get inspiration!

    Posted 12.30.15 Reply
    • ha!! I do have a section in my closet where I keep outfits I've created…that way when I'm getting dressed, I chose from those instead of my entire closet. It helps me get ready faster in the mornings! xo

      Posted 12.30.15 Reply
  10. Joanne wrote:

    I loved the Rule of Three. More of that kind will help us take a plain outfit to amazing. Oh,
    I love them all. Lol
    Would you wear tights with a short dress on these colder days? You always show bare legs and that would be impossibly cold up north.
    Happy New Year, Cassie!

    Posted 12.30.15 Reply
    • YES! I definitely wear tights…I don't always love what they do to an outfit, but they are usually necessary. In those instances, I typically stick with opaque black or navy, and keep my shoes dark too. xo

      Posted 12.30.15 Reply
  11. chunnym wrote:

    I love your decorating posts, but I REALLY love your clothing posts! I would also enjoy some posts regarding makeup. Thank you for sharing your ideas and life with us!

    Posted 12.30.15 Reply
  12. Susan wrote:

    Cassie: Your style is so cute and since I love color, there are several looks I would love to adapt to my own wardrobe. Keep those links to stores coming so I can snag a few updates of my own please and thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

    Posted 12.31.15 Reply
  13. I love your dressing room diaries…so helpful that most of the items are not "designer" and super pricey, as well to see how different items fit and why you might have decided to purchase an item versus another. In that vein, I'd love to see a post on purchases you've made that HAVEN'T worked out. Your guidelines have helped me make fewer mistakes, but I'd love to know that you've made some mistakes in the past too. 🙂

    Posted 12.31.15 Reply